History Podcasts in Fictional Universes

"You're listening to the Dollop! This is a biweekly American history podcast where each week I, Sokovia Accords protestor..."


"Car driver..."

"Dave, come on..."

"Man who's seen the Devil of Hell's Kitchen..."

"No you haven't!"

"Dave Anthony, read a story from American History, to my friend-"

"Gareth Reynolds, who has no idea what the topic is going to be about."

"SEPTEMBER TWENTY-FIFTH, 1944! Henry Pym was born in Seward Nebraska..."

Just an example for the idea of what, either general outlines or snippets from, or titles of, history podcasts in fictional worlds
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I imagine the universe of Watchmen having a lot of True Hero Radio Shows, much like reality has a lot of True Crime Podcasts.
(I'm going off of the show's idea of the internet being far behind, so no actual podcasts)