CEO Pepper Potts-Stark made a public statement assuring the global community that despite claims of Robots fighting alongside the terrorist in the Kingdom of Latveria, Stark industries has not been supply their leader Victor Von Doom with technology from their company
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The Church of Thanos was an extremist cult movement formed not long after the snap. This group believed that Thanos was in fact a god, and that the wiping out of over half the life in the universe was his punishment for the mortals such as Tony Stark and the being claiming to be Thor either claiming godhood or attempting to supposedly make themselves like Gods. This cult would go on to see its largest numbers of followers in Johannesburg, Sakovia, and other cities and regions which had been badly damaged or decimated as a result of the Avengers actions.
Their symbol is pictured above.
That brings a whole new level of irony to the “You will never be a god!” line Loki tells Thanos in Infinity War. :)
This is by far the best post for the thread. I like this in-depth look into the universe.
Thanks... but all I did was take the word “Nigeria”/“Zamunda” out of the description of a 419 scam/the film Coming to America and inserted the word Wakanda. :p
Your thoughts on how the Decimation, in my opinion, was similar to putting gasoline on an already burning fire when it came to areas lf the world not particularly known for stability?
I mean... so far it’s been “X leader dies in country Y, civil war begins” for pretty much all throughout. Not arguing whether or not it is realistic but it does come off as monotone imho :/

The City of Pyongyang during the North Korean Civil War which occured as a result of the Decimation as a result of Kim Jong-un being amongst the victims of the Decimation.

Pro-Kim Jong-chul soldiers in the North Korean Civil War which followed the Decimation as a result of Kim Jong-un being "dusted" during the Decimation with Kim Pyong-il and Kim Jong-chul (or more accurately, the clique of generals and bureaucrats who use him as a puppet) being the main contenders in said civil war, having both survived the Decimation.

Soldiers of the Jong-Chul Clique meeting with their counterparts from the “Workers and Soldiers Syndicate of the Korean National Government” faction (or Syn-Kong for short) during alliance negotiations. A small faction in the North Korean Civil War, it nevertheless punched above its weight class by utilized the most advanced weapons in the conflict. Rumoured to have arisen from the remains of the Reconnaissance General Bureau spy-agency, the Syn-Kong made deals with both Hydra terrorists and the Hand criminal network to obtain cutting-edge technology — both human and extraterrestrial in origin.

Syn-Kong troops during the Summer 2020 Hamgyong Campaign. Coming down from secure bases in the Tumen Mountains, Syndicate troops swept across Hamgyong in a series of lightning battles that pushed out opposing factions in a matter of weeks and firmly secured the territory as a Syn-Kong fiefdom.

Syn-Kong infantryman pictured with large-caliber man-portable energy weapon. These arms often proved decisive in engagements involving the Syndicate. Military experts speculate that the only reason this faction did not use its tech-edge to capture all of North Korea’s territory was due to the limited number of alien weapons in its possession. Currently much of Syn-Kong’s GDP is spent on reverse engineering & mass-producing various esoteric arms in its arsenal.

Flag of Syn-Kong.

Photograph from Pyongyang circa 2011 purporting to show “the Commissar”, a man who would come to rule the Syndicate. Little is known regarding the leader of Syn-Kong other than that he possess extreme stature and strength, possibly hinting that he is an “enhanced individual”. Some analysts within S.H.I.E.L.D. also speculate that the Commissar is little more than a figurehead — a propagandist’s embodiment of a perfect Korean soldier — while all the real power lies with Syn-Kong’s second-in-command, Major Hoy.
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A Captain America statue, erected in 1993, to celebrate the then-presumed-deceased Steve Rogers' 75th birthday. Upon the Captain's rival in 2011, the statue was modified to more closely resemble his updated costume as seen in the Battle of New York. The quote 'Just a Kid From Brooklyn' comes from a interview Rogers held on the first anniversary of his disappearance in which he recounted his final battle with Johan Schmidt.

