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Considering today's date, do you plan to shed some more light on TTL's version of 9/11?
I feel that would be insensitive to the memory of the victims of 9/11.

I have a wikibox and write-up in the works, and I plan to share it at a later date.

Actually shouldn’t it be 11/9 considering the UKE is on the Day/Month/Year calendar.
I believe the term was coined in Texas ITTL. They use MM/DD/YY ITTL.
Ah I had forgotten about that. I wonder if it is ever call 11/9, much like WW1 was original call the First World War/the Great War.
Yep 9/11 stuck due to a Texan reporter (as they use mm/dd format). WW1 is still more commonly known as the First World War globally.


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@LeinadB93, in a previous post you said that Neuchatel remained a Principality, but who rules it? Since from 1707 until 1848 (when the monarchy was ended in the principality), the Prince of Neuchatel was also the King of Prussia, so does it remain like that or other protestant branch of the family ended up with the title? (or since the PODs started before America remained British, did the House of Orléans-Longueville not become extinct, and if so, did they at some point become protestants to match better the state's religious demographics?)
My idea was that Louis-Alexandre Berthier decisively turns against Napoleon during the Hundred Days and lives a bit longer. Much like Auguste de Marmont, he is rewarded with the Principality of Neuchatel, much to the chagrin of the Prussians, and his descendants continue to reign to the present day.
I do wonder how the Second Indochina War would be portrayed in popular culture. IOTL, the United States failed to stop South Vietnam from falling to communism, so portrayals of the Vietnam War in fiction generally tend to be bleak. Here, Britain managed to triumph over the communists, Cochina is a thriving democracy and Annam, while still an isolationist dictatorship, doesn't appear to have reached the level of insanity of OTL North Korea. I think portrayals of this conflict, while hardly rosy, would be far less dark than of OTL Vietnam.
Chan was originally unable to commit to returning to the role, so the War Doctor was created. However a last minute scheduling adjustment enabled Chan to return, and the Ninth Doctor was written into the 50th anniversary special as suceeding the War Doctor.
So, did he appear throughout the episode like 10 and 11 or was War just shown regenerating into him at the end?