Idea that I desperately want people to contribute more than me since Idea wise its smart and cool but I don't have the confidence to do it

Imagine this, a world in which "Naruto" really did exist, but Japan, in a sense to prevent situations to occur such as wars over them keeps everything quiet, as in all of Japan knows but that is it. The hidden villages are known as military bases, and the Nine Tail Attack was a fire at Military Base K which occurred in 1987. Please do much better than me because I'm not smart.

Also Naruto does exist in Manga form, as Kishimoto is given information by the government to show what's happening in Japan, but in "Fictional" form.
I would say just do it. If the audience is there, it'll come, it'll react, and the story will grow.

People do crazy fanfic ideas here all the time. I made Azula a hero for crying out loud.