Anybody else read this? I have the audiobook and Ive listened through it several times over the years. I feel the author gives it a good try and its entertaining but I think a little too optimistic. Too much goes right and too little wrong.

Still worth a read (or listen) but thats my two cents.
It kind of goes with the territory that most JFK Lives scenarios have an optimistic take-11/22/63 by Stephen King being a notable exception. For JFK dystopias you usually see the Cuban Missile Crisis goes hot option. Truthfully if JFK had lived and civil and voting rights had gone forward much slower or not at all the 1960's and 1970's may well have been more violent as black leaders like Malcolm X would have had much more currency with the idea of any means necessary. On the other hand the far right would not have been nearly as defanged with JFK there instead of LBJ. A good ole boy from Texas just naturally has an easier time talking some of the white South into supporting racial equality than a yankee from Massachusetts ever could..
The thing with JFK and RFK is that people read into both men more what they wanted them to be than who they really were.