After being vandalized repeatedly in 2016 following the US government's disavowing of Rogers in regards to his stance on the Sokovia Accords, it was relocated into storage. After the Captain's 'death' in the Battle of Earth in 2023, the statue was restored to it's normal position. It has since become a place of pilgrimage of those who saw Rogers as the epitome of what it meant to be a hero. However, there is still a petition calling for the statue to again be removed in favour of a statue of Iron Man.
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A Naruto runner at the "Storm Area 51" event in September 2024. The purpose of the event was to raid the base to look for and meet with aliens that the government might have captured and imprisoned following the invasions of 2012, 2018, and 2023. Ultimately only about 150 people showed up at the gates of Area 51, and none succeeded in entering the base.

(Yes, this is inspired by that Daily Bugle article.)
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Wakandan boarder troops alongside their combat-animals. Throughout its history, the knowledge of how to domesticate “undomesticateable” animals like rhinos and African big-cats had given Wakandan society a big advantage over any would-be invaders. Despite PETAS’ outrage the tradition of using animals in warfare is alive & well in modern Wakanda, with the nation’s four-legged troops now being protected by nanotube-weave & mechanical armour.
(OOC: art by CrazyAsian1)

An early Wakandan space-suit design. Like all aspects of Wakanda’s true nature great effort was undertaken to keep the Wakandan Space Program hidden from USA, USSR and other participants of the “Space Race”.
(OOC: photos are from an art-project by Spanish photographer Cristina De Middel)

Ghanaian army troops with powered exoskeletons and a Mech built with black market copies of StarkTech products, 2017.
After the Chitauri invasion in 2012, the Chinese government poured more and more money into the People's Liberation Army in order to develop a branch of the PLA, dedicated to fighting extra-terrestrial threats. Chinese spies would smuggle small pieces of Chitauri technology back to the Motherland for study and possible use by the PLA. SHIELD investigations discovered that the Chinese were developing a eleven-legged military vehicle, codenamed the Crab Walker, armed with a mounted cannon capable of replicating Chitauri energy blasts. Suspicious 'accidents' would derail the project, with top scientists winding up dead and crucial pieces of technology being sabotaged. This derailment would end with the brief dissolution of SHIELD in 2014, with China taking advantage of the dissolution to publicly blame SHIELD for the slow progress of their officially named 'Anti-Alien Warfare Program'. This would be confirmed by the info dump by the Black Widow. Rumours abound on the Internet that China is still attempting to build this vehicle, with reports at least one completed Crab Walker being used to put down uprisings in the aftermath of The Snap.


A drawing of the 'Crab Walker' taken from a PLA dossier.

Photos from India showing the immediate aftermath of “the Blip”. High-density population centres in South and East Asia experienced large-scale dust-storms composed of “ash” from the annihilated individuals.

A recently resurrected man who was on an airplane that was taking off when he perished in the Decimation expresses some confusion at his current situation, having reappeared safely at the airport he was departing from.

Journalist Eddie Brock prepares to interview Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture for an article about how America's prisoners are doing following the Decimation.
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Donald Trump at a public function celebrating the victory against Thanos and the return of the fallen.


Both of them were “dusted.”

In the Midtown School of Science and Technology. I would assume the ‘blip’ is the reappearance of the vanished. Moreover, as an American teenager, I can assure you that my generation would meme the shit out of the end of the world. :p

Gone, reduced to atoms. jk

In all seriousness, I myself have a theory on what Barack Obama in the MCU would’ve been up to, it’s a bit dark. My theory was Obama getting assassinated in 2011, and his VP being Matthew Ellis - assuming the Presidency. I don’t want to get too near to current politics, but if you want to learn more about this little theory of mine, DM me.
I checked the wiki-apparently Obama only served one term and was succeeded by Ellis.I imagine that things going to hecks!@t under his watch,coupled with Ellis having more charisma than Romney OTL was sufficient to tip his already struggling campaign over the edge.

President Ellis on his way to his inauguration ceremony in Jan 2013. Only days after winning the 2012 election he had been kidnapped by Adrich Killian and rescued by Iron Man.


Will we be running with the assumption(as I do)that Trump defeated Ellis in 2016,in part thanks to the Accords shitstorm,the Killian shitstorm,pretty much everything in Agents of SHIELD,all under Ellis'watch?
The Accords in particular shattered the Avengers and weakened Earth's defenses-Trump could easily call out Ellis for "selling out our heroes to the plutocratic globalists to apologize to rest of the world that uses us as scapegoats."