Images from the Footprint of Mussolini

Woman in Autonomous Republic of Chuvashia, Russian Federation in traditional national dress. Several minorities of Russia managed revive their culture after collapse of Soviet Union. Constitution of Russia protects rights of miniorities so they can keep their culture and language. It too gives huge autonomy for ethic republics. Altough nationalism in republics is quiet high it focuses more to protecting their culture and separatism is quiet rare because they know that Russia wouldn't allow that, republics are in many cases pretty russificated and too poor being viable nations.

Bruce Lee photographed in 1970's

Bruce Lee became famous about his Kung Fu movies in 1960's and 1970's. He begun his career in Hollywood but he didn't succeed so he moved soon to Asia and created career in Hong Kong and South China making several Kung Fu movies. He continued his career while after unification of CHina but on mid-1970's he returned to Hollywood and managed create career there. Him became too close friend with such actors as Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson and Chuck Norris. Lee continued making Kung Fu movies but he too acted in some Westerns and action movies. One of his most famous Kung Fu movies in Hollywood is Kung Fu Kid (1984) where he acts mid-aged Kung Fu master who gets young boy as his pupil.

Lee continued acting always until 2000's. His one of last big movies are Kill Bill where he acted 1000 years old Kung Fu master Pai Mei. He has continued his acting career until this day but not very often and usually just very small cameo roles.

Ulaanbaatar, capital of the province of Mongolia.
In recent years, Beijing has agreed to give the province greater autonomy in cultural matters, being bilingual in Mandarin and Mongolian.
General and soon-to-be President George S. Patton observing the scenes of the Ohrduf concentration camp, minutes later Patton vomited at the dantesque scenes he witnessed. That would lead him to be one of the most vocal advocates of Israel and laws against antisemitism in the United States. Memories of his advisers reveal that upon learning of the Soviet Holocaust his face reddened with fury cursing the Communists and vowing to destroy them just as he did with the Nazis.

All this would be repeated in 1952 with the African American population after the murder of Jackie Robinson.

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The Hong Kong coastal promenade.
In 1997 the U.K returned the city to China under an autonomy similar to that enjoyed by Ningxia, Mongolia and Guangxi. The city acts as the main financial center of the country and a window to the Anglophone world (Macau has a similar role with the Lusophone nations, and in particular the Lusitanian Kingdom)

Algiers in French Algeria. Algiers is with 2.1 millions habitants second largest city of France after Paris. Algiers like whole French Algeria is mainly French speaking. There is small minority of Berber speakers and some Algerian Arab speakers. Due strong missionary activities and settlement policy 90 % of French Algerians speak French and about same number are members of Catholic Church. There has been much of Arab terrorism couple decades after Second Arabian War but situation begun change more peaceful during 1980's altough there is still some terrorist attacks against French but these are very rare. Algiers is too one of most tourist cities in France.

Memorial for Americans killed on Chinese War in Washington D.C. Around 115 000 Americans were either killed or lost during the war. President Patton gave order erect memorial site in memory of Americans who fought against Communists in China. The war was important booster of American morale after disastrous Wallace's years.

Former Auschwitz medic Hans Münch with Nazi Holocaust survivor Eva Kor during a visit to the camp in 1994.
Münch refused to assist in the mass murders there and developed many elaborate ruses to keep inmates alive.
When the Anglo-Jewish Army arrived Münch was protected from retaliation by the now released prisoners.
He was the only person acquitted during the Auschwitz trials. In 1978 he was declared Righteous Among the Nations and in 1980 he was awarded the Imperial Order of Merit. He lived in peace until his death in 2001.
Eva Kor would die in 2019 as a well known as a renowned author and activist for the preservation of the memory of the Nazi Holocaust.