Hearts of Iron IV "Fictionalization."

Yes true with maybe do a focus "help from a cowboy" as an analogue to john marston helping Reyes
An idea from the "You the People" thread that I actually like is an older version of "The Man with No Name" showing up. He's basically just a mercenary and I'd love to plan a way so that his arrival results in an "Oh Crap!" moment somehow. Complete with the Score from the film.
An idea from the "You the People" thread that I actually like is an older version of "The Man with No Name" showing up. He's basically just a mercenary and I'd love to plan a way so that his arrival results in an "Oh Crap!" moment somehow. Complete with the Score from the film.
That would be awesome oh yeah what about a monarchist mexico?
I was thinkinh ww1 and ww2 too but u dont know any monarchist mexican character in movie,books or game
Theres an unnamed Mexican Emperor in The Alteration and Job: A Comedy of Justice but Harry turtledove's Southern Victory had Maximillian III until 1942. Then he was replaced by Francisco Jose II.
Well we could use that
Another possible leader is El Santo. The Mexican Luchador made several films in which he had all sorts of different jobs(and always with the mask on with no one questioning it) so him showing up as the leader of Mexico isn't too far fetched within his own series. Her's on the left in this picture. Plus El Santo is an Icon in Mexico.
Also i updated the sondonesian flag/coa tbread tell me if i did something wrong or is there something needed to be changed
I thought I'd share this from Dumanios on Discord. I asked him but didn't get a response. If he says no then I'll remove this.


Mom can we have MITHC?

Mom: We have MITHC at home

MITHC at home:

Rommel here as American Reich leader since he's the first leader in the HBO MITHC canon

Included a separate Pacific RK in case Japan doesn't go to war with the states... or Germany beats Japan after everything else is done

Also from Dumanios:

He's also Started India.

George Takei is planned to turn into the Command and Conquer portrait of Emperor Yoshiro like how Mao does. Captain Nemo(here a relative) is non aligned leader.

Possible leaders were a grown up Mowgli from the Jungle Book(book came out in 1901 so he's around 36, was thinking actor from that old Disney live action film, not the new one. Sohan Bhai(Ghandi stand in from the novel, maybe just renamed Ghandi, though my headcanon is he's a lot more aggressive if he gets nukes as a nod to Civilization where a glitch made Ghandi go insane and nuke things(Supposedly, the truth is too complicated to go into here)), Chattar Lal(From Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. His actor (Roshan Seth) has played Jawaharlal Nehru(Ghandi's close friend) three times. Here Chattar Lal takes the place of Jawaharlal Nehru. Would have gone with Dhalsim from Street Fighter, who Roshan Seth also plays but Dhalsim wasn't canoncially Born yet), Indira Bhai AKA "the Madam"(Woman clearly meant to be Indira Ghandi from the Novel Rich). The Captain Nemo family, possibly with Janni Dakkar(no idea who would play her so I'm open to fantasy casting as the royal family(League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has Janni as Captain nemo's daughter going off the Mysterious Island, where Nemo is revealed to be an Indian Prince named Prince Dakkar). Finally and possibly a young Khan Noonien Singh.
German Reich-Fictional replacements and Stand ins(Manufacturers)
I started a list of possible replacements. I realized I didn't really have anything for Brands for this time so I thought I'd throw this list together.

Tank Designers:

Porsche/Pfister(Grand Theft Auto).Parody of Porsche. The name as usual with brands in the GTA world, has sexual innuendo behind it.

another possible one.
Horsche(Destroy more Cars)-The only product seen of their in the original game is the 2007 Horsche Canneye. Clearly based on Mk 1 Porsche Cayenne).

Henschel/Hatay Heavy(Not a direct analogue. Instead the Hatay Heavy relates to the unnamed Tank from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which is almost entirely fictional though based on the Mark III Liberty, a British and American tank. The Hatay part relates to the fictional "Republic of Hatay" the tank was created in.


Ship Designers:
Blohm & Voss/

Aircraft Designers:
Focke Wulf/

Material Designers
Opel/Genesis(Car Mechanic Simulator)

Industrial Concerns
IG Farben/

*IG Farben can likely be kept the same as the company appears several times in Fiction. I.G. Farben is in fact the name of the company's founder, played by Dennis Hopper in the film Straight to Hell, who appears advertising his company. IG Farben supports German terror activities and research of uranium ores in Brazil after World War II in Alfred Hitchcock's film Notorious(1946). They had a similar role in Foyle's War, having hired SS forced Laborers incarcerated at Monowitz. They also invented and manufacture a product known as Imipolex G, which they invented in Gravity's Rainbow. They also appear in The Man in the High Castle, and buy Du Pont in the Kurt Vonnegut novel Hocus Pocus.

