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A sign that warns of the presence of mines in a rural area of Ethiopia. The country is the most mine-polluted in the world with an estimate of 15 million mines across the entire country. The most optimistic estimates give a period of 70 years to finish clearing the country of mines, but every year some 10,000 people are killed or injured by the explosion of the devices, mostly children and farmers.

Sukhumi, capital of Autonomus Republic of Abkhazia, part of Georgia

When Georgia seceded from collapsing Soviet Union in 1972, old disputes between Abkhazians and Georgians broke out again. Abkhaz population was pretty angry about oppressive Georgian actions which was on place already since days of Stalin. In many cities was several riots and even violent incident and threat of new war was pretty real. Only just intervention by president of Russia Malenkov and other great powers finally prevented potential war. In 1973 government of Georgia accept foundation of autonomous republic.

Nowadays Abkhazia is still part of Georgia enjoying very massive autonomy. Altough it is highly nationalist, there is quiet few of separatism. Abkhazians are really proud about their historic and cultural heritage and they even refuse speak Georgian always as possible.

The Piazza Regna Elena in Tianjin, formerly part of the Italian concession that ceased to exist after 1944, it was restored to its former glory after the fall of North China. It hosts an Italian consulate and it's home of a numerous Italian expatriate community.

Church of the Saviour in Beijing, China

Christianity has been exist in China already several centuries but it was only just on 20th century when Christianity begun to spread effectively thanks of hundreds of missionaries. Soon after Chinese War to South China arrived several Italian and American missionaries and soon Christianity begun spread specaility on large cities. North China tried restrict spread of the religion but it was quiet hard and bible smuggling and secreat missionary activities were quiet common. After unification of Chinas Russians begun their own missionary activities in Manchuria, Mongolia and Beijing. These activities has been pretty succesful and nowadays about 14 % of Chinese are Christians. Christianity is still most rapidly rising religion but it has been more succesful on large cities and speceiality on conservative countryside it has faced much of difficulties. Many Chinese Christians anyway continue their own traditions as far as Chistianity can allow that.



Kao Se, Over Leader (see dictator) of the Greater Dominion of Kamino (top). Bass Lesmor, Grand Divine Emperor of the Holy Union of Geonosia, upon receiving a transmission from Kao Se (centre). Prime Chancellor of the Galactic Imperium, Davclar Junder (bottom).
The Greater Dominion of Kamino is the main antagonistic force in the sequel trilogy to Sergio Martino’s Galactic Conflicts Volumes 1-3. The Kaminoan species are semi-aquatic sapient life forms, living on the ocean world of Kamino in large dome cities that exist above the oceans.

Ever since the cataclysmic great flood that devastated their previously lush forested and jungle world eons ago, the Kaminoan species has been obsessed with geneticism, cloning, & genetic perfection. Through the centuries, their species has become known as the best cloners in the galaxy – however, few visit Kamino except for business purposes on account of the oppressive and brutal nature of the Kaminoans.

Kaminic troopers open fire on Imperial reservists and Knights (top). A short clip of two knights celestia battling Kaminic troopers in a deserted Order temple on the planet of Usucu (centre). Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Celestia, Quejame Merpen (bottom).​

The Kaminoan species as a whole show little emotion or regard for other species with them seeing all non-Kaminoans as being beneath them and fit for enslavement to the Greater Dominion or used however they see fit. The Kaminoans have used their talents in genetics and cloning to create the perfect soldiers dubbed “Kaminics”, the Kaminics have no free will of their own yet can think creatively in combat situations and are essential slave soldiers to their Kaminoans masters and makers.

