Hiers of Heraclius, a no Islam timeline

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    Italy by this piont ie 682 AD , italy has gone by numerous changes , its still underpopulated compared to pre gothic wars italy , but Constans and Constantine had spent wealth in to rebuilding its infrastucture , aquedtucs have been rebuilt along side many cities , both emperors had made some removals from more populated areas to italy . so yes italy in terms of population has been recovering ever since 665 AD, and already has a good infastructure .

    Since Constans and Constantine wanted to show that they where better than Justinian , that while Justinian reconquered italy and left it a mess , they would reconquer it and brining back to life .
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    Hmm. How would future Rulers think of restoring the WRE as a seperate administrational entity keeping the Senate in the east and acknowledge the Eastern Emperor as the Senior?

    If they can get the rest of Iberia and consolidate North Africa an autonomous WRE could reconquer Gaul barring the constant social instability brought on by constant usurpation and foederatii like in the earlier WRE, maybe people can learn from the past and realize usurpations are not good in the long term.
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  3. Threadmarks: rule of the 2 regents

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    683 AD

    The 2 brothers concentrated on different things.

    Heraclius concentrated, on Mesopotamia, and the city that technically had his name. And Tiberius was concentrated on the rest of the empire , mostly Anatolia the Balkans and middle east.

    The west was a little ignored, but it was mostly still in good hands, The exchart of Ravenna was limited to his selfish endeavors do the loyal duke of Spoleto.
    While the exchart of Hispania was a loyal man, who continued Constantine’s wishes in Hispania, by now 10 years after Constans conquest, it was a rich region.

    proven by His seat of power Cordoba, wich was a wonderful rich city.

    The one Exchart who was not control and began to abuse his power was the exchart of Africa, Raising taxes, persecuting and using the excuse of heretics to rob many people of the land.

    He even pressured, the king of Altava to pay more tribute lying that it was an imperial decree. he continued this until he got news that the kings , most loyal and dangarous subject came back.

    Caecilius returned from he had spent, 11 years campaign against the Mauri.

    The first 5 years where raids and counter raids where he won, many small battles.

    by the 5th year ,of his campaign he was joined by Dihya and his son , who just accompanied him since he was too young to participate.

    Caecilius had expanded in to Mauri territory ,but now a fierce oposition, presented himself, as a charismatic leader would unite many Mauri tribes to battle.

    they had many small encounters , after some months, both armies where suffering from lack of water , but Caecilius army had higher morale.

    Caecilius and dhyas forces took up a defensive position, The battle started off with a duel between two Altavan and marui champions, . Afterwards the two armies exchanged arrow fire, before finally clashing, The fighting continued for hours.

    The Mauri army eventually collapsed soon after the horse of the tribe leader was brought down, resulting in the major Altava victory.

    The battle took the lives of 1000 atlavans, while the Mautri casualties numbered 3000, The Mauri leader survived the battle, but went in to hiding and licked his wounds.

    Still many tribal leaders had died in the fighting, which posed a significant blow to the Mauri. Caecilius thought about pursuing them , but then decided to retreat due to lack of water.

    still the next spring he returned, striking and winning against the Mauri, and he did the same for the next 4 springs the won another encounter and subjugating, many of them to his rule , the next years would be consolidation efforts against them , but he had to return his king called for him as emperor Constantine had died.

    After his return, the exchart of Africa stopped , the demands on Altava , After swearing his oath to Justinian II , he returned to finally defeat the Mauri.
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    PS guys i would really like the segguestions on what the city of Heraclius should be named
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    yeah but Heracleia already existed before
  7. Threadmarks: Battle of Nishapur

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    Dabuya Consolidate his position,over the years , after returning from the funeral of Constantine IV, a golden oportunity presented its self.

    Troubles came for the tang.

    In 682, the Western Turkic Khaganate chieftain Ashina Chebo rebelled against Tang rule, and Emperor Gaozong initially was to commission Pei again, but before the army could depart, Pei died. However, the commandant at Anxi, Wang Fangyi was able to defeat Ashina Chebo and crush the rebellion.