Siemens could also stay the same due to a nod in Escape from Tomorrow in which they secretly perform experiments on the people who visit Disneyland(Dingoland from iCarly in this Case).

German Car Brands
Mercedes Benz/Benefactor(Grand Theft Auto)(Possibly merges with Celestia from Mafia and so could exist as Celeste-Benefactor).
Mercedes Benz/Roller(Mafia)
Volkswagen/Burgerfauhzeug(Grand Theft Auto)
BMW/Ubermarcht(Grand Theft Auto)-My first choice for a BMW replacement.
BMW and Mercedes/ETK(BeamNG.Drive)(No logo so likely will not be used).
Bentley and/or Rolls Royce/Enus(Grand Theft Auto).
Vauxhall and Opel/Maxwell(Grand Theft Auto online. Part British).
Audi/Obey(Grand Theft Auto)-Once more the first choice for Audi stand in.
Audi/Mayen(Car Mechanic Simulator)
Duesenburg/Trautenburg(Mafia)-Presumably like Duesenburg, Trautenburg became defunct.
Gothaer Waggonfabrik/Zossen(CiM)

Minisoft(Minisoft X Series. German/French/Dutch).
German Reich-Theorists
Just to keep this thread alive a bit. I've been working on a list replacing as many Characters as possible, starting with Nazi Germany. Suggestions are welcome. Here are the Theorists.




Wernher Von Braun-Dr.Josef Merkwurdgliebe(Dr.Strangelove)

The titular character of Dr.Strangelove, whose name has been translated to his native German. Strangelove canonically will build a doomsday device that in 1958, will threaten the world, fortunately, due to compositing the Doomsday device from Dr.Strangelove with the Doomsday device in The Mouse That Roared, another book adapted into a film with Peter Sellers starring in multiple roles. The Doomsday device is actually a dud, though no one but a select few in the latter film learned that, hence why the world survives. Strangelove is a prime figure in surviving to work for Operation: Paperclip and having scientific roles in the Presidential Administration of Merkin Muffley in the 1950's and the short lived Presidency of Max Frost.

Werner Heisenberg-Baron Zemo(Marvel Comics)
Zemo shares this position with Wilhelm Strasse, who can possibly become leader, but also occupies the position of Reyhard Heydritch, both in his position and as a nod to The Man with the Iron Heart, in which Heydritch continues to fight World War II just a bit longer, just as Strasse does in Wolfenstein. Zemo's presence here is due to the Comic continuity where he built the experiment plane that led to Cap and Bucky being frozen. This is specifically Heinrich Zemo, the father of Helmut Zemo. I personally see a case of "Generation Xerox" at play here with Father and son looking a lot alike, allowing Helmut Zemo to follow his MCU version. Heinrich canonically wears the Purple hood due to an accident caused by Captain America, leaving it fused to his head.

Heinz Guderian-Rudol Von Stroheim(Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
Stroheim is an example of a Nazi with a code of honor, teaming up with the heroes to fight the Pillar Men. Some depictions of Guderian seem to fit this as well. There's also a bit in the main game where Guderian encourages improving the army. Stroheim becomes a cyborg.

W.Von Richthofen- Hans Von Hammer(DC Comics)
Hammer is a World War I veteran and a stand in for the Red Baron under the moniker "Enemy Ace". During the War his two main enemies were the British Lord Flashheart(who shot him once), and according to him "A little White Beagle flying a red dog house". Hammer survived the war(unlike his inspiration).Here he replaces another World War I veteran named Ricthofen.

Ernst Udet-Ernst Kessler(The Great Waldo Pepper),
played by actor Bo Brundin. The character is based directly on Udet and is the World War I flying nemesis to the titular hero. An alternative option is Colonel Manfred Von Holstein from “Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines.”

Otto Ciliax(Naval theorist)-Herr Otto Flick(Allo Allo!)
Chosen purely by the name, In the source material, the character is based on Joseph Goebbels and Arnold Toht. He is also the godson of Heinrich Kemmler. He was also a local Gestapo Officer.

Erich Von Manstein(Mobile Warfare Expert)-General Erich Von Klinkerhoffen(Allo Allo!)
Another chosen for the name. He is a General with the Iron Cross and seen as a hero of the Russian front.

