I Buried Paul

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    I Buried Paul

    "You were in a car crash"​

    Wednesday Morning, November 9, 1966
    Toronto, Canada
    9:00 am

    "William? William? Where are you."

    He yelled from his bed in his bedroom. "Ma, you know where I am."

    "You still in bed, boy?"

    "Yes, Ma."

    "Don't you got to get up and go to work?"

    "No, Ma. I don't go to work until four in the afternoon."

    "Well, William Shears Campbell, if you want breakfast you got to get up and get it now."

    He sighed, "Yes, ma." He got up. He wasn't going to go back to sleep anyway. That was a nice dream he'd been having. The contest he'd won last spring got him a record contract and he was making them instead of selling them in a department of Toronto's downtown Hudson's Bay. If only. But you need a little luck to make it. Talent wasn't enough and wining a Paul McCartney look alike contest didn't seem to be enough of the right kind of luck. Well, since he was up, he could play the piano after breakfast. Ma would like that.

    Nine Hours Earlier
    London, England
    5:00 am

    A squeal of tires braking. The smashing of metal against metal. The crash of windows breaking. Blood. A hubcap rolled down the street.

    No one was there- it was too early. The man who'd just died wasn't up early, he was up late. Too late.

    When the police arrived the first one on the scene said, "Oh my god, he's dead."
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    This is not a secret history. A secret history needs no POD, it just reveals what has always been true but was kept secret. Paul did not die in a car crash in 1966. He wasn't replaced by a 'fake Paul' in 1966.

    But here our POD is that he did die in a car crash in 1966 and replaced by a 'fake Paul.' The real POD is a few days earlier. In OTL on Sunday, the 6th, Paul flew to France for a road trip. In TTL he canceled that and was still in London.

    Don't worry. This timeline is not going to just be the same as ours except there is a secret history that there isn't in OTL.
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    Paul's 1964 Silver Aston Martin DB5

    The Original Paul​

    "You're telling me that is not Paul McCartney?"

    The MI6 agent answer the Minister, "His name is William Shears Campbell. He's from Toronto. The clip you just watched was him singing just like Paul with his guitar and doing Paul's song, 'Yesterday' in a Beatle look alike contest last spring. He won of course."

    "I see why."

    "If you compared this with the original Paul doing the same song on stage you could see the difference. Campbell is a bit taller and his face is slightly different. I understand he usually does not wear his hair like that and he needs glasses. Also he has now grown a mustache. He's a few years younger than the original Paul also. He's only 20."

    "But the voice! I wouldn't know the difference."

    "This Campbell performs around Toronto where ever he can. He can make himself sound like Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Fred Astaire... he's a natural mimic."

    "We've kept this out of the press so far. Saying that Mr. McCartney is in the hospital and recovering."

    "We've also let it slip he'll need reconstructive surgery on his face and dental surgery."

    "And Campbell?"

    "His mother is not well. She raised him alone. Millie Campbell. Advanced diabetes. With proper care she can live a long time, but they couldn't afford it. She had to quick work and he had to drop out of school three years ago and go to work full time. He's agreeable if we pay off their medical debts and take care of her with a sizeable income and get her proper medical care. Also she wants to go home to her childhood home in Scotland. Mull of Kintyre. We've agree to set her up there and we've located a farm that he can buy so he can visit her there."

    "This is a big conspiracy. The police who found him?"

    "Already set up in New Zealand with small fortunes."

    "McCartney's family?"

    "A Father and a Brother. It took some convincing. But for Her Majesty they are willing. She gave them a call."

    "His girlfriend and her family?"

    "Again, a call from Her Majesty."

    "The Beatles' entourage?"

    "They know their careers depend on this. The manager seems the most reluctant, but I think we can keep him in line. If not...."

    "Don't say anymore. The other Beatles?"

    "There's the problem, sir."

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    Very interesting POD. I will be following. But why?

    Why would M16 care about the Beatles? How does it benefit them to keep the band together. I wonder what’s the reasoning that has it going all the way to the Queen.

    Maybe the Beatles will be used for propaganda or espiganihe? Cultural influence?
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    Interesting.I always found the "Paul is dead" conspiracy theories interesting and even fun to try to connect more supposed clues in Beatles song lyrics but I never even for a moment thought there was any truth to them but I do wonder if the Beatles (including Paul) were having a little fun with us?

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    I will get to why.

    I can't do everything at once- then the thread would be just one post! ;)

    Well, I can't speak to OTL and all the supposed clues.

