Helmuth's WW1 (base) maps

No, I mean they are positioned too South. Just take a look at Zsolna, or the distance between Krakow and the ranges compared to the other maps.
Hm, I see what you mean. Yeah, that background is less accurate anyway, it's one of my earlier maps. I switched to using an elevation model as a background for a reason. ;)
Map of the Ardennes / Eifel in 1914, showing the World War I era fortresses of Belgium and Germany. I made this map for the thread "How will Belgium react to a French violation of its neutrality in 1914?".

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The World War I era fortresses of Belgium are available in a Google Earth kml-file, including the fortresses of Antwerp, Liège and Namur. Some icons are clickable for additional information.


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