    Also in 682, the Göktürk chief Ashina Gudulu rose, in alliance with Ashide Yuanzhen to claim khan title. This, unlike the several earlier rebellions, actually saw the Göktürk khanate being permanently reestablished to Tang's north and persisting for decades, and would plague the last two years of Emperor Gaozong's reign as well as the reigns of his successors.

    With that , He moved against the Sassanid successor states, Many small encounters occurred during late 682.

    In spring 683 Dabuya moved against them again,Both armies met in Nishapur .

    The Sassanid put a defensive line, But Dabuya was able to outmaneuver his Sasanian counterpart , through the use of superior tactics ,The Sassanid who had been deployed in a strong defensive position, managed held out Against dabuya .

    Dabuya then was able to draw out the Persians from their vantage point by skirmishing advances and then made a general but cohesive retreat, that made the Sassanid break formation and attack.

    During the Sassaina persuit the horsemen where caught in extended order across a rough landscape and narrow passes.

    Dabuya then rallied and counterattacked inflicting very heavy losses on the disorganized Sassanid . Both noblemen, Who where shas of their states were killed in the final melee , and the Sassanid defeat was total.

    With the victory dabuya moved, but he had to stop, due to overstretched supply lines , he offered a peace to the Sassanid successors states , to no avail.

    With no army big enough to stop him, Dabuya moved to the east and laid siege to Merv.No army came to its salvation, but the defenders bravely held . After a year merv fell

    With that Dabuya reclaimed much of the old Sassanid territory, but he received news from the north , his army was slaughter in a mountain pass, by another Sassanid Sha.

    not wanting to overpress and overstrech his conquest , Dabuya made peace with the last Sassanid successor states.

    Despite his victory, the war not over, but still Dabuya was determined to reconquer His lands.
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  8. Threadmarks: Caecilluis Maurian campaings

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    Caecilius, returned to wage his war against the Mauri, The Altavan force, now numbering around 7000, was stationed on a slope , facing the enemy army with the rear being protected by the towering mount itself

    Before the battle, Caecilius had assigned archers on a nearby rocky hill.

    This was a strategic decision inorder to shield the vulnerable flanks of his outnumbered army; the archers on the hill were to protect the left flank, while the right flank was to be protected by the Mount.

    that meant the Maurian army would not be able to turn around the Altavan camp, and thus the Altavan army wouldn't be surrounded or encircled by the Maurian army.

    Caecilius, ordered the Altavan archers to never, under any circumstances leave their positions on the hill ,unless ordered to do so by him only.

    The Maurian army positioned itself facing the Altavan lines, with the main body led by the Berber leader and the left and right flanks commanded by his general and a new commander named Badis

    The battle began with a charge led by the berber leader , but it was Thwarted by a shower of arrows from the Altavans , and he was forced to retreat to his camp.

    The next day.

    general engagement between the two armies commenced.

    Altavan confidence quickly began to dissolve as the Maurian swept through their ranks.

    But then Caecilius ordered a counter attack, The Maurian army was pushed back, and made repeated attempts by its cavalry to overrun the Altavan left flank ,were negated by their archers ,the Altavan broke through the Maurian lines, with victory near their grasp.

    However, the archers in their overconfidence, disobeying orders to remain stationary, they decided to move out, as they ran downhill to join in the advance a, leaving the flank vulnerable.

    At this critical juncture, the Maurian cavalry, led by Badis exploited this move and attacked the the archers ,who did obey Caecilius orders, and were still positioned on the hill.

    From there, the maurians were then able to target and overrun the atlavan flank and rear, Confusion ensued, and numerous atlavans were killed.

    While the Maurian began to advance, rumors circulated that Caecilius had been slayed , however, that Caecilius had only been wounded due to an arrow.

    fending off the assaults of cavalrymen, most of the Altavan managed to withdraw and regroup in higher ground.

    A small faction was cut off and tried to make its way back to north, though many of these were killed.

    The Maurian leader , unable to ascend the slopes of in pursuit of the Altavan forces, and also suffered many casualties after some days of rest the Berber leader ,decided to return to his camp without pressing his advantage.
    The battle was a defeat for Caecilius , but it was not a total victory for the Maurians , as the maurian leader has suffered many casualties.