    But I can and will speak in TTL...
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    Does the existence of Paul McCartney ensure the human race's survival in some way?
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    "Me mate is dead, his brains spread out like cranberry sauce and you want us to pretend some wanker from across the pond is him?" John Lennon was clearly upset. His very short hair and wire framed glasses made him look very different than what the fellow in the very light gray suit and sunglasses who sat across the room being silent had ever seen of the leader of the Beatles. John had just gotten back from Spain where he'd been filming the new John Lester film only two days before the accident.

    The tall, dark haired, square jawed MI6 agent in his three piece tweed suit and with the slight Scots accent said, "Yes. Her Majesty is requesting this."

    George, looking like the George the sunglasses man had always seen on television, said, "You mean 'Her Majesty's Government.' Our taxes well spent." He almost sneered the last part.

    "I have been told Her Majesty has full faith in Her Government on this." The MI6 agent smiled.

    "Why. Why should we go on and not let everyone know." Ringo, also looking like the sunglasses man expected him to look, seemed very upset.

    "It's not just us." The MI6 agent said. "Perhaps, Felix here, can explain it to you."

    The man, an American, which was obvious the minute he started speaking, never smiled as he spoke, unlike the British agent who smiled a lot and had a twinkle in his eye. He didn't take off his sunglasses, and he didn't seem to be even looking at the three Beatles.

    "Our weapons of war are not just bullets and bombs. We are at war. A war between freedom and slavery. A war between two ways of life and only one of us will win. It must be us.

    "We can stop them in the jungles of Southeast Asia. We can face them across the barb wire on top of a stone wall in Berlin. But that won't win the war.

    "We win the war with our culture. Do you know what is most in demand in the Black Market behind the Iron Curtain?" He didn't wait for an answer before he answered his own question. "Blue jeans and rock 'n roll records.

    "Do you think you were given those M.B.E. medals because the Queen likes your music or because you paid so much taxes?" Again he didn't wait. "No. It's because you are the wedge that is winning over their youth to us. We can beam in radio that can tell them the truth to counter their lies. But they don't listen unless we say it between 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Paperback Writer.'

    "James and I, and all our colleagues, we put our lives on the line in this war. He could show you his scars. We don't ask you to do that. But we insist that you continue to sell sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll to the youth behind the Iron Curtain. You can't do that unless you are four. Everyone knows that. Someday we might not need you anymore. But not now. We need you to lead in this cultural war."

    "You want us to sell sex and drugs?" John couldn't believe what he'd just been told by the man he figured had to be CIA.

    "It was one of our assets who introduced you to LSD. It's the next phase of our cultural war."

    "What?" George said.

    "We've been experimenting with it for years. Who do you think introduced it to those professors and authors promoting it."

    The British agent walked over to a wall of the office they were in and pushed a button. A panel slid back revealing a television screen. He pushed another button. The screen came to life.

    "John. George. Richard." The Queen seemed to be able to see them. "I charge you on this. The entire Free World is depending on you."

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    You Don't Get Me

    "What the fuck is wrong with you?" There standing at his hospital bed was one of his heroes. He knew he'd been making a film about War World II and that meant he'd cut his hair.

    He'd been asleep. The pain medication they gave him to deal with the extensive plastic surgery made him dopey. It had been a whirl wind of activity the last few days. The Americans had shown up, told him the horrendous news, and then made him a deal he couldn't refuse. Then in only a few hours he and his Ma were flying to Scotland, getting her set up in a new house with a full time staff and a doctor. He was then driven into the country side and shown the farm. Then after another drive there was another flight to London. The next thing he knew he was on a hospital gurney being rolled down a hallway to surgery.

    A very tall, handsome, British man in tweeds was there when he first awoke. He didn't say much, just that he'd been keeping an eye on him.

    The nurses were nice. They called him "Mr. McCartney."

    The second time he woke up Janes Asher was sitting in a chair next to him. "Queen and country. I'm not going to sleep with you if you were expecting that."

    He couldn't respond as his face was too bandaged up and he was in too much pain. He shook his head no and it hurt like hell.

    "I have to visit with you, keep up appearances. He was the sweetest. I think we should break up as soon as possible. Six months?"

    He dozed back off.

    Now there was John Lennon and the look on his face was terrible. "You wanker. You're a wanker. A slime ball. Nothin' but shyte. They can make you look like him. I understand you can sound like him. But you'll never be him. Understand? You're a piece of shit, you fucker."

