Ichronic Color Scheme 1.0


1) China: People Republic #AA381E; 170,56,30 (Chinese Red)
2) China: Imerial/Nationalist (Taiwan) #FADA5E; 250,218,94 (Chinese Imperial Yellow)
3) China: the Crossroads (Han) #5218FA; 82, 24, 250 (Han Purple)
4) China: the Refuge (Inner/Fantasy China/Yue) #D0DB61; 208, 219, 97 (Chinese Green)
5) China: the Metropolis (Ming) #36747D (Ming)
6) China: the Backdoor (Hong-Kong/Canton/Chinese Pirates/Warlords) #B7702D; 183,112,45 (Chinese yellow tea-colored (Kigaracha))
7) China: the Rust Belt (Manchu) #AB381F; 171, 56,31 (Chinese Brown)
Mongolia #738678; 115, 134, 120 (Xanadu)
9) South Corea #203838; 32, 56, 56 (goryeo storeroom (kōrainando))
10) North Corea #DFC7C7; 223, 199, 199 (Inverted kōrainando)
11) Unified Corea #382020; 56, 32, 32
12) Vietnam #29AB87; 41, 171, 135 (Jungle Green)
13) Laos #856088; 133,96,136 (Chinese Violet)
14) Cambodia #E49B0F; 228,155,15 (Gamboge)
15) Thailand/Siam #A51931 165, 25, 49 (Thai Flag Red)*

*Optional; I originally intended to use the "Backdoor of China" color for Thailand as well, Thailand being a sort of crossroad between India, China and the Asian Southwest. But then I opted for a separate color. Which way do you think is more appropriate to represent Thailand, as a "Mighty Siam" or just as China's backdoor? Or maybe China's backdoor could be a secondary color for Thailand?
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Hello guys, it looks we are closing in to the completion of the ICS, at least for the primary colors. But don't start drawing the palette just yet. Before we even begin to tackle the secondary colors, there are still three sections to discuss, and we are entering the areas of the world I know less about: Africa, India and the Pacific Rim. The last is the one that worries me less: there are three-four main players there (Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Indonesia) though maybe that needs to be enlarged to include the Ezo Republic and independent Hawaii. As always I'm open to suggestions.
Africa may need to be subdivided into smaller regions that have to be discussed separately, so I'm leaving it for last.
India? Well, that really confuses the Hel out of me. Is there anyone knowlwdgeable enough of pre-colonial Indian and African History that can throw me a life buoy?