Ichronic Color Scheme 1.0

Modern Germany is a direct continuation of West Germany so why not have modern Germany use that color as well?
That was one possibility, but then should a different color be used for the Weimar Republic? If I'm not mistaken, modern Germany tried to distance itself from all of its predecessors, including Weimar

Before we start:
This is just an experiment and I'm not even sure if it will make ito to the final version or not, but the color of the Holy Roman Empire will now double for the Ostrogothic Kingdom
the "North Sea" part in NORTH SEA AND BRITISH ISLANDS for the sake of this thread goes from Nordjylland in Denmark to Penn-ar-Bed in Brittany. At some point in history it extends to Scania and the south-western fjords of Norway.
I was thinking to give the Jutes' color to the Danelaw, but the Jutes, according to this, settled around Kent, so a variation of the Jutes'color will now bw used for Kent (or the other way around).
Queen Pink, the color of the UK, will be distinct from the English Red of England alone, that will be used for the Continental Angles in the same manner as the Jutes Color; its main shade will be the color for Wessex, while an outlined lighter shade will be used for Essex, Sussex and East Anglia.
Elder Saxony will share a color, or a variation thereof, with Northumbria, while I'm not sure yet what color should Mercia have.
Since Wessex is reddish and Northumbria is greenish, I'm thinking maybe something yellow for Mercia.
Scotland shall have a secondary color, Picton, for the Picts, the Comyn and the Highlands Clans. Strathclyde will also have its color.
The main color of Scotland (Queen Blue) will be Dal Riada/Alba/Scotland.
I'm thinking of using a separate color for each of the traditional Irish Pentarchs.
Also, Ulster=Irish Protestant/Loyalists (something orange); Connacht: Irish Catholics (St. Patrick's blue); Munster=Irish Norse; Leinster=Irish Pagans/Gaels.
I'm open to suggestions, in case you think that Leinster color is more suited to represent Catholics and Connacth is more pagan
I've finally completed the NORTH SEA & THE BRITISH ISLANDS section.
Update coming in a few days.
Also, small tweaks to MITTELEUROPA (Ostrogoths, Gepids and Modern Germany)

1) United Kingdom (1701-Current): #E8CCD7: 232, 204, 215 (Queen Pink)
2) England/Wessex: #AB4E52 171,78,82 (English Red) Also use for Angles of Southern Denmark. Use lighter outlined for East Anglia
3) Mercia: #FFEB00; 255,235,0 (Middle Yellow) Also use for Parliament troops during English Civil War
4) Northumbria/Lancaster/Cromwell/Republican England #563C5C; 86,60,92 (English Violet) Use lighter outlined for Deira and Bernicia
5) Jutes (Jutland)/Kent/English borderland/Anglo-Welsh #A6AAC7; 166,170,199 (Heather)
6) Anglo-Norse/Geats/Danelaw/Cnut the Great/Beowulf #8A3324; 138,51,36 (Burnt Umber)
7) Scotland/Alba/Dal Riada #436B95; 67,107,149 (Queen Blue)
8) Highlanders/Picts/Comyn #45B1E8; 69,177,232 (Picton Blue)
9) Lowlands Scots/Gododdin/Scoto-Norse #D5A9A2; 213,169,162
10) Strathclyde/Anglo-Scottish (Border Clans) #FFFF31; 255,255,49 (Daffodil)
11) Wales/Gwynedd/Silures/Independent Britons/Camelot #246BCE; 36,107,206 (Celtic Blue)
12) Dyfed/Romano-Britons (Carausius, Magnus Maximus) #DB9431; 219,148,49 (Inverted Celtic Blue)
13) Ireland/Meath/Brian Boru #5FA778; 95,167,120 (Shiny Shamrock)
14) Leinster/Irish Catholic/I.R.A./Irish Radicals #23297A; 35,41,122 (St. Patrick's blue)
15) Ulster/Irish Protestants #FF883E; 255,136,62 (Irish Flag Orange)
16) Connacht/Irish Loyalist/Anglo-Irish #DCD685; 220,214,133 (Inverted St. Patrick's blue)
17) Munster/Irish-Norse/Irish Pagans #9DC209; 157,194,9 (Limerick)
18) Normans/Normandy/Anjou #BFF5FD; 191,245,253 ([Disney] Diamond)
19) Brittany/Armorica #fD6C9E; #BFF5FD (French Pink)
20) Netherlands #FF8000; 255,128,0 (Orange)
21) Lower Saxony #004719; 0,71,25 (Brunswick Green) Use lighter outlined for minor Anglosaxons: Essex, Sussex
22) Frisia #EEDA94; 238,218,148 (Sigma Yellow Ocre)
23) Burgundy (Historic)/Luxemburgh (Extant) #43302E; 67,48,46 (Old Burgundy)
FINAL NOTE ON MODERN GERMANY: the color for Modern Germany (1989-Current) will be #483D8B; 72,61,139 (Dark Slate Blue) and it will be distinct from the Cold War West Germany (1946-1989) and the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) Prussia (German Empire 1871-1918) and the Holy Roman Empire.
The HRE Color will double for the Ostrogothic Kingdom and the Gothic High Kings (Theodoric and Teia, as well as any alernate Gothic High King or Emperor). As an outline, it will also represent the post-Napoleonic German Confederation.
Modern Germany's color will double for the Gepids and the Confederation of the Rhine
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Very well, now that the two major chores, Brittain and Germany, are past, we can shift our focus on Eastern Europe.
However, I have to admit that we are leaving my area of best knowledge here: Eastern Europe may simply look less complex to me that Germany or the British Islands, simply because my knowledge of it is not as deep.
So, If I'm missing somthing here, please let me know

