Holoimages From Palpatine's Terra: Images Of the Imperial Occupation Of Earth


Korean resistance fighter attacking an Imperial labor camp near Incheon, 2013. The Empire co-opted North Korea's labor camp system although they released most of the inmates who were held their before the invasion, seeing them as no threat to the New Order. Labor camps in South Korea were made near industrial areas.


A group of Royal Terran Auxiliary troops searching for resistance fighters in the Toronto sewers, 2009. These soldiers are carrying out a sweep in response to the assassination of a pro-Imperial official in the city government, an operation involving a Dug sniper who killed the official.
Footage from Imperialised Terra, dated 2011:

Video of a typical day near and at the Frankfurt Starport in Germany, which differs from the standard spaceports seen across the galaxy due its size.

Daily life in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Imperial Eurasian Administrative Zone.
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Imperial Army troopers waiting for air support as they are pinned down by a combined force of Taliban fighters, ex-Afghan National Army soldiers, and American troops near Kandahar, Afghanistan, Imperial Subcontinent Administrative Zone circa 2009 (top/left). Two tie fighters chase two of the last remaining F-22s in Afghanistan into a gorge circa early 2007 (bottom/right).
The Imperial invasion of the USA caught the American occupation forces in Afghanistan completely off guard, who immediately went about evacuating the country to fight the invaders and liberate America. Unfortunately for them, around the same time the Empire was invading pretty much every other nation on Terra including Afghanistan and right when the preparations for evacuation were getting under way Kabul international airport was strafed by dozens of tie fighters, interceptors, and bombers which was a similar scene across the few airbases in Afghanistan effectively grounding any attempts to contest Imperial air superiority. Those aircraft already in the air immediately got into dogfights with imperial starfighters and although in atmosphere the Tie fighters and interceptors were slower than the American F-22 raptors the Tie pilots had an overwhelming advantage in numerical superiority and could afford to lose craft while the Americans and Afghans couldn’t and once a Star Destroyer parked above Kabul it was all but a forgone conclusion as to which way the air war over Afghanistan would go. Still the Empire’s fight to pacify Afghanistan along with Pakistan and Iran would prove to be absolutely brutal with only the ongoing pacification of Ireland matching it though unlike in Ireland, Imperial forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran would use biochemical weapons such as agent T-238, cryseefa gas, FGA-583 nerve agent, pacifog, and plank gas when conventional arms weren’t enough.

Various Afghan warlords as well as the Hamid Karzai Administration sided with these new occupiers. Indeed, Karzai would be one of the few national Terrans leaders, along side Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya, who would remain as their nation’s leader though now in a more subordinate role to the Imperial authorities.
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What kind of scary was how the German government actually came to support the Imperial Occupation. One need only see the rallies by the First Order over the past 8 years:

How effective is a modern day weapon against imperial armors?
Ok, i know that some furry little bears put on its knee the best soldiers of the Galaxy, but that was needed(?) in fiction, but could a slugweapon to do some damage to a Stormtrooper?
in old WEG RPG they are pretti ineffective...while in FFG one are quite decent.
How effective is a modern day weapon against imperial armors?
Ok, i know that some furry little bears put on its knee the best soldiers of the Galaxy, but that was needed(?) in fiction, but could a slugweapon to do some damage to a Stormtrooper?
in old WEG RPG they are pretti ineffective...while in FFG one are quite decent.
As I understand it, Stormtroopers armor is meant to diffuse the thermal energy of blaster shots (effectively turning most single blaster shots from kills to stuns, generally disabling the stormtrooper by normally knocking them unconscious and suffering 2nd degree burns over much of their body, but still in condition to be recovered from a battlefield after combat and returned to a unit after medical care, which with star wars healing tech, is probably only a day or so of drugs and a stay in a bacta tank.) but aren't designed for kinetic protection beyond stopping shrapnel from explosions. They might stop pistol rounds, but rifle caliber slugthrowers are probably going right through.
Note: This isn’t really meant to be taken seriously. Unless you all find it too interesting. And I may or may not have been listening to Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love”.


Renown space pirate, known rebel affiliate, huge thorn in the Imperials’ side, and an utter nightmare for the Zygerrians, the Terran-born Peter J. Quill aka Star Lord (real name Chris Pratt) in 3 BBY.
Captured by Zygerrian slavers in the Californian countryside in 2009, the then thirty year old American actor was taken off-world by his captors along with hundreds of other Californians caught by the felonoid species only for the transport to be attacked by infamous pirate Hondo Ohnaka once outside of Unknown Space.

After the pirates boarded the craft Pratt, taking the name of the obscure Marvel Comic Book hero “Peter Jason Quill”, joined them as did many other Terrans who had skills that could prove useful to Ohnaka. Pratt, now being called Quill by the pirates, would prove to be very talented as a pirate – helping Ohnaka’s crew perform many daring attacks on Imperial transports eventually however, Quill and Ohnaka would part ways for reasons unknown to this day.

Quill would then form his own pirate crew made up of the Terrans who joined the pirates back in the Terran year of 2009 as well alien and non-Terran human slaves rescued/captured by Ohnaka’s men, he would call this pirate crew “the Guardians” this large pirate crew would be a scourge for the Empire to deal with his small fleet of pirate vessels always escaping imperial authorities in hit-and-run attacks to collect supplies, valuables, recruits, or just deal damage to the empire. However, while the Guardians were a scourge to the Imperials they were a nightmare for the Zygerrians as Quill and his followers showed absolutely no mercy towards their feline enemies often times slaughtering Zygerrians wholesale, and in gruesome ways, before blowing up the captured vessels once the slaves were offloaded onto their (the pirates’) vessels. Throughout the Galactic Civil War, the Guardians would work in tandem with the Alliance to Restore the Republic even if they never joined them outright, with Quill developing a friendly rivalry with known smuggler and rebel Han Solo.