Throughout Volume 4 of Galactic Conflicts, it seems as though the xenophobic and religious zealot species of the insectoid Geonosians is being built up as the main antagonists only for it to be revealed later on in the film that the Geonosians are just vassals acting on the orders of Kamino as Kamino builds up a truly massive Kaminic Army in the quintillions. In volumes 5 and 6, the Great Clone War occurs when the Greater Dominion of Kamino and their vassal of the Holy Union of Geonosia invade the Galactic Imperium when its civil war between the rebel Democratic Alliance and the imperial government of Baron Maxdou Garpinn and Prime Chancellor Davclar Junder resumes after the ”Geonosia Crisis” of the last volume is resolved peacefully. As the military-religious order of mystically warriors known as the Order of the Knights Celestia and reserve troops of the Imperium do battle with the invaders, the monstrous conduct of the Kaminoans and Geonosians in their conquests force the warring factions of the Galactic Civil War to set aside their differences and defend the wider galaxy against these threats. Eventually the invaders are beaten back then invaded themselves and subsequently defeated by the Imperials and rebels after which a group reformists led by an alien named Zir Kattlur obtains power in the Imperium via a bloodless coup and starts the process of reforming the Imperium along more democratic lines.

The real life inspiration for the Greater Dominion of Kamino is a horrid combination of both the Third Reich and Apartheid South Africa (the sequel trilogy of Galactic Conflicts is banned in South Africa) and the real life inspiration of the Holy Union of Geonosia is the Islamic State of Arabia mixed with the Empire of Japan. The sequel trilogy of Galactic Conflicts is often stated to be an sci-fi parallel to the Second World War.


Zir Kattlur, the reformist Prime Chancellor of the Galactic Imperium at the end of the sequel trilogy​
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Drawing of Benito Mussolini, used in the YouTube series “History vs.” by YouTuber HistoryInRetrospc (pronounced “History In Retrospect”).​

The series puts historical figures on trial with two attorneys and a judge, one defending the historical figure along with their actions/legacy and one prosecuting them. The series covers Napoleon Bonaparte, Augustus, Cleopatra, Genghis Khan, George S. Patton, Henry Wallace, Chiang Kai-shek, David Ben-Gurion, Georgy Malenkov, and of course Benito Mussolini.

“He is the colossus of 20th century, the Julius Caesar of his time, a modern day Napoleon in how he shaped the world around him. We can barely imagine the 20th century without him and yet like Caesar and Napoleon remains controversial. But was Italy’s Il Duce a great man who brought glory to his nation? Was he a saviour to a long brutalised people? Or was he a bloody tyrant who killed millions over the course of his decades long reign? It's time to put Mussolini on the stand in History vs. Benito Mussolini.”

– The opening segment of History vs. Mussolini (circa 2020).
NGL, I would love to see this episode. Maybe someone could write a script.

West German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel with subordinates of his from the Second World War and German Civil War, all of them having sided with the Free German Army, going over plans of attack and strategy against Arab forces during the First Arabian War. On the other side of the camera are Israeli army officers listening in on Rommel.​

The first installment of the American-Japanese co-produced Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. The franchise's primary villain, Doctor Robotnik, has been widely interpreted as a Stalin analogue, due to his similar appearance, totalitarian style of rule, extreme ruthlessness and desire to control the entire world.


Canadian actor Jim Carrey as Doctor Robotnik in the Sonic the Hedgehog film series. Accepting the role to break out of his typecasting as comedic characters, the announcement of his casting was initially met with skepticism, and many doubted he would be a good fit for such a monstrous antagonist. However, his performance received excellent reviews, and he was able to branch out into more serious roles. Carrey would reprise his role in four subsequent movies, each time being praised for his ability to alternate so seamlessly between chillingly sinister and disarmingly charming.

Kim Yo-Jong, the current Minority Leader of the Juche Party in the Korean National Assembly and Representative of the Pyongyang Second District. Kim Yo-Jong is the granddaughter of Premier Kim Il-Sung, the only head of state of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. In 1975 the Republic of Korea passed a law stating that all children of Kim Il-Sung would be barred from holding political office, though this ban was not extended to grandchildren due to heavy unpopularity of the bill and the belief that no member of the Kim family would ever be popular domestically or intentionally to obtain political power. While Yo-Jong's siblings and cousins were content with staying out of the political limelight, Kim Yo-Jong was driven to restore the legacy of her grandfather as the rightful and glorious founder of an independent Korea and eliminate what she saw as Sino-Japanese encroachment.

