Icarus: A Climate TL

View attachment 764058View attachment 764059CNN RSS News Feed — November 1, 2004
  • 2004 ELECTION: Last minute surge for Dean in key battleground states
  • LIVE UPDATES: Five killed, 12 severely injured in Syracuse train derailment
  • Lisa death toll tops 2,500
  • 9/11 victims’ families protest ending identification efforts
  • US gains push Asia stocks higher
  • Dean backtracks on same-sex marriage, but defends civil unions
  • China culls thousands of chickens in order to keep bird flu at bay
  • Study: El Niño behind higher carbon dioxide rates
  • Rehnquist released from hospital
  • Southern California ranked worst in nation for air pollution
  • Chemical leak in South Korea prompts evacuation
  • PDAs: The cell phone killer?
  • ‘Half-Life 2’ aims for late November release
  • Hastert dismisses assault weapons ban renewal on anniversary of Albuquerque massacre
  • More businesses adopting wireless technologies
  • Nintendo Touch to include messaging features

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Great post. Fully admit to humiliating myself by clicking the Load More Items bracket more than once as if that was a feature on this site.