Images of The Death of Russia


A still from the Legacy of Azeroth expansion Cataclysm‘s cinematic trailer. The fourth expansion in the popular MMORP, it told the tale of how the evil, godlike Dragon known as Deathwing, long thought to have died in the Second War, returned to try and destroy the world of Azeroth. His return, as depicted in the opening cinematic and trailer, was extremely destructive, causing massive earthquakes as he returned from deep within the earth. His body, aflame from the magma he bathed in and from the amount of raw power in his body, was encased in an aura of destruction that set the air around it on fire. Even his passing over was enough to leave a trail of devastation in his wake.

Stormwind City, the main capitol city for the Alliance faction (Humans, Gnolls, Dwarves, and Gnomes) after Deathwing visited it In Cataclysm. In the left hand corner you can see what used to be the Park district of the city, now completely destroyed. Metzen confirmed that the devestation that the cities of Novorod, Orgrimmar, Teladrassil and Stormwind experienced was directly inspired by both the Russian Civil War and the utter destruction of 4/10. Borokov would also admit that the Cataclysm expansion was, in his own words, “A form of therapy, of relating what he saw to those who had never experienced it.”

The Night Elf city of Auberdine after the Cataclysm. Once a major city in the Hyjal Accord (Night Elves, Tauren, Vulpera and Draenei), it’s destruction during the Cataclysm left it, and the Accord, in severe distress, which, when coupled with an invasion of Ashenvale by Horde forces misled by the Deathwing-Worshipping Twilight’s Hammer, led to a new round of hostilities that threatened to plunge the nations Azeroth into a war that they could ill-afford.
One of the chief spokespersons for Refugees International (RI) and their efforts to deal with the continuing flow of refugees from the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine and Russia, has been Mila Kunis along with husband Justin Timberlake stated, "If I said the word Ukraine, no one would know where that country was on the map, and so I was like, ‘that’s exhausting.’ Let’s just stick to the big red dot over there, and so I would say I’m from Russia for many, many years,”

Singer Madonna has been one of the strongest influences in the aftermath of 4/10 to the music industry, serving as chief advisor and manager to "Pussy Riot", advocating for women;s rights in the aftermath of the Russian state since their initial meeting at a refugee camp outside of Paris, France. According to Madonna, she was shocked at the lack of coordination and the brazen corruption of United Nations peacekeeping forces, who have been known to have to have forced many women into prostitution, often serving as pimps. Madonna has also cited the Russian military and the Romanov Royal Family as "just another group of corrupt f****"


Middle Pomerania Voivode's Office building in Koszalin, Poland

Since the partial restoration of democracy in 1989, a major point of contention in Polish politics was administrative reform. The Mazowiecki cabinet managed to successfully reform local administration at the gmina level (i.e. the lower of the two levels that existed at the time) in 1990, but the question of organizing the voivodeships, their size, privileges, duties, and relationship with the central gov't, would take most of the 1990s. It would only be finalized in 1998, under the government of the conservative Solidarity Electoral Action (AWS) party. The initial plan of consolidating the existing 49 voivodeships to just 12 was rejected, after protests from both middle-large urban centers, such as Bydgoszcz, Opole, or Kielce, which would lose their status as voivodeship capitals under the plan, and from within the government, as some feared that making voivodeships too big would make them too strong, and threaten national unity and cohesion. The map adopted in the end had 17 voivodeships, although Middle Pomerania almost didn't make it onto that map. The preceding gov't of the socdem Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) originally wanted to split the Polish coast between just two voivodeships: West Pomerania, centered around Szczecin, and Pomerania, centered around Gdańsk. However in the aftermath of 4/10, when the whole Gdańsk voivodeship fell into chaos after its capital city was destroyed, many of the refugees from the city settled down around Koszalin and Słupsk, capitals of two of the voivodeships meant to be abolished in the reform of '98. With this boost of population, and aid from both Warsaw and the West to help the refugees with their new lives, the two cities successfully lobbied with the central gov't to give them their own voivodeship, which, together with the other 16, would be born on midnight January 1, 1999. To provide balance in prestige between the two main urban centers of the voivodeship, the voivode's office would be put in Koszalin, while the sejmik (its legislative assembly) would be put in Słupsk


A map of the Middle Pomeranian voivodeship (red) and its powiats, together with the voivodeship's two coastal neighbors: Pomerania (yellow) and West Pomerania (blue)

Nowadays, while it's the least populous and poorest of the coastal voivodehips (especially after many Gdańsk refugees returned to their city), compared to the rest of the country it is still one of the better voivodeships to live in. Much like its two neighbors, it is also more leftist and progressive than most of the country, perhaps best exemplified by that in the 2018 local elections they elected Poland's first openly gay voivode, Robert Biedroń of Słupsk