    He couldn't respond. He didn't know what he would have said if he could have said anything. How could he explain about his Ma? Or that the Americans didn't seem interested in letting him say no. Or that he had worshiped the Beatles.

    "You can get my pretense. I'll do my bit. You can get my picture on a cover standing next to you. But you don't get me."

    He thought John was going to spit on him. But he turned and walked away.

    He reached up to the button and pushed the one that told the nurse he wanted more medicine. He wanted to go back to sleep.

    The next time he woke up Ringo was there. "Hello, son."

    Ringo looked friendly. He was able to mumble something back. It sounded like "mmm bbbrrr chkhm"

    "I don't blame you. I'll help you as much as I can. Stay away from John. You just need to show up. Sing what we tell you to sing. We'll take care of the rest. Good thing we're not touring anymore."

    "mmm hhhhhmmm."

    "So, let me tell you about Paul. The first time we met was when we both were in Germany. It was October 1st, 1960 and I was playing with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and Paul was still on guitar because they had Stu then and...."

    Maybe this was going to be all right. He listened to story after story until he fell asleep again.

    George never did come by.

    Brian did. He walked in, stared at him, shook his head, and walked out. He could hear him mumble under his breath, "This will destroy me."

    Jane visited regularly. She'd bring a magazine, sit in her chair and read.
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    Wiping the Dirt from his Hands as He Walks from the Grave

    No one knew that a small group of people gathered on the new McCartney farm far from the long and winding road that led to it, far from the farm house, and far from the edge of the farm where a stranger might see. A little grave had been dug, rocks piled around it, a blank white headstone.

    Days before John had asked the MI6 agent about burying Paul. He'd frowned and said, "We can't. We'll dispose of his body."

    John argued. The agent said that they had no place to bury him. "You want an unmarked grave in a cemetery and people wondering why you and the rest keep visiting it? We can't risk that."

    The rage boiled up in John. He couldn't talk to Paul about it, Paul was gone. Cynthia was not a good ear. He could call that artist he'd just met a day before the crash, but he didn't feel right about that.

    There was one person he could tell his feelings to and let out all his rage.

    John hadn't visited for days. The pain was much less now. They'd redone his bandages and his mouth could move more, he actually could talk. Both Jane and Ringo had helped him sound more like Paul as he spoke.

    John came bursting into the room. "You despicable twat. Because of you we don't even get to bury him. He doesn't get the honor of having a place to rest. They'll probably cremate him and flush him down the toilet. Oughta flush you."

    "Why can't they bury him?"

    John hadn't heard him. It shook him to the bone. It was like Paul was behind those bandages, it was his voice and cadence coming out of them. But he knew it wasn't Paul, it was this Billy Shears wanker Campbell. The shock quickly turned to more anger.

    John blasted him with curses and attacks, but in between he explained the thinking of the agent. Finally he stopped and just looked like he wanted to literally flush the new Paul down the toilet like he'd said.

    "They used his money to buy me a farm in Scotland. Why can't you bury him there. No one will know. I'll let you visit any time. I loved him too, why do you think I imitated him. He deserves this. It's really his farm."

    Now John, Cynthia, George, Pattie, Ringo, Maureen, Brian, George Martin, Geoff Emerick, Mal Evans, Peter Brown, Neil Aspinall, Jane Asher, Peter Asher, the elder Ashers, Paul's dad, and his brother, stood around the grave. At the bottom was a pine box. There was no minister. Those who wanted to said a few words. Then the men took turns shoveling the dirt back on the grave. (Later a small fence would be put up around it.)

    John walked away wiping the dirt from his hands, aware what Paul had sung about had come to past. "But we're not burying your name with you."

    The new Paul's idea had worked out. John no longer wanted to kill him. He'd won him over that much. But he still didn't like him or have any intention of ever working with him like he was his partner like the real Paul had been. Shit, he would have to write Paul songs and let the wanker sing them. That made his blood boil.

    "You alright." It was the MI6 agent. He'd been watching from a distance. "You got to bury him."

    "Don't you have some mission to get you out of my hair? Honk Kong or Japan? Somewhere far away."

    The agent didn't say anything. He let the Beatle walk away.
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    This is incredible Ash! Will there be any album or track listing changes or will they just be the same as OTL?
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    Well, you'll just have to wait and see. But let me say that in OTL Paul did not die and was not replaced so all the songs attributed to Paul in OTL written after November 9, 1966 have no Paul McCartney to write them in this timeline. What does that mean? Keep reading.

