Images of the MCU Snapped World


Five years after the Decimation many neighborhoods, such as the one pictured, were left abandoned when upwards of half of their inhabitants vanished suddenly. Those who remained often didn't feel safe with no one around, or simply chose to live in the areas that were more heavily populated. As such, several stretches of formerly populated areas are beginning to be reclaimed by wilderness.

A Ukrainian Mi-24 gunship flys over the Congolese jungle as part of a U.N. mission to locate surviving outrides and other extraterrestrial minions of Thanos believed to be stranded on Earth, circa 2024.
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So, anything on how the "trouble spots" of the world are affected by the Decimation considering the chaos in relatively stable First World countries?

Due to the Decimation, a few Somali pirate gangs were dismantled and others saw this as an opportunity to gain more control. Piracy rates had increased for three years after the post-Decimation chaos occured, especially from other ends of the Indian Ocean, but those rates dropped as multiple nations came together to secure stable trade routes. In this area, the Indian Navy had stepped up to become the policing entity that came in America's place.

A Sokovian civilian inspects an abandoned HYDRA tank sporting a reverse engendered Chituari energy weapon. This vehicle was among the many strange technologies in the area seized by EuroM.I.N.D., a former SHIELD department operating under the authority of NATO.

Wakandan forces break though a militia blockade (Nairobi, Kenya)

Much of Africa has fallen into chaos. Many states were already in unstable before the snap. Afterwards many states completely collapsed causing millions to become refugees.

Wakanda, despite losing half their military and King, was able to remain calm. Under Queen Ramonda, Wakanda took in thousand of refugees. But resources were stretched thin.

Militia groups had seized many capitals in Eastern Africa. Wakanda military forces liberated several cities and established safe zones for refugees but could not push farther.

Former President Jimmy Carter consoles a man who lost his wife and children in the Decimation as the two participate in a post-Decimation rebuilding project.

An out-of-control fire in Denver following the Decimation, one of many around the world caused by the sudden disappearance of people working with flammable materials and made worse by the loss of firefighting personnel.

A Kree Accuser bomb detonates on the planet Calculex, devastating a subcontinent believed to have been harboring Skrull terrorists, circa Terran year 1992.

A photo from Earth 833 provided by Quentin Beck aka Mysterio. Depicting the ‘city of New Londinium’ as it was before it’s destruction during the Elemental’s rampage.
though that’s not exactly the truth...
Images of the Post Snap Famine
With the population halved, most of the world at least experienced disruptions and shortages with many farmers and those working on Farms removed. Countries with large amounts of farmland were able to at least prevent people from starving within the first year, poorer countries or those already experiencing famine, ended up far worse off.

British Marines bring food and water to a coastal West African Village. The Marines later admitted that such measure wouldn't be nearly enough to feed every country who's supply of food was disrupted by the Snap.

However, more permanent solutions were sought almost immediately. After Tony Stark decided to stop selling weapons and move his company more towards developing medicine, GMOs, and alternate energy sources, many decried it as an impulsive and naive business choice. In hindsight that decision is probably what kept many more people fed. Labs such as the one pictured worked overtime to produce crops with higher yield and resistance to drought.

Congressman Foggy Nelson meets with constituents in his native Hell’s Kitchen. Nelson ran in and won the special election to replace the deceased incumbent, who had fallen victim to the Decimation.

In the aftermath of the Decimation, rioting and looting ravaged many metropolitan centers across the United States. President Thaddeus Ross would order the federalization of all state National Guards, and their deployment to quell further rioting in major cities. Pictured above, a National Guards unit guards the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


An unidentified teenage boy is photographed sitting on the curb of a sidewalk, in front of a Baltimore Police Riot unit. Photographed a week after the Decimation.


A migrant caravan from Honduras travels through the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The 15,000 strong caravan bypasses a frail and disorganized Mexican federal forces, as it intends on making it to the United States.​
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Far from halting environmental devastation like Thanos intended, the Decimation made it even worse. The above picture is of the Amazon Rainforest after the snap in which half of it vanished off the face of the Earth, a occurrence that loggers could only dream of. This sudden loss of trees caused Earth's temperatures to intensify over a five year period.

On April 30, 2016, an anonymous buyer purchased a “Captain America #1” comic signed by Steve Rogers for $1.5 million at a charity auction.


In Europe, the Decimation’s impact leveled the sociopolitical atmosphere across the region, particularly in the European Union. Aside of extreme parties emerging, there would be reported activities of ‘Hydra sympathizers’ carrying out a number of acts. Pictured above, the organizations symbol is graffitied on a wall in a street in Hamburg, Germany.


WHIH Newsfront aired on the WHIH network in evenings. It’s anchors, Christine Everhart and Will Adams, would primarily be the main anchors for the shows duration. Discussing political and superhuman-related issues, while interviewing the likes of then-President Matthew Ellis, then-Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross, Tony Stark, House Leader Nancy Pelosi, and many more. However, both aforementioned anchors, alongside much of its crew, would tragically fall victim to the Decimation, temporarily, halting the shows production.​
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With half the people gone the NYC subway is almost impossible to maintain and floods become more common, leading to the abandonment of large parts of the system.

FEMA employees track areas that were hit especially hard by the Decimation, a task made no easier by the loss of many of their colleagues.

Time Magazines person of the year 2018: Mayor of New York City and former CEO os Oscorp Norman Osborn whom lost his son Harry Osborn to the decimation, and would fund major reconstruction projects for the city.