Robert Biedroń, former Mayor/President* of Słupsk, and Voivode of Middle Pomerania since 2018

* - In Poland mayors of the largest cities hold the title of "prezydent miasta", literally "city president"
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Chechen rebels waving the mujahideen flag on top of a knocked out Russian BMP.
There are no Chechen rebels, Chechnya never gets absorbed back into Russia. There’s a whole Chechen War which ends with the NSF failing to conquer the country and Dudayev is still president of Chechnya for the remainder of the 1990s.
There are no Chechen rebels, Chechnya never gets absorbed back into Russia. There’s a whole Chechen War which ends with the NSF failing to conquer the country and Dudayev is still president of Chechnya for the remainder of the 1990s.
Well, it could refer to the initial insurrection against the NSF here.
What city got nuked? I need a recap.
Here you go:
Belarus: Babruysk
Belgium: Mons
Dagestan: Kizlyar
France: Bordeaux, Calais
Germany: Ramstein, Kiel
Finland: Kemi, Utti, Upinniemi, Rovaniemi, Dragsvik.
Iceland: Keflavik
Ichkeria: Grozny
Ireland: Shannon Airport
Israel: Ramat David (the explosion shattering the windows at the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth), Dimona
Italy: Augusta, Lampedusa Island, Cagliari
Kazakhstan: Baikonur, Kurchatov
Latvia: Liepāja
Netherlands: Brunsumm
Norway: Kolsas
Poland: Gdansk
Portugal: Lajes, Monte Real
Romania: Constanta
Saudi Arabia: King Abdul Aziz Air Force Base
Spain: Naval Station Rota
Sweden: Gotland Island
Turkey: Ekskisehir, Izmir
United Arab Emirates: Jebel Ali base
Ukraine: Gostomel Airport, Pobuzke nuclear base (it appears the country was mostly spared due to later plans to annex it and a religious belief among the Fascists that Kyiv was the birthplace of Russia)
United Kingdom: RAF Alconbury, Port Clyde, Northwood, Dover
Canada: Halifax, CFB Edmonton, CFB Borden, CFB Kingston
United States: Anchorage, Fort Benning, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, Fort Bliss, Fort Campbell, Fort Stewart, Fort Knox, Cheyenne NORAD base (twice), Camp David, White Sands Missile range, Rocky Flats Plant, Oak Ridge

Leftover MiG-21 Fishbed formerly belonging to the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan Air Force. After the fall of the DRA in 1992, both the Taliban and the Islamic State of Afghanistan were able to use these jets in their inventories.
Considering the many areas hit by nuclear weapons in 4/10, it was certainly one of the reasons Farm Aid held one of its largest concerts in Branson, Missouri, highlighting the continued unity of the country after the attacks. The appearance of Whitney Houston and Martina McBride was seen as a major morale boost:

The performance of "All Along the Watchtower " by Dave Matthews is considered a major milestone in music:

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U.S. Marines with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response and Airmen with the 496th Air Base Squadron participate in a 4/10 remembrance ceremony at Morón Air Base, Spain, April. 10, 2016
Who remembers the Peacemaker (1997) film series starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman? If anything, the first film , which launched the franchised was certainly based on the events of 4/10, and were based on the fears that the between Serbia to Russia, the nuclear weapons had to be secured:

Colorado was one of the worst hit states with the attacks hitting Rocky Flats and the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, people often forget the horrible devastation and deaths, involved. For instance, with the destruction of the Cheyenne NORAD Mountain Complex hit, Colorado Springs, Colorado was devastated, killing thousands of people. What was even more devastating were the hundreds of women who volunteered, often without proper clothing and lead lining, in an effort to help with cleanup:


Some of the 45 Leclerc tanks of the 12th Cuirassiers regiment then attached to the 2nd French armored division stationed in the Chiroky Lane camp, in Mykolayiv in southern Ukraine in 2002. This training ground has become an important logistics base for Western land forces.

Significant armored assets from European NATO nations are positioned in Ukraine, Belarus and Finland in support of United Nations forces.

In Western Europe, the few ideas about the abandonment of conscription and a drop in the defense effort after the fall of the Iron Curtain were very quickly swept away by the Russian Civil War.

The management of nuclear strikes in Europe demonstrated the need for a large workforce. Many French conscripts take part in the reconstruction and maintenance of order in mainland France and with countries of the European Union requesting help, while volunteers take part in combat missions abroad.