    And he too had to retreat

    Despite the defeat ,This war was far from over.
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    Well I guess heraclia is the winner for the name of the city .
  10. Threadmarks: Caecillius Maurian campaings

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    years after his first major defeat,Caecilius, waited, a year where the Altavans and Maurians ,only did raids and counter raids ,From 686 to 689 ,many small battles occurred , where both sides won and lost , many of them .

    After gathering their forces both Maurian leader Aghilas and Caecilius moved. There armies where biggest armies fielded by both sides, the Maurian confederation numbered about 12 000.

    While Caecilius , Altavans, Berbers with Dihyas men numbered about 10 000 , as the rest of the Altavan army was still in the kingomd just in case he failed .

    Confident in his previous victory , Aghilas and the other officers , but Badis agrued that The army should not figth in open battle, but should instead entrench itself, and dispatch the cavalry out only to harry.

    As Altavan discipline and armour were better than his loose confederation.

    But the officers and other leaders in the confederation , persuaded Aghilas, that the Altavans could be easily defeated, like they did years ago, specially now that they had better weapons and armor , do to the many raids on military forts.

    He made make up his mind , as both armies met,

    As both the forces were arrayed

    Caecilius, moved with his horse with his son , made a speech , But soon his son took over the conversation

    Men , my comraders , today we figth against TRAITORS , for we offered peace and submition , and even if they refused , they should not attack us, and promised not to do so , But THEIR LEADER IS A MURDERED , AND A LAIR . who killed our envoys and attacked our lands.

    So men today We fight for honor, the safety of our families against Muerders , glory for us and for our leader , your king and your emperor .

    Who all have given you the safty , peace and wealth that you desired.

    Will you find to defend all of that and be thankfull ?

    The berbers responded YES in union as they also cheered.

    Then let us be membered in history as the defenders of civilization against these bloody Barbarians .

    He said as son and father Saw eye to eye , and Soon the whole army began to pray , as the prayer came to an end , father and son saw each other once more and parted ways.

    In the Maurian side.

    a tribe leader was given command of the elite heavy cavalry ,while Badis remained with the infantry. While the maurian leader and troops were in the center.

    The leader of the cavalry was weary about the Altavans , but he was Certain his cavalry could easily handle the ragged Berbers of Dihya and other who pledged loyalty to Caecilius.

    And he was the first to set out.

    As he did Caecilius son yelled HOLD THE LINE .

    to his surprise the Berbers ,contingent where had good archers and a good shield wall, and held the line, as the cavalry momentum died.

    Caecilius son , Gave a signal and his mother came out, and then They swiftly ambushed and dehorsed many of the Maurian cavalry , with their lances. Others by the simply trowed bags full of pebbles at the horses’ heads.

    To prevent the Maurian infantry from aiding dehorsed comanderes, the altavan cavalry lead by Caecilius attacked.

    Despite not having much numbers in his attack , the heavy armor was enough to grant the advantage , to the unsuspecting Maurian force ,throwing their ranks in to confusion.

    Soon the Maurian cavalry began to get killed, and thus, their principal advantage began to die with them.

    Regathering the remnant of his cavalry, the berber leader furiously charged the Berber lines directly.

    And similar to scipio africanus against Hannibal ,Caecilius son , made the Berbers step aside to open up a corridor and let the Maurian cavalry through, then closed it again, separating the cavalry in 2 .

    And like scipio they made sounds and other things to disturb the horses.

    While the rearguard man by Diyha held a line to prevent the cavalry returning, as Caecilius kept plowing the Maurian infantry, soon the leaders were slain in battle.

    Seeing their leaders dead, panic spread and the muarian ranks broke up and fell into retreat. , the ones who didn’t, under Baids held ground for a while longer, but Berber numbers soon overwhelmed them.

    The Maurians were routed. Of the 12 000 troops, half were killed, ¼ captured and ¼ escaped.

    In the ones killed was the Maurian leader , Aghilas.

