Images Of Kara's First Day: Pictures Of Red Dawn's WW3 And The Aftermath

F-15E flown by Major Kelly Ann Ray, Operations Officer,and Capt. Jody Tucker (WSO),
Red Dawn F-15E, Kelly Ray's aircraft, 419th TFW.jpg
419th TFW (AFRES), Baja War, 2010. She had three kills in WW III before being shot down in Cuba, adding two more in Baja.
When 512 went in (finally!) for depot-level maintenance after returning to Seymour-Johnson AFB, this was the mount for the CO of the 335th TFS. He and Goalie are not in the cockpit, though, for this training flight.
Guru's postwar mount.jpg
An Avro Vulcan B.2 of 83 Squadron climbs away from RAF Kai Tak. RAF Vulcan B.2s and K.2s operated from RAF Kai Tak during the war. Alongside EASTERN EXPRESS B-52s. Vulcans based at RCAF Goose Bay stood alert with WE.177s to detter Soviet use of tactical and theatre nuclear weapons in the Northern Theatre. Canadian based Vulcans did ocasionally carry out conventional interdiction missions against Soviet forces in British Columbia and Alaska.

The Chieftain 900 prototype.
With a potential shortage of Main Battle Tanks and fearing its Chieftains were outclassed by the latest Soviet tanks, the British Army planned to upgrade its Chieftain tanks to a similar standard as the prototype Chieftain 900. In the end only a around 100 upgraded tanks were built, being used by a UK based MBTregiment, with the rest being used for training. Production of Challenger 1 tanks in the UK and Canada had been increased enough to make good the shortage by the time those upgraded tanks were ready for service, and surviving Chieftains were given a simpler upgrade, which included Stillbrew armour and improved fire control.

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A post-war shot of a Chieftain Mk.11 taking part in Tankfest. Note Stillbrew armour on the turret. That armour proved to be highly effective, despite only being made of standard steel, rather than composite material, like Chobham. Even at virtual pointblank range it proved to be resistant to shots from 125mm shells from Soviet tanks. Being capable of taking at least three hits before failure (OOC: In @ the British Army tested Stillbrew armour by using a T-80 obtained from Ukraine, with the results mentioned.)

Even with SAC flying conventional missions into the Soviet Union (EASTERN EXPRESS), the nuclear alert mission remained: this B-52 at Griffiss AFB, NY has four B28FI gravity bombs and eight AGM-69 missiles loaded in the bomb bay, and likely had twelve AGM-86B ALCMs on the wing pylons.
Miss Buffy with B-28 and SRAM.jpg