A YV-929 armed freighter, one of the several vessels under Guardian command (top). Westar-34 blaster pistol, belonging to famed bounty hunter Jango Fett and salvaged from the battlefield of the First Battle of Geonosis by the Geonosisians and sold off-world — it would eventually find its way to Quill who would use it as his signature weapon (bottom).​
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U.S. Army soldiers, followed by civilians, head deeper into the Rocky Mountains following the fall of several major cities on the west coast to imperial forces, circa 2006.


An unnamed Imperial scout trooper, with camouflage which by the fourth year of the Empire’s occupation of Terra would be commonplace for scout troopers and stormtroopers depending on the environment with the exception of cities, together with a probe droid surveys the destruction of the Alaskan wilderness with more forested area burning behind him in the Terran Year of 2010.​

In an effort to root out the insurgents of the so-called “American Patriotic Army” or “APA” the Empire would burn sections of forests where imperial troops had been killed and then quickly expand their so-call “blazing campaigns” deeper into wooden areas or just simply let the forest fires continue to rage until the fires exhausted themselves. The imperials caring little for the damage to the local flora and fauna nor to the inhabitants. In fact the entirety of the Terran population of the Appalachian Mountains would be rounded up and sent to forced labour camps or simply executed en masse over the course the entire Imperial Occupation of Terra for supporting the APA or fighting against the Empire themselves. Even after the Empire left Terra towards the end of the Galactic Civil War, Appalachia still hasn’t recovered in terms of its human population or its ecosystem and some predict that it’ll take many decades to recover if not centuries.


A town in McDowell County, West Virginia, Eastern Sector, Imperial North American Administrative Zone in the Terran Year of 2012.​

This small town, and its population of a little over hundred, was wiped off the face of the planet in one of the Empire’s blazing campaigns – when it was discovered that the town had given temporary shelter to APA fighters the entire area was cordoned off and flame troopers, armed with CR-24 flame rifles and BT X-42 heavy flame projectors, along with flamethrower equipped TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tanks and five tie bombers equipped with incendiary devices devastated the town and any survivors were taken away to labour camps never to be seen again.
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Picture of Earth Defense Force, 29 ABY (2044)

While Earth was part of the New Republic by the outbreak of the Yuuzhan Vong War (2040-44) and sent in men and resources to help the Republic and, eventually, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, fears of a Vong invasion were rampant across the world. Various countries around the globe created the Earth Defense Force, consolidating newly reformed armies, militias, and national guards. The Earth Defense Force was dissolved after the end of the war in 29 ABY.
Authorities in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong, launched a crackdown on rebel information, often assisting the Imperial government in its efforts:



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In an effort to insure smooth control of the government, Emperor Palpatine installed people who would best serve the interests of the Empire, but would serve as "useful idiots" in their intellectual and political capacities:

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Members of the collaborationist Beijing Garrison Honor Guard Battalion, officially known as the True People’s Liberation Army (TPLA) Honour Guard, stand at attention as the motorcade of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin drives towards the National People’s Congress building in Beijing after his shuttle landed at the Beijing Spaceport (Beijing International Airport was greatly expanded in the years following the invasion) in the Terran year of May 1, 2012 (top). Tarkin about to address the governors of Imperialised Terra (bottom).
The Grand Moff is in Beijing to call a meeting of the various Imperial governors of Terra, he is most displeased with their efforts to pacify the locals. As the governors greeted Tarkin he stated the following:

“My visit to Terra is hardly a pleasant one governors. Continually reports of your failures to reign-in these insurgents across this far flung backwater world has grown quite tiresome and has even reached the ears of our great emperor. By contrast, the Libyan-led Royal North African Auxiliaries have proven most successful at routing resistance movements in Libya itself, Algeria, Morocco, Sahel, Tunisia, and Egypt though Sudan continues to give them trouble. Regardless it appears the head of COMPNOR’s North African branch has more to offer for the Empire’s goals on Terra than the current governor of North Africa does. I am therefore relieving the governor of the Imperial North African Administrative Zone of their position and handing it over to Colonel Gaddafi.”
This would be one of the few times that a Terran would achieve such a high ranked position during the Imperial Occupation of the planet with Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi thanking Tarkin personally.


Governor of the Imperial North African Administrative Zone, as of May 2012 and until the Empire evacuated Terra many years later, Colonel Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi salutes Grand Moff Tarkin as the latter boards his shuttle to leave. Afterwards the former Imperial governor of North Africa was executed on Gaddafi’s orders for personal humiliations the dictator suffered (with Gaddafi enjoying seeing his predecessor slowly tortured to death).​
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Picture of an Earth protest against the Genocide on Dac, 137 ABY (2152).
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Picture of a sign welcoming Mon Calamri's into Earth following the Genocide on Dac.

As the Galatic Alliance collapsed in the Sith-Imperial War, Earth left the GA in early 130 ABY (2145). Darth Krayt's Sith Empire allowed Earth to remain independent. As the Sith had committed genocide on the Mon Calamari during the Second Imperial Civil War, many worldwide, memories of the Imperial occupation still fresh in everyone's mind, were outraged, some calling to join the Second Imperial Civil War against Krayt. However, because of reports of the destruction of the planet of Da Soocha, Earth stayed neutral and secretly accepted refugees from Dac. Following the war's end in 138 ABY (2153), Earth began talks to join the Galactic Federation Triumvirate.