    But I will remind you:

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    Well, Well, Well, You're Feeling Fine

    "Let's take these bandages off now. See how you're looking."

    Ringo, Jane, and Brian were there. Ringo had grown attached to him. Jane knew she had to be there. Brian was anxious if this was going to work and wanted to see. The MI6 agent was there too, but in the back.

    The doctor went on. "You're going to be all black and blue, still a lot of healing to go through. And I'm afraid we haven't done any dental work, you'll have to have some of that too, I suppose. We did have to put a scar on you or two that will stay. Orders from MI6 I'm afraid. You have to look like you survived a car crash."

    The doctor began carefully cutting through the bandages and then unwrapped him.

    He looked at the faces of those around him. The doctor had that professional look, a bedside manner look. The MI6 agent was leaning back against the wall by the closed door, his arms crossed, one foot over the other, a sardonic look on his face. "I've seen this before, you know. That's how I knew this would work."

    Jane's eyes were enormous, even for Jane Asher. Ringo's mouth was dropped open like it was big enough for a truck to drive in, lorry, he corrected his thought. Brian had a look of relief, like the doctor had just told him he wasn't dying of cancer after all.

    "Well?" He asked them.

    "It's going to be easier to call you Paul." Ringo said.

    "Can I see?"

    "You said that with a Canadian accent." The agent said. "Remember."

    He sighed. "Could I have a look then?"


    The doctor handed him a mirror. He was bruised up and that scar on his lip was terrible looking. But what he saw was Paul McCartney all bruised and scarred looking back at him, not Will Campbell.

    "The scar will be better after a few months, hardly noticeable."

    "I think it looks horrid." Jane frowned. "Paul would not be happy with that. He'd cover it up with a mustache, knowing him."

    "I had one before all this."

    "Well, you better grow it back then if the original Paul would do it." The agent chuckled.

    He touched his lip. "This is going to take some getting used to." He put the mirror down. "How's John going to take this, do you think?"

    Ringo hung his head to the side and grimaced.

    The 'new' Paul said, "That's what I thought."
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    Woo hoooo:extremelyhappy:, new timeline and a very, very clever one it is.
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    I don't deny the "Paul is dead" legend always kinda intrigued me, it was kind of discussed in my country all over the hints the band (John mostly) left here and there.. I admit this TL where the POD is not "Paul really died" but more "MI6 went for it" is definitely looking promising and charming also because well done so far. So subscribed.
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    Great details:
    Resettling the mother at the Mull of Kintyre
    And the American agent is called Felix. Gotta love that.
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    If I Seem To Act Unkind

    "This is it." Ringo said.

    Both men were in the back of the limousine that Mal was driving. The 'new' Paul had already started the mustache. He hadn't yet had the dental surgery he'd need to fix his teeth to look like the original's had. Will had lost a tooth a long time ago and he would now get an implant. Ironic because Brits were supposed to have worse teeth than Canadians. But Paul was rich and Will had been poor. Now he was Paul and he was rich.

    They'd pulled up to George Harrison's house, a 1950s deluxe bungalow named Kinfauns in Esher. To him it looked like a typical Canadian suburban home with a big yard, not a rich man's house.

    Ringo had figured it would be better for 'Paul' and George to meet for the first time away from John. George had never visited. Not the ten days he was in the hospital nor the last week he'd been out and living in the three story Regency townhouse on Cavendish Avenue in the heart of London that the real Paul and Jane had moved into the previous spring after Paul bought it. Surprisingly he fit into Paul's boots and shoes but not his pants, which were too short, nor his shirts and coats, that were too tight across the shoulders. Not much, but enough to look funny. Jane had taken all of them and given them away. He'd spent time buying a new wardrobe, not like Paul's old one nor like his meager one back in Toronto. He found he liked Carnaby Street and the hip clothes that he adopted. Jane had gone with him, insisting she make sure he didn't go too far away from what the real Paul would buy.

    She'd kept the master room and he was in a guest room. "After we break up you can have the big room if you want. But it's my room until I leave, got that?"

    "Whatever you want."

    "Paul liked living here, close to things, just like with my parents' house. We'll need to show up at the clubs and events that he'd go to."

