Images of Un Dios, Un Imperio, Un Rey.

This is thread about the photos/ images of Un Dios, Un Imperio, Un Rey or simply UUU for short

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"Pollo Frito," a popular dish across the Americas in the Spanish Empire, though Philippines has vocal variety, and Japan has "Tempura Frito."

After the Spanish Empire took over the American south, it affected the culinary scene across the Spanish Americas as well. The cooking across Southern Plantations spread as the plantation elite of the former Southern United States became increasingly integrated into the Spanish Empire, and gradually Pollo Frito spread southward into Central America, Brazil, and the andes, areas which had plantations of their own. This spread came with the exchange of slaves across the Empire as well and the dish evolved where it spread due to new ingredients and ways to make use of fried chicken.

Yuca Frita - initially a South American dish, it has spread across the Empire into the North American South, as well as the Philippines. Can be dipped in a variety of sauces, which greatly differ locally.

A modest Catholic church built on a now abandoned plantation - due to the "miracle" of the Spanish Empire saving their lifestyle of chattel slavery and plantations, there was mass conversion among the Southern elite to Catholicism - leading to a religious shift, whereby the Kingdom of America become increasingly taken over by anti-catholic bigotry, while its former Southern territories began a process of gradually abandoning protestant beliefs for the Catholic church, as well as some immigration southward from America's Irish population. Increasingly, the traditions of the North American south would merge into being not too different from that of the Spanish Empire, with the Southern plantation aristocrats from the civil war retaining a "warrior aristocrat" sort of identity, but in service of their Spanish protectors, gradually setting aside their Anglo-Germanic rooted culture in favor of adopting Hispanic customs, especially due to feeling "betrayed" by their Northern brethren (themselves ignoring the fact that their desire to maintain slavery caused the war.)


A freed "John Little" slave serving in the Kingdom of America's Army. Unfortuantely, he was unable to free his brethren due to the Spanish Empire's intervention in the conflict, however he would go on to live a free life in New York.