Hewlett-Packard markets Wozniak's computer

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    Before co-founding Apple The Woz worked for HP where he was allowed to play aorund with the some of the chips that were used by his department and even take them home for personal projects. A good policy because the corallary to this policy was that HP had first crack at anything their engineers devised. Now I'm a little fuzzy on the exact details but Woz apparently built the Apple 1 and/or 2 with parts he got from HP. However when he showed the machine to the higher ups they passed on the chance to produce and sell itApple was already in the process of being founded though, this was an unavoidable step that no doubt gave Steve Job ulcers).
    So the question is what if HP had bought Woz's creation? What would have happened to Job's? IBM? Does Bill Gates still make a fortune with Microsoft or Does the fact that the a well established tech company is marketing Woz's handiwork prevent the IBM/MSDOS standard machines form becoming dominant? If Jobs stays with Atari does he become an American Miyamoto?
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    HP markets Apple 1

    The Apple I computer used a MOS 6502 cpu which was not from HP. It also was a kit computer, users had to add case, power supply transformers, power switch, ASCII keyboard, and composite video display. IMHO HP would have instead made this a turn key computer that would have been priced too high for Hobbyists, who were the only buyers. I am guessing at least 3k in 1976 dollars.

    At this time, there were several "proprietary high end" computers sold by IBM like the 5100. HP would have competed in this market not the consumer market.