Hitler tries to escape capture like Saddam


Himmler almost managed to escape capture by disguise. If Hitler,instead of going into thanatoid mode,had gone into ultra self-preservation mode like Saddam, how long could he have avoided capture?Assuming he doesn't escape by plane or submarine, and decides to remain in Europe, or even Germany, fleeing the Fuhrerbunker in early April, by shaving his moustache and forelock, wearing a beard, being hidden by compatriots, taking care not to use his distinctive voice etc, could he have escaped capture altogether in the chaos of 50 million DPs, dying instead of Parkinson's in a Bavarian cellar in 1950? Or would he stand no chance & be found within a year?
An interesting question. I wonder if the allies ever conceived of how they might try to find Hitler and the other bigwig Nazis if they eluded capture for more than a few months. An interesting speculation is that the continued survival of Hitler might retard the cold war as the French, British, Americans, and Soviets are forced to cooperate in an ever spreading effort to comb all of central Europe for him.

At a certain point though (unless, like Saddam, it was known he was in hiding and a meaningful Nazi die-hard resistance to allied occupiers developed), the allies would just give up after about a year or so and decide he probably died.

Maybe in 1962, as an old man, he becomes the chief set designer for the Linz Community Opera - that is until he is kidnapped by Israeli agents and put on trial in Tel Aviv