Hello everyone! I have been thinking about doing one of these collaborative timelines for a while, and I pulled the trigger. So some groundrules.

1. This starts in 1990

2. You may post on MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, soccer (european clubs or International competitions), NASCAR, olympics, or college sports

3. Please try to refrain from being to political

I'll let one of y'all start us off, and I and hopefully others will post as well

The 1990 FIFA World Cup, played in Italy (as in OTL) ends with the victory of Yugoslavia - after prevailing over Argentina on penalties [IOTL, it went the other way around] the South Slavic team is able to beat Italy in the semi-final and then England, that had beaten West Germany on penalties in their semi-final [IOTL, it went the other way around], in the final of the tournament, with three goals by Prosinečki.
I think you meant to post this in the post-1900 forum, not pre-1900: unless you typoed and meant it started in 1890 :)