    After the battle,Caecilius moved against the Mauri, over the period of 2 years the tribes submitted to him, alatavan influence now stretched to the great ocean.

    during this time , he also defeated or allowed more Berber tribes to join him.

    Once he returned, He was expecting a parade for his triumph , but then was mortified , do to the exchart of Africa, who was in a better position and had abused Altavan sovernty, demaning more tribute , and using the excuse that they where heretics to commit various atrocities against them .

    now It seemed a conflict between the exchart and Caecilius would be inevitable .
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    691 AD

    showing Altavan influence , from Caecillius nearly 20 year long campaing.

    and Dabuyas subjucation of many of the sassanid succesor states.

    687 AD.png
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  12. Threadmarks: Justinian and the bulgars

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    early 689,

    Justinian was ruler already And he has been for 5 years , Justinian was now 20 and occupied, with the empire.

    To avoid his uncles figthing , as civil war nearly broke out during the 4 year regency , do to the different views and interest of the regents .

    Justinian separated his uncle's , and gave them power so that they might not figth each other .

    his uncle Heraclius became the exchart of Mesopotamia, he turned the province wealthy it was represented with his seat of power , the city of Heracleia , the city of emperor Heraclius.

    After conscrution of the city was finished in 686 , Heracluis made it wealthy , constructing massive buildings and a curch that was only surpassed by higa Sophia

    After that was done.

    Heracluis and Justinian ordered the building of a statue of Emperor Heraclius, watching the field of Nineveh , with his sword slaying Simorgh or Senmurv.

    There was to be no ambiguety in the message .

    Heraclius had brought sassanid Persia to it's knees and Constans II with the same sword had killed it.

    On the other hand Tiberius became ruler of Italy, collaborating with the duke of Spoleto, and still worked with the other 2 excharts but in a lower level.

    Aside from Lombard raids in the north , Italy was a quiet province ,As tiberuis had to manage and keep order ,Since his father and brother had already done much of the reconstruction and migration to make the province great again.

    Their efforts where paying off , italy after nearly 30 years of good emperial rule , was close to a full recovery of the devestation it had seen in the 6th century.

    Still tiberuis was called by his emperor to assist him .

    Slavic tribes had crossed the Danube , and other attacked the bulgars .

    Justinian and Tiberius where in the Balkans, as the Slavs began, attack, and also began to push to the byzantine ally territory , the bulgars, aspekruk joined the emperor and his uncle.

    The slavic leader barred the mountain passes and took advantageous positions on the heighs but his impatience made him go down to the lowlands and charge the enemy.

    The battle started at 7 AM in the morning and lasted until sunset. It was long and bloody but in the end the romans where victorious although they lost many soldiers, and commanders. The Bulgarians also had heavy casualties , while the slavic leader managed to escape.

    years passed , the slavic leader now attacked ,bulgaria.

    Justinian first attempt to overwhelm the defenders of the pass was unsuccessful and his army was unable to pass through Despite this the Emperor did not abandon the attack.
    He ordered his uncle and the bulgar khan to manoeuvre his troops around And attack . the slavs from behind, while he continued the main assault

    They did And led their troops along a steep path that led him into the slavic rear.

    In 3 hours they attacked the slavic defenders trapping them .

    The slavs abandoned their position face this new threat and justinian was able to break through the front line

    In the confusion of the rout, thousands of slavic troops were killed and the remainder desperately attempted to flee.

    Among the ones killed was the Slavic leader .

    After the victory , they consolidate their position.

    The bulgars annexed some lands, as by 692 Justinian returned to his capital , To find out that a rebellion had broken out in Altava .
  13. Threadmarks: Caecilius betrayal?

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    Caecilius Moved against the exchart.

    Under command of his family and Badis one of his old enemies now his general, Faced the exchart with about 10 000 men.

    The two armies formed up for battle, 2 byzantine generals the wings army while exchart was in the center.

    Caecilius deployed with the center, again appointing dhyia as commander of the left wing , His son and Badis as the commander of the right wing.