Walther Wever(Air Warfare theorist)-Colonel Romuska Palo UL Laputa(Castle in the Sky)
goes largely by Colonel Muska for most of the film, likely using an unknown firsr name alluding to his true identity like Palo or Laputa. He was chosen here because Wever pushed towards bigger aircraft and Colonel Muska had the Goliath, a massive airship. My head canon is that disasters like those in Castle in the Sky and Kiki’s Delivery Service led to a drift away from”Bigger is better.” This including the Big Airship the Goliath, being destroyed and Muska dying in Castle in the Sky.

Alfred Saalwachter(Submarine specialist)- Kapitän zur See von Stolberg(The Enemy Below)
Chosen due to being a Submarine Commander.

Joseph Mengele-Dieter Vogel(The Debt)
Not a Theorist but given Mengele's Fictional presence I felt that he needed to be included since Mengele is usually a more competent mad scientist in fiction such as The Boys from Brazil where he is helping to create clones of Hitler.
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German Leaders
This isn't a complete list. The only real figure missing is Vandal Savage, who can take over in at least one event, however since the number of images caps off at 10 I chose to exclude him from this list. Plus he doesn't replace a specific historical figure.

Political leaders:

Adolf Hitler-Adenoid Hynkel(The Great Dictator)

Our swap out for Hitler. Hynkel was born in 1888 as Adenoid Shickelgruber before changing his name. Due to the machinations of the cult of Oliver Haddo, known as the Seven, he was conceived on the nigh of the first Jack the Ripper murder. The ritual led to a being known as the Broodseven-Sub-Two-Raksha entering his body. As a child a time traveller abducted him and leaped into a rival. However, the nanny stole an infant from a poor jewish woman and passed it off as the real Adenoid before his parents returned. Hynkel, as a youth wanted to be a painter but was turned down many times. A friend of his, Jenny Sparks, suggested he try going into politics. After serving in World War I, Hynkel joined the Nazi party, which had been infiltrated by the Brotherhood of the Lamb, of which two of Hynkel's lieutenants, Kemmler and Garbitch, were members. Hynkel would seize power along with other workers following the 1927 Metropolis uprisings and he would rise to replace party leader Freder Frederson as "The Fooey" in 1934. Hynkel's rise to power is said to be incluenced by the Broodseven-Sub-Two-Raksha and the use of a microphone which was actually an SCP that allowed the speaker's voice to control those listening to it.

Canonically, Hynkel allies himself with Benzino Napaloni of Italy and Emperor Yoshiro of Japan. He has various ploys, including an effort to place Aviator Ted Scott in power in the US. In 1939, he invaded Arztozka, starting World War II. He also made a pact with Fearless Leader of the Soviet Union. In 1940, Hynkel was briefly replaced by a jewish look alike, buying time for many to escape his wrath, including the Von Tapp family. Hynkel as the war raged on became more and more paranoid, relying on secret projects like the Ubersoldier program, summoning saxon warlord Heinrich I, searches for the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, Nuclear Bomb technology from Ixania, and the extermination of Concentration Camp prisoners to fuel a ritual to mind control the Norse Pantheon. Hynkel has shurgged off many assassination attempts such as Operation: Valkyrie and one which appeared to succeed by the Inglorious Basterds destroying a theatre playing the Propaganda film Nation's Pride.

It is unclear how Hynkel died. He is said to have retreated to a bunker, and gone insane, ranting about strange things which he'd viewed from the future. He is also believed to have retreated to Mandoras with other Nazis. American Sergeant Frank Rock, and the vigilante Batman are said to have tracked him down. He is also alleged to have waged a secret occult war until his death at the hands of Hellboy in 1952. Some accounts say his brain was saved, or that he acted as a supervillain leading the Knights of Nordica under the name "The Hate Monger" until his death. These accounts may have some truth to them as Dieter Vogel was revealed to have been cloning Hynkel until this was stopped in 1975. It is generally believed Hynkel died by at least 1974 as the Broodseven-Sub Two-Raksha had left his body by then and did not inhabit a clone.

Hynkel's influence is still felt today. The 1968 broadway smash hit Springtime for Hynkel became a success despite its subject matter. In 2003, German Chancellor Martin Shormann let in six million jews back into Germany to make up for the Holocaust committed by Hynkel, and in 2011, Hynkel somehow returned to life and attempted to become the leader of the European Union.

