Ideas of division / balkanization of Brazil and Canada?

Hello, I am interested in knowing possible divisions of Canada and Brazil in different states before 1900. It is not for a timeline or something like that, but for a world of role playing with friends.

We already have other states such as the First Mexican Empire, an autocratic Gran Colombia, a triumphant Liga Federal, Chile (like OTL jaja), the Peru-Bolivian Confederation and a "Principality of Paraguay". In addition to this we have the 13 colonies going their separate ways and the russian Alaska.

Thanks for the help.
Pd: It would be useful to say the territorial limits of them, please.
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The thing is that the various British North American colonies (upper and lower canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI were United to prevent them from joining US. This was same reason for British Columbia. So if Canada does not form then the various colonies who became Canadian provinces would of joined the US.

As for Brazil look up Portuguese-Brazil colonial on wiki and look at provinces during 1800 and that would of been aprox what the various independent Portuguese speaking states would of been. At least on outset during 1st half of 19th century. Note without a Brazilian unified independent movement several of the provinces especially those in north would of stayed part of Portugal.

Hope this helps for I am giving real historical perspective not fantasy game scenario.
Brazil is a very unique ASBish kind of napoleonic butterfly without being shattered like the vice-reinos. You can take a look on the various internal struggles from that to the regency between Pedro I and II, certainly you will pick something. You'll never can go wrong with a more radical Farrapos (Ragamuffing) War leading to a very funny La Plata Uruguay rivers basin.
Most plausible shattered Canada is a Dominion of Newfoundland, a Maritimes Dominion (Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick), a Quebec dominion, an Ontario Dominion, and a Ruperts' Land Dominion (Prairie Provinces) plus a Columbia Dominion (BC, maybe with Washington and Oregon) which likely is sold to the United States at the behest of its significant minority of American settlers. The whole thing could go to the United States depending on political circumstances, but to keep a recognisable Canada, such a set-up would need to occur, and said Dominions would need to resist any urge to unite. The Maritimes Dominion could have an interesting issue regarding Canadian Gaelic culture/language.

Brazil OTL was held together based on the strength of the Portuguese monarchy there, but in theory, most of the provinces could have gone their separate ways and then fought over the interior. Like elsewhere in Latin America, skilled warlords could put together larger unions which might be similar to the statistical regions of Brazil. So a balkanised Brazil might have Grao-Para (basically North Brazil, but Tocantins, Rondonia, and Acre aren't guaranteed to be part of it), the Confederation of the Equator (with the Northeast Region, plus Tocantins), Brazil proper (with Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Goiás, Mato Grosso, and parts of Parana), and a southern Brazilian state, with coastal Parana, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul. Powerful caudillos would dominate in the 19th century, putting together various confederations of states out of the corpse of the Portuguese Empire, before the region is able to settle down, and like elsewhere in Latin America, I expect Brazil Proper and southern Brazil to develop fastest, attract the most immigrants, and become the most prosperous countries, simply because of geography.

An earlier PoD could lead to lots of unique set-ups. Like a TL where the bandeirantes are blunted in their expansion of Brazil, and thus leading to a Spanish Southern Brazil (maybe up to southern Sao Paulo State), which might resemble Paraguay in culture. Or the Kalmar Union returns to Vinland and colonises "Canada" where instead of English vs French being the main separation, you have Norse vs Finnish as a division thanks to the extensive use of Forest Finns the Kalmar Union might use to settle the land, so perhaps you can get a Finnish-speaking Maritimes (with a significant Norse minority as Finland OTL has) in some balkanisation of this country.
Hello, I am interested in knowing possible divisions of Canada and Brazil in different states before 1900. It is not for a timeline or something like that, but for a world of role playing with friends.

If Brazil goes the Warring States route in 1800 it could maybe be divided like this:

Grão Pará: in isolation, too far to be involved.
Federation or Coalition of Maranhão, Piauí, and Ceará: They have two chances, the first is unite against Pernambuco, if not, they are going to be annexed by Pernambuco sooner or later.
Pernambuco: Is going to annex the small states of the region and probably will try to take everything from the São Francisco River till the city of São Luis in Maranhão.
Bahia: Will fight against Pernambuco to take the lands that IOTL are the West of Bahia, they received those lands in 1827 IOTL. They are going to fight for Espirito Santo against whoever controls Minas Gerais.
Minas Gerais: They could unite in federation with São Paulo or go their own way, they are going to fight for Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.
São Paulo: Will try to take the interior, they are going after Goyaz and Mato Grosso, and maybe Santa Catarina.

A possibility:
brazil warring states.png