    The battle began with a duel, between Caecilius son and the 2 generals of the byzantine wings.The duel was short as the 20 year old manage to kill one, and cut the other down.

    The life of dealing with Constant raids and then fighting since he was 14 , with his father against the Mauri made him into a natural warrior.

    After his son killed the 2 generals ,the battle began. Caecilius gave the order for a general attack and the Berbers rushed forward to assault the byzantine army.

    The byzantine army the men fought bravely and were able to hold the Berber attacks for a while.

    But because of the death of their generals, disorder and confusion soon became apparent in the byzantine ranks. Eventually, under the continuous Berber attacks, the byzantine army lost all cohesion, turned and retreated.

    Half of the army was slain, or captured, but The exchart of Africa escaped.

    After the defeat, he fled to Justinian and lied about what happend.

    Early 694

    Justian arrived with the exchart and met Caecilius for battle.

    Caecilius looked at the coin of Heraclius, the coin that Greogory had all those years ago and said

    Pity that I have to figth your flesh and blood, because of some lying dog.

    Caecilius son gave another fervent speech , and said

    It is not your emperors fault that he figths us today , ITS THE FAULT OF THE DECEIVING DOGS , THAT ARE IN HIS GOVERMENT.

    If you See the emperor capture him .

    If you see the baner of the governor of Africa , be sure to bring us his head.

    the battle began with a charge ,the byzantines soon began to push the Berbers back , but the byzantine left advaced to fast , got encerciled and many of them got captured or slain.

    and they retreated the first day ended .

    In the second day , Badis plan was put into action a simple plan of attack.
    day 2 battle.png

    Badis massed his cavalry force, while Caecilius he intended to drive the Byzantine cavalry entirely off the battlefield so that the infantry, which formed the bulk of the imperial army, would be left without cavalry support and thus would be exposed when attacked from the flanks and rear. At the same time, he planned to push a determined attack to turn the left flank of the Byzantine army

    Meanwhile, the Beber cenetered attacked pressed against it from the front. while the berber rigth moved to make Under the two-pronged attack, the Byzantine center fougth , while rigth wing fell back and collapsed and fell back to the Byzantine left centre, greatly disordering it.

    The remaining Berber cavalry under Badis then attacked the Byzantine left wing cavalry at the rear .

    Justinian , noticing the huge cavalry maneuver of the Berbers , ordered his cavalry to group together, but was not quick enough.

    Before he could organize his disparate heavy cavalry squadrons, had wheeled his cavalry back to attack the concentrating Byzantine cavalry squadrons, falling upon them from the front and the flank while they were still moving into formation. The disorganized and disoriented Byzantine heavy cavalry was soon routed and dispersed to the east .

    leaving the infantry

    With the Byzantine cavalry completely routed, The Byzantine left center was attacked at its rear by Cacluis cavalry and was finally broken.

    With the retreat of the Byzantine left center, a general Byzantine retreat started.

    Leaving on the east as route of escape

    battle ending.png
    Nevertheless, many of the soldiers managed to escape the slaughter

    The Berbers took many prisoners in the battle, and the subsequent pursuit ,Among them was the emperor and the exchart .

    The battle was over but Caecilius was sad he never wanted this .

    The situation of Altava revolt was explained ,and with Justinians blessing , the berbers executed the Exchart

    Justinian was freed in Mid 694 ,and returned to his Capital. Unknown to him the situation had changed.

    Leontios one of Justinian generals took power and claimed the throne. Using the argument that none of the 2 brothers could rule ,since they nearly destroyed everything.

    Justinian was forced to flee, but rumors that he was still alive spread, This lead to the duke of Spoleto and Tiberius rebelling , Still news reached Africa , that Justinian was probably executed , and Tiberuis was figthing the userper.

    Caecilius said to Badis: Prepare the troops general; tomorrow we march towards the east.
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  14. Threadmarks: Battle of Doclea

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    Early 695

    Caelcuis now moved avoiding the coast, and laid siege to Carthage, his intention was to distract the usurper and allow Tiberius to win.

    The siege lasted 2 weeks as news got to them that the Berbers where fighting as distraction, most of the men where loyal to Justinian and therefore Tiberius so they opened the gates.

