Hammer & Sickle on the Rhine


WI Wacht am Rhine and Nordwind had been more succesful, and the Rhine Crossing had turned into an Arnhem II, thus ensuring that it's the Red Army that reaches the Rhine in May 1945, with Stalin king over all of Germany. How would an all Stalinist-Communist Germany have effected post-war Europe? No EEC? No NATO? More angst in Holland, Belgium,Denmark and France? No where for 5 million Turkish workers to go? No W.German steel foundry for David Irving to serve his apprenticeship in? No Neo-Nazi movement? Without the powerhouse of W.German industry, a lower living standard of living for the rest of Europe into the 80s? No BMW, Mercedes,Volkswagens, ITT,Grundig? A more powerful Britain? No W.German delivery of 500 Patton tanks to Israel in 1965 that enabled them to win the Six Day War? No billions in reparations to Jews? Could the Soviets have held down 100 million Germans? For how long? Maybe a massive Hungary type revolution long before the 1989 reunification of OTL?
The treaties we had with the Soviet Union regarding the division of Europe would still come into play and the borders wouldn't be more than a tiny bit different than in OTL. If not...well, I guess Patton would have had his way then.
FDR dies, VP Wallace rewrites Yalta?

Wallace was a liberal. If Roosevelt dies in 1944 he's the incumbent and wins the election. So he gives Germany to Russia instead of pardoning all the Nazis (except for a dozen) like Truman did. Lots of Germans move to Latin America and help industrialize it. The Rhineland forms a Jewish homeland for what's left of European Jewry.
France, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal form an alliance to concentrate on defence, dumping their colonies. The scandinavians go neutral.
Maybe the Balkans form a super Yugoslavia? What does Stalin give for Germany? Did Wallace want a bigger Yugoslavia? Did Stalin care about revenge on the Nazis?