1) Poland: #DC143C; 220,20,60 (Polish Flag Crimson)*
2) Radical Poland/Boers #F5002D; 245,0,45 (Saturated Polish crimson)**
3) Slovakia #535EFF; 83,94,255
4) Hungary/Magiars/Attila's Empire #543D37; 84,61,55 (Liver Chestnut)
5) Croatia: #F45F45; 244, 95, 69
6) Romania/Wallachia: #004953; 0,73,83 (Midnight Green)***
7) Moldavia/Moldova #191970; 25,25,112 (Midnight Blue)
8) Estonia #FFBF00; 255,191,0 (Amber)
9) Latvia/Teuthonic Knights/Northern Crusaders #F5F5DC; 245,245,220 (Beige)
10) Lithuania #228B22; 34,139,34 (Forest Green)
11) [Anything you'd like to add?]

* Should Danzig and Krakow have a separate color?
** I'd use it for Communist Poland, but Radical is different than Communist, and it doesn't seat well with Boers as well. Suggestions?
*** Use it for Dracula's kingdom, wether he is a vampire or not
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1) Bulgaria/Thrace: #674C47; 103, 76, 71 (Liver)
2) Macedonia: #6B4943; 107, 73, 67 (Saturated Liver)
3) Serbia: #0BA0BA; 11, 160, 186
4) Montenegro: #4A8D7E; 74,141,126 (Inverted Turkish Rose)
5) Bosnia: #674403; 103, 68, 3 (Violin Brown)
6) Kosovo: #0BA407; 11,164,7
7) Albania/Epirus/Illyria: #00B800; 11, 168, 0**
8) [Any Suggestions? Bucovina? Dalmatia? Herzegovina?]

**This goes into MEDITERRANEA, alongside Kosovo
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EURASIA is basically Russia/The Russias/U.S.S.R.
MIDDLE EAST: from Egypt to Iran

Now to the doubts and questions.

Should Kazakistan be part of EURASIA or CENTRAL ASIA?
Should Turkey/Ottoman Empire be part of EURASIA or the MIDDLE EAST? (at the peak of the Ottomans it would actually BE the middle East)
Should Afghanistan be part of CENTRAL ASIA?

EURASIA is basically Russia/The Russias/U.S.S.R.
MIDDLE EAST: from Egypt to Iran

Now to the doubts and questions.

Should Kazakistan be part of EURASIA or CENTRAL ASIA?
Should Turkey/Ottoman Empire be part of EURASIA or the MIDDLE EAST? (at the peak of the Ottomans it would actually BE the middle East)
Should Afghanistan be part of CENTRAL ASIA?
Central Asia / Middle East / Central Asia.