    And Calcuis took the city, he hoped the usurper would sent part of his army , and allow Tiberius to take the throne.

    1 week later

    Tiberius and the usurper met near Doclea.

    Apsimar commanded the left wing; another byzantine commander the right; and Leontios positioned himself in the center.

    The other side, the duke of Spoleto was stationed on the left wing, a byzantine general was positioned on the right; and the center was commanded by Tiberius

    In the ensuing battle, the imperial left wing under Apsimar ,completely routed the rebel right wing, Pursuing them to the rebel camp, there and was on the cusp of seizing the rebel camp and victory along with it.

    The soldiers tried to kill Apsimar , but failed, Still the rebel left,pushed back the right flank , seeing this the rebels pushed back Apsimar forces to their camp

    It seemed the rebels would win.

    But in the height of battle, Tiberius was shot down from his horse by an arrow, and was killed, the rebel forces seeing this panicked and routed

    Tiberius had been slain, the Duke fled, but the new emperor dint peruse him as he just received news that the Berbers took Carthage.

    The Berbers had just taken the city a week ago when news reached him that Tiberius had died.

    After Calcuis , recieved the news , and analyzed the situation, Justinian was probably dead, and Tiberius dead, Heraclius was gone ,And Justinian son most likely got killed.

    The Heracleian line was dead…

    Father? said Aderfi.

    yes said

    what are we gonna do now? said Aderfi.

    Where not giving the city back.

    What? Said Aderfi

    I will not summit to these usurpers

    What will you have us do then, father? Said Aderfi

    Now Aksel said: We will continue to march.

    (author note )

    I always wantd the berbers to make more impact in timeline so i did but i dont know how, one day i found a post so i took inspiartion from @metalinvader665 idea of a berber muhamed . i dont know if this is what he planned either way its fun so i adapted to my story so yeah thanks man
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    Altavan Kingdom circa 695 aD

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  16. Threadmarks: Anarchy

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    Seeing how the berbers took Carthage , the Franks and visigoths attacked .

    In year and and a half the Franks took back their medditerrenian coast. except for some cities .

    But the visigoths where another story.

    As soon they attacked the south , the basque attacked .

    Also to the suprise of the visigothic king .

    the people under Roman rule didn't revolt ,instead they joined them to fend off the visigoths, as 20 years of emperial rule made their lives better than the sick visigothic system .

    The emperor seeing this , had to make a choice on who to deal with first .

    Seeing as how Tiberuis was dead his main enemy was the bebers .

    He sent the navy under the command of John the Patrician and Apsimarus.

    They entered the harbor and successfully recaptured it in a stunning surprise attack, in late 696 which resulted in the city's forces fleeing .

    But they didn't press their advantage.

    the Romans were in disarray due to infighting and were sapped of much of their strength.
    Askel was ocupied as the King of altava had abdicated in favor of him .

    Still when he found out about the attack, he was enraged at having to retake a city that had not resisted the Roman take over, offered no terms except to surrender or die.
    The Emperor Leontios had also given his forces instructions of victory or death.

    The Romans left Carthage and attacked the Aksel army directly,

    He and His son recieved the full brunt of the charge and reatreat .

    In reality it was a ruhse , dhyia and Badis, charged from the sides and dealt massive casualties to the Romans .

    the Roman commander decided to wait out behind the walls of Carthage to let the Berbers exhaust themselves, since he could continue to be resupplied from the sea.

    As more berbers ,and men from dhyia confederation joined .

    The defenders were faced with overwhelming numbers, and ferocious attacks as the berbers made repeated attempts to scale the walls with ladders.

    Still the siege dragged on
    It was not until attack from the sea.
    Not by the berbers but by Romans that came from italy, men loyal to the duke of spoleto.

    That caused the Roman commanders to withdraw from the city and subsequently the bebers took the city back.

    The Romans retreated to the islands of Corsica and Sicily by early 697 .

    Do to this a group of officers who feared Emperor Leontios' wrath for failing to recapture Carthage killed John, and declared Apsimar, who took the name Tiberius III, as emperor.

