Images from The Anglo/American-Nazi War

I love how your last three photographs symbolically illustrate the retro-futuristic nature of the Anglo-American world and the "Third World"-like conditions in Europe generally and Germany in particular!
Yeah, I figured the retrofuturistic aesthetics does occur in TL as @CalBear said. Especially with the MagLev, Concorde, mass drivers, undersea settlements, and lunar bases. It's like what OTL 1950s-60s imagined how the year 2000 would be, but here it comes ironically much faster due to technological advancements during the ceasefire period and the post-Second Global War period.

Especially since the A4 only had India as a rival after the 1960s.

Monorail in Cebu City, Philippines, c. 2000. The monorail is inspired from the MagLev train line in the United States. Cities in the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea would soon implement their own MagLevs or Monorail system as means for public transport.

Retired 747 Jumbo Jet sitting in a runway to be scrapped. Most U.S. airliners declared bankruptcy in the 1980s since they could not keep up with the MagLev train lines that runs throughout the CONUS.

Sergey Vladimirovich Taboritsky (1897-1961) was a staunch Nazi and a member of the Gestapo, despite secretly being of Russian descent with Jewish heritage. His collaboration with the Nazis earned him infamy as one of the few Russians who worked with this infamous regime. Following the fall of the USSR in 1943 when Nazi Germany conquered most of European Russia, Taboritsky moved to Nazi-occupied Russia, ostensibly for his amusement. Despite being a long-standing staunch monarchist without raising suspicion from the Gestapo, he showed little concern when much of Russian architecture was destroyed and the Russian people, including Jews, were enslaved during the infamous Generalplan Ost, which lasted for half a decade before Allied liberation.

However, one of Taboritsky's insane antics during his schizophrenic journey of horrific crimes against humanity and treachery to the Russian people involved him seeing the ghostly form of Alexei Nikolaevich. In Taboritsky's delusional imagination, the former Russian Tsar had become a Nazi, although in reality, the real Alexei had long been dead since the Russian Revolution. By the time the Allies liberated most of European Russia, which now lay in complete ruins, Taboritsky had experienced a mental breakdown, apparently driven by his "imaginative friend" Alexei's promise to destroy Russia and annihilate its people to become the new Tsar. In a twisted culmination of his insane antics, by the time the Allies found Taboritsky, he had left a final note before taking his own life by gunned himself. In it, he expressed that his "imaginative friend" Alexei's promise had been fulfilled, and Russia was now finally destroyed, in a sense.