In The Presence of Mine Enemies Maps Challenge

Federation X or any others so inclined with access to maps-lets see some worldwide maps from the In the Presence of Mine Enemies Universe from the following years-

1946-post ww2
1963-cold war
1974-post ww3
1987-height of nazi power
2012-after nazi "reforms"

I just made a map showing the alliances right before the the Third World War. However, I suck with this image thing and I have no clue how to post it :( . Help is appreicated. Thanks for making a thread like this Michael.
FederationX said:
Anyone, please?

Federation X, when you are ready to post your image(S), go to 'open new thread' or 'quote' and scroll down to 'manage attachments.' Then a smaller window will open. Click 'browse,' and a number of options will appear - click on the file that has your map (for example, if it is in 'pictures, click pictures - you get the idea). The browse thingy will close and you will go back the small window. Click the 'upload' button and the little window will close altogether. After this, click 'submit reply,' and your map SHOULD appear on the board.
I hope that this helps you!
Thank you very much unsunghero, that worked perfectly. Thanks a million. :) Now I just have to work on another problem...file is about 600 KB to big. I'll to think of something.
FederationX said:
Thank you very much unsunghero, that worked perfectly. Thanks a million. :) Now I just have to work on another problem...file is about 600 KB to big. I'll to think of something.

FedX, maybe if you wanted to, you might consider using Matthew White's website ' Historical Atlas of the 20th Century' as a template. It works pretty well in uploading to this site, and there are lots of maps, etc. You can find it at: Though if it doesn't work, you can google it...
Greetings and salutations: here's my try for a map of the Reich at it's height, the start of the book...


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(I will admit, I stole a little from GURPS Alternate Earths Reich-5: names of German territories and S. American geography).

B_Munro, I must ask for that map. Does it work well for uploading purposes? What type of file do you use to send it. I'm working on a few maps but I had problems with the size, so i assume your maps work better. Thanks.

well, I never have had any trouble uploading - here's two versions, one in .gif and one in bitmap...

OTOH, erasing all those state lines in the US and Canada is a pain: I'm going to make an extra pre-erased copy for myself later this week when I have more time. Will send it if you want it as well.


BTW, I might do one of the other, earlier historical period maps later, but first I need someone who has the book to pin down for me how and when the Nazis took the UK. No impressions, please: actual book quotes (or paraphrases) only.


P.S. - "The Last Command" (or, Ghandi Meets the Nazis: AKA Turtledove beats a point to death) reads a bit like a prequel to ITPOME, with the Nazis and Japanese splitting up the old world between them and the US clearly next on the hit list: but in the story the UK surrendered in 1941, which sounds a lot like good 'ol Sealion to me.
Ok, I can't pin down the quotes in the book, but from memory (sorry, impressions but that's all you can work from in the book, WAS NOT detailed).

I do remember that one of the characters said that Churchill threw everything he had to keep the Germans out of London, so it's safe to say that the war is over by 1946 or so. You are going to have to use your own judgement with the maps becuase the book does not have enough specific details.

To anyone out there, I have a few maps for the book, which are almost complete. However, everything I try will not allow me to upload them. I have no clue how to use them. So, is there a way to send them to someone's email where they could post them for me? If so, how do i do it? Very sorry about all these stupid questions. :(