1) Kazakistan #CACCA9; 202, 204, 169
2) Uzbekistan #FE28A2; 254, 40, 162 (Persian Rose)
3) Turkmenistan #1C39BB; 28, 57, 187 (Persian Blue)
4) Tajikistan/Tocharians #623DF6; 98, 61, 246 (Inverted Limerick)
5) Kirgizistan #8EE53F; 142, 229, 63 (Kiwi)
6) Afganistan/Bactria #E52B50; 229, 43, 80 (Amaranth)
7) Afgan Rebels/Talibans/Radical Islamic (non-arab) #1AD4AF; 26, 212, 175 (Inverted Amaranth)
8) Pakistan #01411C; 1, 65, 28 (Pakistan Green)
9) West Turkmenistan (Uyghur) #E3C644; 227, 198, 68 (Inverted Persian Blue: Goldish)
10) Tibet #FF9933; 255, 153, 51 (Deep Saffron)
11) Mongolia #738678 115, 134, 120 (Xanadu)
12) Iran/Persia #00A693; 0, 166, 147 (Persian Green)

As usual, any suggestions (Tuva, Altai, Tunguska...) are welcome
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1) Russia #32174D; 50, 23, 77 (Russian Violet)
2) Belarus #FAEBD7; 250, 235, 215 (Antique White)
3) Ukraine/Lodomelia/Kievan Rus #CEFF00; 206, 255, 0 (Volt)
4) Russian Nationalists in Ukraine/Novorossia #BEE619; 190, 230, 25 (Desaturated Volt)
5) Armenia #79443B; 121, 68, 59 (Bole)
6) Azerbaijan #A0BA61; 160, 186, 97
7) Georgia #4B2783; 75, 39, 131
8) U.S.S.R. U.S.S.R. #FF355E; 255, 53, 94 (Radical Red)*
9) Novgorod/Ingria/Russian Separatists #679267; 103, 146, 103 (Russian Green)
10) Carelia #986D98; 152, 109, 152 (Inverted Russian Green)
11) Moskovia #BFC0EE; 191, 192, 238 (Vodka)
12) Tatars #976E9A; 151, 110, 154 (Tatar Aster)

*Lighter outline for Satellite states

1) Turkey #A91101; 169, 17, 1 (Turkey Red)
2) Syria/Phoenicia/ Assyria/Empire of Palmira #9A4EAE; 154, 78, 174 (Purpureus)
3) Leibanon/Major Crusader State (Kingdom of Jerusalem) #C95A49; 201, 90, 73 (Cedar Chest)
4) Modern Israel/Ancient Judeah #4A4CA3; 74, 76, 163 (Inverted Olive)
5) Ancient Israel/Minor Crusader State; #909000; 144, 144, 0 (Saturated Olive)
6) Gaza/Philistines #8AA2A4; 138, 162, 164 (Inverted Dove)
7) Jordan/West-Aligned Arab State/Crusader Vassal State #98777B; 152,119,123 (Bazaar)
8) Sumer/Babylon/Irak #CC4E5C; 204, 78, 92 (Dark Terra Cotta)
9) Kurdistan/Chaldean #33B1A3; 51, 177, 163 (Inverted Dark Terra Cotta)
10) Kuwait/Minor Arabs #C00AE8; 192, 10, 232
11) Saudi Arabia/Major Islamic state/Abbassid Caliphate #009000; 0, 144, 0 (Islamic Green)
12) Yemen/Minor Pre-islamic Arabs #678884; 103, 136, 132 (Inverted Bazaar)
13) Yemenite Rebels #6A8582; 106,133,130 (desaturated Inverted Bazaar)
14) Oman #A16E74; 161, 110, 116 (Saturated Bazaar)
15) United Arab Emirates/Fatimid Caliphate #FF5DFF; 0, 93, 0 (Inverted Saturated Islamic Green)
16) Bahrein/Major Pre-Islamic Arabs/Iram #BA8E17; 186, 142, 23
17) Troy #FADE20; 250,222,32
18) Hittites #A19D94; 161,157,148 (Iron)
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It's not like I'm trying to male a 1984 Redux, but should Inner and Outer Eurasia be combined into a single Eurasia, and likewise, should the upcoming CHINA(S) and South East Asia (Indochina) be combined into a single EASTASIAor be displayed separately?