Yo-Jong would find her opportunity with the Juche Party, a Far-Left political party created in 1995 by the children of prominent Communist bureaucrats who sought to restore the glory of the Kim era with a focus of combating Corporate and foreign influence in Korean society. The Juche Party to act as a legal political organization has repeatedly condemned Marxism and Communist as foul anti-Korean ideologies. While many political scientists classify it as Neo-Communist, members of the Juche Party identify themselves as Korean Nationalists and followers of the great Kim Il-Sung with their party platform calling for the continuation of the ban on Communist activities and propaganda, merely for a rewrite to clearly define the existence of Pro-Kim propaganda. Yo-Jong would join the party in 2007 and would quickly rise to high leadership despite her youth and inexperience due to her status as the granddaughter of Kim Jong-Il. Thanks to Yo-Jong's energetic campaigning and high waves of intense media coverage and youth interest in the "Kim Election". Yo-Jong would ride to a narrow victory and become the youngest Representative in the history of the Republic of Korea while the Juche Party would reach their greatest number of seats at 9 out of 600.

In the past 12 years, the Juche Party has found incredible success under Yo-Jong's leadership, rising to 49 seats in the National Assembly in 2020 while gaining control of dozens of municipal councils and mayoralties with a growing monopoly on rural Northern Korean politics. While Yo-Jong is a heavy target of criticism and condemnation from the two dominant political parties of Korea, the Democratic and Progressive parties, along with scathing coverage from Korean and foreign news outlets, Yo-Jong has maintained one of the highest approval ratings for a Korean politician at 41%, with the Minority Leader growing a steady cult-like following among a disenchanted youth who see her radical Labor policies, high tariff advocation, and Anti-Samsung stance as the best path for Korea with a currently stagnating economy and lackluster participation in global affairs.

Abroad Kim Yo-Jong is usually depicted in a negative light as an ignorant woman who if elected to power shall repeat the same atrocities of her grandfather. Japanese and Chinese politicians frequently use Yo-Jong as an example for the necessity of harsh anti-Communist political suppression laws, though such condemnation and brutal oppression of its nation's Far-Left only serve to embolden Yo-Jong's domestic popularity. On the internet Yo-Jong has gained the admiration of millions of devoted fans, usually divided into groups of either Leftist political activists or more apolitical followers on social media who either ironically or unironically worship her as the perfect woman and best politician, mainly being influenced by her attractive looks which have made Yo-Jong a meme as a "Communist Waifu".

Alexander Lukashenko, infamous Belarussian communist leader and head of prohibited Belarussian Communist Party.

He joined to underground BCP in 1980's and rapidly climbed on its ranks finally ending as leader of the party. He has been staunch defender of communism and Soviet politics. He is too denial of several crimes of communists like Holdomor and Second Holocaust and he too claim that Soviets actually landed to Moon and hoax accusation being propaganda of fascists and capitalists. He too oppose strongly existence of Israel and state its being just illegal rogue state which has stolen lands of Arabs. Lukashenko wants restore Soviet Union and try support several communist movements. Due his views Lukashenko has gotten entry ban to almost all European countries, United States, Commonwealth nations, Israel, China and Japan. Even fines given by Belarussian authorities have not managed silent him.

The Greek flag flying proudly flying over Athens on the 200th anniversary of the country's independence from the Ottoman Empire. Following the restoration of democracy and its liberation from fascism, the country has made a strong commitment to the ITO, while developing its armed forces, albeit with sufficient caution not to provoke Turkey. King Constantine II is extremely popular, with 70% of the population supporting the monarchy, the King is seen as the defender of the Greek democracy. At the age of 80 the king continues with his functions, although he has begun to delegate more functions to his son and heir Pavlos.

Phonecian fashion designer Benito Gaddafi at the 2012 Parisian Fashion Expo. A known eccentric in an industry filled with such, Gaddafi nonetheless has earned numerous accolades for his mixing of tradiotinal Libyan styles with European haut coteur. More recently, he has gained a reputation for being extremely eccentric both on the runway and off. In 2005 he was banned from all Hilton hotels after he apparently cut up the curtains of his penthouse suite for use in what he called ‘Hotel Chic’.
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American Cult leader and Communist Jim Jones. Born in 1931, Jim Jones would begin his road to infamy began after his 18th birthday where he began to attend underground meetings of the recently banned and declared terrorist group, the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA). Jones began to be heavily infatuated with Marxism and Soviet ideology and was frustrated at the lack of means to openly spread and convert America to Communism under what he viewed as the tyrannical Patton regime. Jones would begin to believe that the best way to spread Communism would be through the Church, the one institution of America that no politician would dare to touch. After intense research, Jones founded the People's Temple in 1956. The People's Temple to the public appeared to be one of the thousands of Evangelist denominations with noted infamy due to its high activism towards social welfare for the impoverished and racial minorities, with Jones actively waging a crusade against segregation during the height of the American Troubles. In secret, the people's Temple operated as a money-laundering scheme for the CPUSA while also acting as a cult to induct its members into Marxism.