Heinrich Himmler-Heinrich Kemmler(The Dresden Files)
Kemmler is a very powerful sorcerer. Something taken from both the Dresden Files and Warhammer 40k(which features necromancer named Kemmler, though that would be a future setting here). Kemmler here was finally defeated by a massive magical army in 1961 with a group consisting of Albus Dumbledore, Yen Sid, Prospero, the Watcher's Council, Hellboy, the SCP Foundation, the White Council and others. This is due to The Dresden Files making it clear that he is one of the most powerful Necromancers of all time and so it would understandably take a lot of power to take him down. Fortunately in this altered setting he is not nearly as powerful yet, allowing him to be killed just a bit easier. Though it should be fun to give flavoring to texts in which he is supposedly assassinated by making it ridiculous or epic, such as having him be sent to another dimension, defeated by several powerful wizards, and enchanted weapon and so on.

Herman Goring-Hermann Herring(The Great Dictator)
Not much to say as he has a brief appearance. We can assume he is simply Goring under a different name.

Konrad Adenauer-Colonel Wilhelm Klink(Hogan’s Heroes)
As mentioned before the idea of making Klink the democratic leader comes from a way to justify how Klink is portrayed in crossovers, such as his cameo in the 66' Batman series and The Simpsons were Homer has been sending him letters. Therefore he took a "Know nothing" approach.

Wilhelm Pieck-Freder Frederson(Metropolis)
Frederson is from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. His inclusion makes that film's ending a Pyrhic Victory. In the film, he is a member of the upper Class, the son of the the City's master Joh Frederson. He lives a hedonistic life until he sees the struggling poor workers and falls in love with one of them, a girl named Maria. After sneaking below in disguise and taking the place of a worker. Their cause becomes his cause. However, the film implies he will serve as a mediator to the government and the workers. In Universe, his backstory is both an advantage and a disadvantage. He was born a member of the wealthy class, so he is criticized for this, but at the same time he has also worked alongside the working class. Here he is roped into the Communist side due to his Pro Worker's affiliation. He has been removed from power by Hynkel's rise as the new leader of the Worker's party, now the Nazi party and seeks to reclaim his old position as he does not trust Hynkel.

August Von Mackensen-Baron Munchausen(The Adventures of Baron Munchausen)
Baron Munchausen, based on the exaggerated tall tales of a real figure's military service during the Russo-Turkish War, the fictional Munchausen has ridden on a flying cannonball, travelled to the Moon, and been swallowed by Sea Monsters multiple times. He has also in one account been granted immortality, as well as being known to have cheated death multiple times. He even according to one account encountered an Astronaut on the Moon. However immortal he may be, it's possible, for someone in search of him, to find him, and recruit his help in overthrowing Hynkel. Should he succeed, he's unlikely to remain in power and would sooner give it up to go on more adventures. Munchausen was chosen because Mackensen has a type of "Awesome meme presence" with his Prussian outfit, distinctive hat, and mustache. Munchausen is the closest fictional character I could think of. He's an old Prussian(even more so since he's hundreds of years old). Has a nice hat, a moustache, and does insane things all the time.

Wilhelm II-The Inca of Perusalem(The Inca of Perusalem).
in 1901, Germany attempted to invade the United States. Despite the death of President Henry Fleming and assumption of the Presidency by John Norton, Germany was defeated and in the aftermath, the Kaiser was removed from power, replaced with Wilhelm III as a puppet ruler. No one quite knows what became of Wilhelm II after he lost his position, but it seems that he travelled to the nation of Parador and to the long standing Incan civilization. Possibly given into madness, he returned as the self proclaimed Inca of Perusalem. Remaining a powerful figure, Wilhelm II may just make his long awaited comeback.

Wilhelm III-Friedrich I(Southern Victory)
The former Puppet Kaiser, Wilhelm III is now in the same boat as his father. However, he intends to mount a return to power. While he originally wished to take the name of Wilhelm III like his father, the perceived shame to the family has changed his mind. He now wishes to be known as Friedrich I. This is likely due to Frederick the Great having an unknown stand in replacing him. Because Wilhelm III lacks. much Fictional presence, fantasy casting, specifically Ian McKellen's Richard III, which shifts the Shakespeare play to 1930's Fascist Britain with Nazi iconography,is used here. It's another "Third" and evokes his "German Puppet King" status.

