In order to understand this timeline. The year is 2000.The year of Twilight War. 5 years since the Sino-Soviet conflict escalated into a full-blown war as dragging both Western Powers and Eastern Powers into the cycle of destruction. In Europe, the theater of operations had been fought to a near stalemate. In U.S.A., the second civil war between the Civgov, Milgov, and the far-right militia, New America finally put on the kibosh as Civgov and Milgov overthrown the New America. And every details can be breaks down in the next post...

196th division ground forces commandos of the base of Tianjin in July 1988 in China.

The faces of Chinese PLA are uncertain about their tomorrows during the onset of Sino-Soviet War, 1995.

Army tanks from the 24th Infantry Division are unloaded during military manoeuvres, on August 28, 1990 in Saudi Arabia as US army was deployed in the...

US Army tanks from the 24th Infantry Division are unloaded during the military manoeuvres, on the first year of 1996 in Saudi Arabia. The Americans began reinforcing their units in the Gulf regions, leading to a conflict between the Pro-West and Pro-Soviet.


A Vietnamese naval artillery guarding their position from the invading warlords from what once was China, 2000.
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