    Tiberius gathered a fleet and allied himself with the Green faction.
    before sailing for Constantinople, which was enduring the bubonic plague.

    After several months of siege, in early 698, the gates to Constantinople were opened for Tiberius' forces by members of the Green faction, allowing Tiberius to seize the city and depose Leontios. Tiberius had Leontios' nose slit, and sent him to live in a Monastery.
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  17. Threadmarks: times of Anarchy

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    Heraclius son of Constans II, brother of Constantine IV was alive. He had not rebelled , still he had no love for the userper ; in fact he wanted to join Tiberius, But then rumors circulated that Justinian was alive , Heraclius time as Exchart of Mesopotamia made him politically intelligent , as he had to deal with the heretics , and the Arabs who raided.

    Therefore to survive he had to become politically savvy , to keep everything in check, He applied this against both usurpers, what he hoped for is to find Justinian so that he might use Mesopotamia to attack, and avenge his brother.

    Tiberius III wanted to attack the Berbers but The Arabs attacked the ghassanid kingdom along with the Byzantine province of Mesopotamia


    The Berbers took Hadrumetum was taken, Thapus fell, and soon after Thysdrus , With that secured The Berbers moved back, and asked the many cities, with their succes more berbers joined Aksel.

    But Icosium, refused to surrender, once the Berber army arrived, the city agreed to terms .Sending their envoys to negotiate the surrender, but do to an accident the envoys where attacked and killed a man, so the envoys where killed.

    Aksel was furious

    He gave orders to punish the city and would not restrict

    But exceptions art and specially the books where not to be burned, or harmed.

    The Berbers , the siege continued with many assults , but bearly any succes.

    During the 21st night of the siege.

    The prince led, some troops and killed some guards and opened the gate

    The Berber army entered and a massacre of the inhabitants began , also the city of Icosium was burned , As the royal family saw this.A soldier found some books and breaking the command of his king , he planned to burn the books.

    The prince noticed this and tried to stop him, having no other option, the prince punched him.

    The prince pointed to a civilian, pointing to him if he wanted to burn something he had a lot of people to burn , And reminded him the punishment for burning books, would be beheading.

    Aksel looked sad, as he saw the destruction of the city, but it was the price of treason.

    Some roman ships could see it from the night as Icosium was burned

    People in the ships knew that this was the end of an era.

    Aksel Atlavan kingdom circa 699 AD

    699 AD.png
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    699 AD

    Things had changed in the Arabian Peninsula, as more migrations occurred, the kingdom of Axum had problems as nomad tribes attacked their possetions in the arabian peninsula.

    but climate change had made things bad for the kingdom , it was being getting worse since 650, but Constans Trade route, gave them enough funds to crush rebellions, but as Axum got richer, so too did their Arab subjects.

    As climate change made the axumite coast inhabitable, it created a rebellion by 698.

    The Arabs in took this golden chance and rebelled. The Arab leader began to rally many Arabs against the Ethiopians

    700 AD

    The axumites crushed the rebellion and moved against the Arabs

    The Arab leader had a loose army of 12 000, 9 000 people loyal to him, and 3 000 Bedouin mercenaries.

    As the Axumites sent a force of 20 000

    The Axumites put their forces in one line with infantry in the center cavalry in the wings , the Arabs had a similar composition but the Arab leader put the Bedouin light cavalry in extreme wings.

    The battle began with an all-out charge on part of the Ethiopians , The axumite cavalry, charged against an Arab shield wall and the began to give ground.

    seeing this The Bedouin cavalry moved in a deep flanking maneuver And killed The axumite General.

    Soon the Ethiopian line was attacked and surrounded they tried to fight and held the line, but soon the forces began to loose cohesion. Seeing this Heavy cavalry of the Arabs charged.

    They surrounded the right flank, and the force was surrounded and the massacre began.

    Records say only 500 out of the 20 000 , axumites survived the battle.

    The battle was a total victory for the Arabs, and a crushing defeat for the ethiopians, as the axumites had to deal with another civil war.