After heavy harassment from the white Indiana community, the People's Temple moved to San Francisco California in 1963. In San Francisco, the People's Temple would flourish from a minor sect to a popular local Church with the Temple gaining thousands of converts throughout the 1960's and becoming a force within San Francisco culture and politics. Jim Jones would during his stay in the bay city become an icon among the Californian African-American community who saw him as a white ally on the level of George Patton and many praising him even further as a man of faith who wanted total equality instead of settling for separate but truly equal. Jones was a frequent collaborator with African-American reverends in religious events and People's Temple charities would make Jones a beloved celebrity with the man winning multiple awards and national attention, at one point being praised by President Richard Nixon in 1968 as "The Truest Californian Christian you will ever see."

In secret, Jones was using his fame to transition the People's Temple into a cult revolving around the worship of him as the third messiah of Marxism (after Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin), with the induction of hundreds of Temple members into the CPUSA and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the terrorist organization, with logs into Jones' diary revealing grand plans to use the cult as a base of power from which to become the head of the CPUSA and lay the foundations for a Communist revolution in America. The beginning of Jones' downfall would begin in 1972 when a female member of the Cult attempted to report Jones to the SFPD for rape, though such a case was unable to be taken into court due to lack of evidence and the strong testimony of the Temple of Jones' character. At the urging of the Chief of Police, however, an undercover operation was launched against Jones to see if there was any truth to such claims, with the undercover officers soon uncovering the Marxist nature of the People's Temple and its connection to the CPUSA. The investigation was then joined by the FBI who worked to uncover the nature of the Temple's relationship with the CPUSA and its potential for terrorism against the United States.

The investigation would escalate when in late 1974, Jim Jones announced himself as a candidate for Mayor of San Francisco as a Democrat, with Jones choosing the party due to his high influence over the local chapter and the Democrat's pro-labor and pro-Black platform fitting with Jones' public ideology. Not wanting a Communist to take control of one of America's largest cities due to Jones' dominance in the local polls, the investigation was accelerated to find the smoking gun for Jones. With the FBI collecting enough evidence to not only indict Jones but also pursue after greater membership of the CPUSA, a raid was launched on May 23rd, 1975. The conduct of the raid by both the FBI and SFPD revealed the full extent of the Temple's nature to the public with the operation turning from a simple mass arrest into a tense battle with People's Temple security fighting back against law enforcement with assault rifles, machine guns, grenades, and improvised explosives. The battle would last until late night with 12 deaths from law enforcement, 91 deaths from the People's Temple, and over 300 arrests. Unfortunately for the FBI, Jim Jones was nowhere to be found.

For the next two months one of the nation's largest manhunts in history would be launched with most West Coast law enforcement agencies alongside the FBI and CIA pursuing Jones at every whisper and opportunity. After failing to arrest Jones on a number of occasions with close slips, the FBI would capture Jones attempting to cross the border into Mexico on July 15th with Jones captured while he was attempting to commit suicide with a cyanide pill. Jones' trial was one of the most infamous post-Wallace trials in the century with millions tuning into the courtroom drama as Jones attempted to use the case as a pulpit for Communism while also attempting to escape custody on a number of occasions. Jones was found guilty of treason to the United States, terrorist conspiracy, rape, money laundering, and murder among dozens of other charges with Jones sentenced to death. Jones would receive death by lethal injection on November 18th, 1984, concluding the final chapter to one of the most infamous plots in American history.

