How do I know the ideology of a person?

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    Oct 1, 2017
    How do I know the ideology of a person? example: Michaëlle Jean Right, Center or Left?

    Other questions

    Version in English/Versión en Inglés

    Hi, I have several doubts. I am doing an alternative story (something ASB) only that what I have been answered on Wikia have not convinced me.

    As everyone will know Kennedy and Lincoln died during his presidency. But I want to complete their mandate. Example: Lincoln (1861-1869)

    * 1 How do I choose a date of death and the reason for his death?

    I also have another doubt, I am completing in that history, the rulers of each nation that I have, an example: the Turks and Caicos Islands are independent since "1960". The problem is that I do not have people who can hold the position of ruler. Several were born outside the country.
    * 2 What could you do?

    * 2b Would it be vialbe to force someone to be born in that place? for example, to make Peter Beckingham instead of being born in the United Kingdom, was born in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    Sorry if this is not the place and my writing. I'm still learning English.

    [/Hola, tengo varias dudas. Estoy haciendo una historia alternativa (algo ASB) sólo que lo que me han respondido en Wikia no me han convencido.

    Como todos sabrán Kennedy y Lincoln murieron durante su presidencia. Pero quiero completar su mandato. Ejemplo: Lincoln (1861-1869)

    * 1 ¿Cómo elijo una fecha de muerte y la razón de su muerte?

    También tengo otra duda, estoy completando en esa historia, los gobernantes de cada nación que tengo, un ejemplo: las Islas Turcas y Caicos son independientes desde "1960". El problema es que no tengo gente que pueda mantener la posición de gobernante. Varios nacieron fuera del país.

    * 2 ¿Qué puedo hacer?

    * 2b ¿Sería viable obligar a alguien a nacer en ese lugar? por ejemplo, hacer que Peter Beckingham en vez de nacer en el Reino Unido, nazca en las Islas Turcas y Caicos.

    Lo siento si este no es el lugar.]
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    If you are going to do an ASB T/L you can pretty much do whatever strikes your fancy. Have a politician born while his parents are on vacation. In the age prior to antibiotic people could die from a scratch getting infected, or "consumption" or any number of illnesses that are not even seen as serious today.
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    Jan 23, 2012
    An easy way to determine a reasonable date/cause of death for a person is by looking at someone who was born more or less the same time as them.

    For example, Lincoln was born in 1809, so was his vice-president Hannibal Hamlin. Hamlin died in 1891, at age 81, by dropping dead playing cards. Just decide if you want Lincoln to live a year or two longer, or shorter, and give him a similar cause of death; heart attack, or mix it up; struck by a horse. You could also look at the cause of death of his children- Robert Todd Lincoln died of "cerebral hemorrhage induced by arteriosclerosis" at age 82.

    For Kennedy, he was born in 1917. Tip O'Neill (the congressman who replaced his seat in Congress) was born in 1912 (close enough). Tip died in 1994 of a heart attack at age 81. None of Kennedy's children died of natural causes as an adult, but his father had a severe stroke at 73, then died at 81.
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    21st Century A.D.
    Just look up 10 most common ways of death for the time period (eg 1900) and pick one out of a hat.

    Also, except in the last 50 years or so, a death between age 50-100 is totally reasonable, so as long as it is within that bracket no one will raise a fuss.

    - BNC
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  5. TheMexican sorry, if I make mistakes

    Oct 1, 2017
    Thank you very much for the tips. / Muchas gracias por los consejos. :)
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    This thread might be helpful if you'd like to talk about AH in Spanish, though your English seems good to me.

    Edit: Never mind, you've already seen it. :)
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    If Lincoln's date of death is not integral to the timeline, then you have more freedom with it. If it is an event of remembrance etc then you can either choose to have it appear randomly at a likely date, or manufacture that it occurs at an important moment in your timeline. Alternate History is not a science, it is a plausible fiction. So making decisions as to when, how, etc which support a narrative is fine. Not least because you don't know he would not have died at that opportune moment.

    Also fine is inventing people, especially if you had a PoD deep in the past. The independent head of state can be a name you make up with a background you make up, because actually that might well be more likely than forcing any real-existing person into that space.
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