    Now a week after that he was glad to get away from Jane and drive out to Esher with Ringo and Mal. Mal was a good guy. Ringo was becoming his best friend. Jane? He didn't like her. But he knew why. She was cold and distant and he couldn't blame her for that. She'd lost the love of her life and had to pretend he was him. But it was not enjoyable being around her. She tended to criticize everything he said or did, comparing him to the real Paul. He knew that was actually good. He needed help. But he didn't like it.

    "How do you think he's going to be with me?" He asked Ringo as they got out. Mal got out too.

    "He's a strange one, he is." Mal said. "Don't get me wrong, I love him. But he's not very loose with the lips, if you catch my drift."

    "He's called the quiet one for a reason." Ringo said. "He holds things inside. He and Paul were the longest friendship of us all, you know. They rode the bus together as kids, natural allies against the world, you might say, both being unusual kids into guitars and American Rock and Roll. I really have no idea what he thinks of you or how he'll treat you."

    Pattie opened the door. She smiled. "Mal, we got a pint and a sandwich for you in the kitchen." She looked at Ringo and 'Paul.' "George is in the studio." George had constructed his own studio as soon as he had moved in. "You know the way, Rich. I'll be in the garden." She smiled again.

    He had thought Jane Asher was beautiful, despite her coldness. Pattie was unbelievable in her beauty and she was friendly. He'd have to watch himself, he couldn't let himself crush on George's wife. But he was.


    She put her hand on his shoulder, "It can't be any easier for you than it is for us. Good luck." She smiled again. Then she went one way and Ringo led him another.

    George was sitting on a chair with his guitar plugged into a small amp with the sound low, making it not much louder than if he was playing an acoustic. "Hey, Rich." He said as the two came in.

    George then looked at him and said, "Hello."

    George looked back at Ringo. "I'm working on John's new song."

    George went back to playing a pattern on a series of chords.

    Ringo turned to him and said, "John wrote a song while he was filming on location. It's about this orphanage with nice grounds back in Liverpool that he used to climb the wall to play in. That and all these other things John has in his mind."

    He listened to the chords. He liked them. He liked John's chord progession and he liked what George was doing with it. There was a Hammond organ in the studio and he said, "D'ya mind if I play along on the organ."

    George stopped playing. "You do sound like him. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were him, the way you look and sound. Go ahead, just keep it quiet."

    There was a drum kit there too. It even had the Beatles logo on the bass drum. It wasn't Ringo's normal set, he knew that was a Ludwig classic and this was a Pearl kit with the drums red instead of the silver-gray that Ringo preferred. But as he walked to the Hammond and sat down, Ringo sat at the kit.

    George started playing the pattern on the chords again and the three men began playing along. He'd always had an ear for picking up keys and chords, but this time he didn't need to use that talent. He'd watched the chords George had played.

    George stopped. "You're decent, I'll give you that. Can you do that one?" He pointed at a bass. It wasn't like Paul's that was back at the Townhouse. It was a Fender Precision. It was leaning against a Fender Bassman amp. The chord was on top of the amp.

    "Sure, I'll give it a try." It was getting easier and easier to talk like Paul in accent and cadence and word choice all the time.

    They jammed a bit on the orphanage song, but no singing. Finally George stopped. "You're not as fancy as Paul. He'd make the bass line into a melody. But you gave it a good bottom."

    "And in the groove with me," Ringo said.

    "But you need to understand. If we let you actually record with us, not just put your face on pictures and your voice on songs, you don't get to create. You have to do exactly what John or I tell you to do. Can you do that?"

    "I'll play whatever you want."

    George frowned at him. "John doesn't like you. I understand Lady Jane despises you. Rich, here, tells me you're all right and he likes you. Me? I don't like Paul being replaced. They explained why we're doing it, but still, it makes no sense to me. If we told the world and went on without him there would be more interest in us, more radio play, more hits. But I don't know how I feel about you. I get confused. If I act mean, remember it's the situation that bothers me. But it's best I just avoid you as much as possible."

    "He means he's ready for us to go," Ringo got up from the kit. "Let's go, Billy."

    George sat down the guitar in a stand, after turning off the amp and unplugging the chord from both ends. New Paul did the same thing with the bass.

    As they walked out George was sitting crossed legged on a small oriental rug and was playing his Sitar. It was like Will Campbell, the New Paul, who Ringo liked to call Billy Shears when no one else was around, didn't even exist anymore.
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    Subscribed! Finding this just totally made my day!
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    real busy couple of days. Keep not being able to get back to this.

    But I will.
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    wow this is nuts and the crazy thing it fits in my head way too easy the changes that happened post the accident OTL the split etc
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