For decades Jim Jones would serve as a dangerous warning on the power of both cults and Communism, with the People's Temple vilified among the likes of the Ku Klux Klan and Jones himself earning a seat in the hall of American infamy with such detested citizens such as Henry Wallace and Charles Manson. Jones's profile would re-enter American consciousness after fading away thanks to the 2019 period film Jonestown by acclaimed director Martin Scorcese. Jonestown portrayed the influence of the People's Temple on San Francisco and the gradual downfall of Jones leading to the Temple Raid. The film earned $356 million dollars worldwide, earning several awards while introducing the despicable case of Jim Jones to a new generation of Americans and the greater world.

Israeli business man and political activist György Soros (b. 1930)

Soros was born to Jewish parents in Budapest, Hungary. His family were as Jews target of antisemitic politics. In 1943 György and his family were expelled to Italy where from they transferred to Libya and later the Soros moved to Israel. Soros served on First Arabian War and later went to University of Jerusalem and educated as economist in 1953. Already in 1960's he expressed his skills as magnificent investor. He was too very good to play with currencies and managed to predict direction of stock exchange markets. These skills made Soros quickly one of richest men of Israel. In 2000 Forbes ranked Soros as one of 50 richest men of the world.

Soros has too donated millions of dollars to several pro-democracy organisations and many different projects. In 1970's he gave money for reconstruction of many places of Warsaw like Great Synagogue. He has too donated money to several anti-fascist movements in Italy, Portugal and Greece. In 1979 he too gave moneytary fund to Enrico Berlinguer's PSI on first post-fascist election of Italy. On American politics he has supported massively several Republican politicians.


Photograph of the head of the United Arab Republic’s feared secret police, the Internal Security Bureau or ISB, Salah al-Din al-Bitar circa 1955 (born 1912, died 1956).​
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Mengistu Haile Mariam was born to poor Ethiopian family (his father was former slave and mother was servant of local nobility) on early stages of Italian occupation era. Already at young age he visited in United States and met Malcolm Litle, leader of American Afro-Fascists. Mariam, who had already personally faced much of racism, was highly influenced by the ideology and after returning to Italian Ethiopia he formed underground Ethiopian Afro-Fascist Movement. When war against Italians broke out, Mariam's army participated to the war allying with other groups despite his strong distrust towards them and speciality he heated royal family and nobility but he still realised that it is better ally with them.

Through 1970's there begun to be split between Afro-Fascists and rest of Ethiopian liberation army and in 1976 there was even some violent incidents between the groups. When Italy finally recognised independence of Ethiopia, Mariam planned coup against royal family but Ethiopian army was faster. The army managed purge all afro-fascist groups on their ranks and destroyed its leadership totally. Mariam himself was shoot near of Hawassa when army attacked on his convoy. Still nowadays some Ethiopian opposition groups see Mariam being martyr and hero of Ethiopian peasants.

A Lebanese soldier in a village in northern Ethiopia during the Third Italo-Abyssinian War, circa 1971.​

As part of the Roman Alliance, Lebanon would send some 320,000 soldiers to fight alongside the countless Italians, Greeks, Rhodesians, and South Africans in Ethiopia (48,000 a year) even after the thermonuclear detonation over Addis Ababa.


Lebanese soldiers on patrol in the Ethiopian countryside circa 1970.​

American actress, singer and political activist Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 2017)

Monroe's begun her career on Hollywood in 1940's but she reached zenith of her popularity in 1950's and 1960's. Beside from her several movies and singer skills she was too quiet famous on her scandalous private life. Through her life she was married with three men. Furthermore her had too several extramarital relationships with many famous men. She too liked parties where was used lot of alcohol and even drugs. Regarding on extramarital relationships one of most notable was senator John F. Kennedy. It lasted quiet long time and was held as secret quiet well. This relationship pretty much ruined JFK's chances on '72 presidential election and ended his political career. Them had too one son Jack (b. 1964) but JFK never admit being Monroe's son's father despite some rumors. In 2008 Monroe herself anyway admitted that JFK is her son's father.

Monroe resigned from active movie career in 1970's but still made some cameo roles until 2000's. She became active on politics altough never seeked political office. Monroe anyway commented politics and even donated money to Republicans. She was too quiet active on charities.