Hail, Britannia

Who are the current viceroys/governors-general of the Home Nations?

What became of the Thatcher family, Tony and Cherie Blair, and John Major? Also did Gordon Brown get together with Princess Margareta of Romania?

What became of Joe Kennedy Sr.'s career after his time as Deputy First Minister in New England?
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Hello! I just found out about this a few hours ago, and I just want to say thank you to all who have contributed to this magnificent thread. This might sound cliché, but you all have brought me happiness right when I needed it the most. Anyways, Hail Britannia and

God Save the Queen (-Empress)!
PS: The Philippines as a Commonwealth realm? God Save the Queen indeed!
The Commonwealth of the Philippines...​
Dame Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as President-General? Oh dear.
Monarchs of Great Britain and the Commonwealth (1701–)
By the way, I can't find anything referring to the current title used by the Sovereign in the United Empire, or in Her other Realms. Is it just one title for all the Realms or is it like OTL, with individual titles for each Realm? And how would the Queen's title (or titles) appear in the coins of Her Realms?
...In the face of superior numbers, the defending British Commonwealth and Philippine forces engaged in a fighting withdrawal until by January 1942 most of the islands were under Chinese control and by April all Allied forces had surrendered.​
What happened to Philippine troops (who did not die, surrender or join the resistance) after the Surrender in 1942? Did some elements manage to escape to say, Singapore, Borneo, or Australia and continued the fight?

Great TL!
I see the area that in OTL corresponds to the Arrondissement of Grasse as part of Savoy rather than France. How did Savoy obtain it as OTL it has never been part of Savoy/Kingdom of Sardinia unlike Nice?
Why is OTL province of Massa-Carrara in the world map part of what I assume is the region of Liguria but in the electoral map it is part of a constituency that includes Emilian provinces?
How has the fact that the two main Australian parties (Labour and Liberals) are affiliated at the imperial level with two parties (SDP and AILR) that have often been in coalition together impacted Australian politics at the dominion level?
To which imperial party are Australian Democrats affiliated, SDP or AILR. Do they run against candidates affiliated with Labour or Liberal at the dominion level in imperial elections?
Are there any notable Liberals who have switched to the Progressives Conservatives since the latter were founded?
What's the party affiliation of Joe Lieberman ITTL and how do northern conservative Democrats tend to align ITTL?
Could and did somebody economically fairly right-of-centre like Tsongas seek other majorities before forming a government with SDP?
Are there any offical statistical groupings of dominions like Northeast, South, Midwest and West for OTL US?
Has the federalization or, at least, the regionalization of Oregon ever been considered?
Sorry for the many questions but this timeline is very interesting!
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So, this occurred to me the other day as I was doing some reading for a colonial American history class... families like the Stuyvesants enjoy a great deal of wealth, prestige, and political power to this day ITTL, while their original positions in British America (and elsewhere) were due, in no small part, to the slave trade and other forms of colonial exploitation. How is this reckoned with in contemporary politics and society ITTL?