Imperator: Rome

The Cicero Update won't break my Saved Games, I hope? I hate Updates for doing that to my Games.
considering all the changes it likely will.

Anyways I do hope that at some point that there will be a DLC that expands the map to include all of Eurasia.
So the Cicero update is out. I wonder what people think of it so far? I personally am finding it to be a major improvement for the game and having lots of fun with it.

The next major update 1.3 livy is supposedly the flavor patch to make the different countries more unique. As PDX themselves put it: the aim with this update is to focus on more distinct national identities and regional narratives, appropriate to the era.

I am curious what sort of things they will add. What would other people like to see PDX add here? :)
I have already found a couple of Mods I like the look of: one pushes the start date back to the Founding of Rome, and the other pushes the date back even further to 2115 BC which in terms of British History is still Pre ~ History for us. I'm glad the Maurya are Playable It's a pity nobody in Paradox considered how much cooler Imperator would be if they added China to the Map as a Playable Region.

Soon I will be doing a couple of Games on Observer Mode where all I will have to do is relax and watch the weirdness commence!
If they allowed for longer games to bridge the gap between Imperator and crusader kings I would love to play during the 3 kingdoms era.
If they allowed for longer games to bridge the gap between Imperator and crusader kings I would love to play during the 3 kingdoms era.
I'd want the chance to play as the founding Dynasty of China [the Qin] both because they're interesting and they're the Dynasty after which the Nation is named in the west. I'd also love to Play as the Xiongnu, the proto-Mongolians, and try a sort of early Genghis Khan.
Honestly if they're going to add China and the rest of the Far East then it's going to be on another map or game. It would be simply too big for the vast majority of people's computers to play without consistently having less than 20fps and massive lag, which is very unfun. The vanilla map already makes the average PDX player's computer struggle. Do note that the most of PDX's audience don't generally have very powerful computers.
It's a shame that they can't make the map fully Old World but just incredibly difficult for players to get to without serious effort.

As an example. A committed player should be able to raid the West African coast even if taking land there is too difficult. Similarly, China and the Spice Islands could be reachable end game with a super powerful Rome. Or playing as the Norse and conquering the Saami super early compared to OTL.

Obviously it's just too much for home PC's. But I'd love it if it were possible.
So the next update is going to bring changes to the republican governments and they are much improved. :)

Also something I have been wondering about is India. Or more specifically that during this era India was dynamic in religions with the rise of Buddhism and all its schools, Jainism splitting into its main sects, rival schools like Ajivika, Ajñana, Charvaka. As well as the development of the different Hindu denominations and their development.
Yea, I am rather enjoying Imperator lately the updates that are occruing is pretty good.

Though my other I am curious how it would be to portray the dynamicism that Buddhism has for being an early faith, the splitting of Jainism. The other Sramana Schools and making Hinduism more interesting then just a massive blob. Any ideas and thoughts? :)

Relatedly how might the different philosophical schools be implemented? Curious if anyone has ideas here.
So Today's dev diary comes with a brand new shiny UI. Also the next update is going to be massive apparently for it will be 2.0. Some screenshots of the new UI, I really like them.
Brilliant, it seems they're going to be taking some cues from the well-received CK3 and implementing some of its UI sensibilities in other games. Interestingly, the ribbon on the side reminds me of Stellaris as well. Glad to see Paradox devs take what works from their other games.