    But left a small force to defend their territory.

    701 ad

    After a year, the victorious Arabs put Sana’a under siege, and after 4 months the Axumites surrendered due to lack of food. After this, the axumites where expulsed out of the peninsula.

    After the axumites where kicked out, the Arab leader popularity rose even more. Do to this he declared himself King of Yemen, with his capital in the city of Sanaʽa.

    After nearly a century, new Arab kingdom was born.

    The new king wasted no time, and began expelling the tribes that helped the axumites. Some resisted and lead to conflicts in 702.

    But their forces won ,This lead these tribes attacking other tribes leading a mass exodus to the north.
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    702 AD

    Aksel health was deteriorating since 698, By the turn of the new century one could that it was worse, he was in his 60s, his son and heir took more responsibilities.

    right now they both spent more time in consolidation as news reached them about the Arab attacks.

    Justinian had been fleeing, he fled to Corsica,but learned of his uncle's death so Italy was no good.

    He stayed there till 698 till he smuggled his way out.

    In 699 He arrived to Crimea and then received help from Busir, the khagan of the Khazars, who received him enthusiastically and gave him his sister as a bride.

    Justinian renamed her Theodora, after the wife of Justinian I. They were given a home in the town of Phanagoria, at the entrance to the sea of Azov.

    In 700, To find more supports He sailed to Cherson, summoned his supporters, and they all sailed westwards across the Black Sea.

    Justinian next approached Tervel khan of Bulgaria.

    Tervel agreed to provide all the military assistance necessary for Justinian to regain his throne in exchange for financial considerations, the award of a Caesar's crown, and the hand of Justinian's daughter, Anastasia, in marriage.

    In 701 Justinian found out that His uncle Heraclius was alive and made contact with him.

    In spring 703, with an army of 15,000 Bulgar and Slav horsemen, Justinian appeared before the walls of Constantinople. To distract the usurper, Heraclius finally rebelled before Justinian arrived in the city.

    Once Justinian arrived he tried to convince the citizens of Constantinople to open the gates, but to no avail. As many people had claimed to be their emperor.

    But after find out it was the emperor, the people opened the gates , Justinian entered and once more ascended the throne.

    Justinian leader the situation of the empire, the Lombards had invaded everything north of the Po river with the help of the franks, due to a series of events, the Arab Migrations Escalated, attacking the ghassanids, and the Roman province of Mesopotamia, and the Visigoths had pushed the Romans to Cordoba.

    Justinian was under pressure from all sides except the east.

    Still once Justinian entered the Palace and found a bloodied corpse, in his hands a sword all too familiar.

    Basileus, I have kept this sword after your exile, keeping the sword of Emperor Heraclius the Great from the hands of the usurpers

    Now I have been attacked, I write as I die, Basileus take the sword of Heraclius used by all your dynasty, the sword of Heraclius, that went Form Mesopotamia to Hispania, by Constans and your father, Save the empire Basileus I beg of you.

    Justinian recognized him the old man, it was the ex-Governor of Thrace.

    Justinian took the sword of Heraclius; it would be the first time he would use it, He hopes he could save the empire with it.

    A few days later.

    Askel, King of Altava, conqueror of the Mauri and the unifier of the western Berbers had died.

    Justinian moved against the Berbers, to lift the siege of Leptis Magna.

    Once he arrived the Berbers lift the siege and the battle began. Both armies charged as it seemed no side was winning, Badis took his old trick that he used on Justinian in 695.

    but Justinian anticipated leading a cavalry charge his and outmaneuvered the Berbers.

    In that attack, General Badis had been killed, the emperor then attack the Berber left flank.

    Badis had been slain, as well as the larger part of their army.

    After 8 years of Berber victories, they suffered their first massive defeat, However, 10 000, resisted and managed to conduct an orderly retreat.

    The new Altavan king or now Emperor try to make peace with Justinian, offering to become his vassal if He could keep everything west of Carthage.

    But negotiation failed, but a massive Arab force was attacking the roman province of Mesopotamia and Heraclius called His nephew to assist him, so it was agreeing that a truce would hold for now.
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