Hearts of Iron IV Thread

This is the sucessor of the original HoI4 thread in this forum, that sadly died in 2017. Here is the link.

Well, for a start I had this epic last campaign as the worst possible route in the Brazil, a house divided mod, and got Felinto Müller in power of Brazil

Oh, I remember this guy from Kaiserreich for Darkest Hour. You got it when La Plata defeated Brazil and installed a collaborationist government.

I just had the most infuriating campaign in my hearts of iron 4 campaign yet, yahoooo!

So, I started in Red World as the American Republic and revived the US under Rumsfeld and later John Walters, and eventually the last focus makes you go to war with the USSR. Things proceeded OK until I came to Novosibirsk, and then got hit by the worst infrastructure I had seen for a while. I ragequitted about this point since I checked the soviet manpower reserves and they have a full pool, so it gonna take about four years to defeat them and I run out of patience

Guys, I need help, I'm playing as the Qing Empire in vanilla and for some reason Japan is not surrendering, and they are breaking into my lines very fast

All right, I fixed. Basically what happened is that Japan got slightly buffed, so you need to grab Tianjin as fast as possible since this cut the japanese supply lines


Assuming that you fail to seize tianjin, don't you worry, you can do what I have done and wait deep into manchuria behind the Liaho river, where the japanese air force doesn't reach, and keep encircling them as much as you can before eventually counter attacking

I lost this gameplay as nationalist China

After years at war with Japan, communist China jined the comintern and declared war in me, bringing the USSR into it, F
So, what is your favourite HoI4 youtuber? Mine is bittersteel, he does some pretty hardcore disaster saves

FeedbackGaming got me into HOI4 many years ago, just by playing Nationalist China with the generic tree.
He is a master, yeah, I should check it out

Also, fun new empire, this is the most bizarro and still awesome route in the game

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Just picked this up for $10 recently on sale, what would you guys recommend for priority for DLC?
Sure, "La resistance" for you to have access to the spy missions is the most needed

After it I suggest "Man the guns" to enjoy the naval system, and after it the "No step back"
Just picked this up for $10 recently on sale, what would you guys recommend for priority for DLC?
depends. if your a British Commonwealth main, get together for victory, if you are east asia main, get Waking the Tiger, etc. depending on which features you want, get the DLC for it, like Man the Guns for Navy customization.