Victoria-Schneewitchen(Snow White)
The daughter of Queen Victoria and the Princess of Germany. While she would have been named after her mother, instead she was named after a Medieval Princess famous for being placed under a curse and awoken by the kiss of a Prince. She is quite popular in Germany and even Hynkel is a fan of her, often seen drawing her during meetings. Also I think she should be included for the Joke value alone. Who wouldn't want to be able to say, they won World War II as Snow White?

Günther von Kluge-Johann Schmidt(Marvel Comics)
Schmidt was a bellhop in a hotel when Hynkel visited and vowed to turn a random employee into the greatest weapon the Nazis had, dissatisfied with the then current efforts of Nazi scientists to create super soldiers. As it happens Schmidt was a very dangerous man. His face transformed by an experimental super soldier serum created by Dr.Abraham Erskine. Schmidt now plans to overthrow Hynkel. In the Canon, Schmidt follows his MCU counterpart a bit more closely than his comic. counterpart.
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Germany-Political Advisors
Here's the first round of Potential Political Advisors. I still have two Leaders for the German Reich to at least mention but I chose to save them since at this point its only two(Vandal Savage and Wilhelm Strasse). I can group them with other left overs for positions that go over 10. There will be more Advisors as I tried to find a stand in for every character in the game.

Political Advisors


Albert Speer-Martin Heussman(The Man in the High Castle)
Most of his known history occurs on Earth X. His most notable work is on the effort to open a portal to other universes.

Hans Oster(Anti-Fascist Agent)-Commander Schultz(The Great Dictator, inserted here due to the “Oppose Hitler” plans both were a part of).
Given the Oster Conspiracy's presence in the game. I imagine the Great Dictator's plot can take place. Possibly removing Hynkel but swapping him out with an identical but much kinder jewish barber, but with the possibility the real Hynkel can return to power. I'm uncertain how this would be implemented, maybe a much kinder portrait of Hynkel from the end of the film and a different focus tree that negates some of Hynkel's other paths such as those relating to the Holocaust. Schultz would therefore slip into the role of Hans Oster, the leader of the conspiracy.

Joseph Goebbels-Joseph Garbistch(The Great Dictator)
Another parody from the Great Dictator.

Rudolf Hess-General Blue(Dragonball)
This one is a somewhat implied allusion. Blue being a parody of the closeted gay Nazi. For this to work though I imagine, General Blue ages slower(He already has telepathic abilities and the events fo Dragonball or something close to them occur in the 1980's and 1980's, which would put his death in the series near Hess's actual death in 1987, if we assume that the original Dragonball takes place in 1984 here, placing the destruction of Planet Vegeta in 1977.

Fritz Todt-Arnold Ernst Toht(Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Done purely for the name. Had to get him in there somewhere.

Hjalmar Schacht(Captain of Industry)-Col Hecht(Hitler -Dead or Alive)
Simply a Colonel who tries and fail to prevent Hynkel's capture and death, though a body double is used here.

Walther Funk(War industrialist)-Ernst Janning(Judgement at Nuremberg)
I honestly couldn't think of anyone else since Funk was an economist. Ernst Janning's position is not well stated so I went with him since like Funk, Janning was tried at Nuremberg.

Ernst Thalmann(Communist Revolutionary)-Hans Dieter Mundt(The Spy who came to Dinner)
Mundt in the source material is a Nazi Spy who after the war defects to the Soviet Union. Here it's possible he has leanings before actually defecting.

Kurt Schumacher(Democratic Reformer)-Kurt Haldweim(Based on Kurt Waldheim, In the Presence of Mine Enemies).
As his name implies, Kurt Haldweim is based on Kurt Waldheim In the Presence of Mine Enemies, he is Fuhrer when the story takes place. Given his role as President of Post War Austria, I imagine Haldweim has Democratic leanings. He's also one of the most likely candidates for one of the Four Just men, seeking to democratically reform Germany on Earth X while using Heussman as a puppet. Since in the Presence of Mine Enemies is a novel. A picture of the real Waldheim is used.

Martin Bormann-Ernst Stravo Blofeld(James Bond)
So I originally had Hans Landa from Inglorious Basterds in this role but I felt like changing it. Landa on Earth X, would likely be in the Reynard Heydritch position as the Redeemer as opposed to Wilhelm Strasse, who would be behind Heinrich Kemmler's plan to nuke the world as part of a dark ritual. Blofeld was chosen due to Bormann already starting to bald, but also Blofeld's implied history to have worked on both sides during World War II. Also its ironic Blofeld replaced Landa as Blofeld given Christoph Waltz played both.