Greater New World redux

On falconry and ferreting, I've come up with some ideas.
Falconry=prairie falcon,orange-breasted falcon,bat falcon,red tailed hawk,rough legged buzzard,ferruginous hawk,red shouldered hawk,broad winged hawk, swainson's hawk,ridgwais hawk, cinerous harrier,short-tailed hawk,white throated hawk,galapagos hawk, gray lined hawk, gray hawk,zone tailed hawk, rufous tailed hawk,harris hawk(peuco), white rumped hawk,great horned owl,golden eagle and white tailed kite, all of whom are indigenous to the Americas.

Ferreting=patagonian weasel,american mink,black footed ferret, stoat,lesser grison,columbian weasel,amazon weasel and long tailed weasel again all indigenous to the Americas
I've thought about falconry in Australia,but the closest people to practice falconry are the Japanese. The Central Asians are too far off and while I can see contact with the Malagasy,I don't know if they practiced falconry.
OK,for starters,North Australia is going to be more dynamic than South Australia for one reason;New Guinea. As part of Australasia,New Guinea shares much of the same indigenous Flora&Fauna with Australia,but climate wise...................................
they lucked out. Smaller,volcanoes,mountainous,rainier,plus being next door to Indonesia has really helped them out. They have pigs,deer and even cats introduced and agriculture was well known in New Guinea for thousands of years. I figure what might help out Australia is having pigs introduced via New Guinea. Both babirusa and warty pigs are indigenous to islands very close to New Guinea. Pigs mature fast,breed quickly and have a good carcass weight. Unsure on which pig to introduce yet or both,but one will be introduced early on and they will be domesticated. Also thought of camels,since they would be helpful in the Outback,but the New Guineans don't have them.
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Quick teaser for Vinland. They will have sheep,goats,horses and eventually pigs and cattle. I'm leaning towards long haired pigs. The Mangalitza Pig is probably developed too late for Vinland,but it seems the Lincolnshire Curly Coat Pig from England that might work. And for cattle,the Highlander cattle seems ideal. Hardy,well-suited for rugged terrain,disease resistant and easy calving. If anyone has info on hardy medieval livestock from the Norse regions(Scandinavia,Russia,Baltics,Ireland,Scotland,Isle of Man) let me know.
There's already Icelandic Cattle, which are plenty common in Iceland, and even more so in the time period. Icelandic Sheep and Chickens are also extant at the time. Most of what you're going to be looking for are landraces, you're really not going to find much on established breeds before the advent of modern husbandry. Sheep and goats are very common in Iceland from the Settlement onward, Cattle a bit less so, but not by too much. The caprid-bovid ratio tended to hover around 4:1. Pigs have never been particularly present in Iceland, they aren't nonexistent, but they aren't common either. From what I can find, Icelandic Ponies aren't super prevalent either, but I haven't found many articles on them, so take that one with a grain of salt.
Swift and Kit foxes are in. There's some controversy as to if Swift and Kit foxes are two species or one actually given how readily they hybridize with fertile young. There's some cottontail rabbits that are in as well. Oh, and wild rice,both Great Lakes and Texas version will be a domesticate. Both Mound Builders and Cliff Dwellers get huge boosts and there might be more interaction with Siberia in the Arctic.
And a key reason,why Vinland might get more immigration is partially due to Genghis Khan. Or rather his descendants and the Mongol Horde.
Australia 5
In this timeline a few things occur to help North Australia. Pigs raft over from New Guinea. Primarily the warty pig (roughly 9 sows and 3 boars) with some babirusa (6 sows,2 boars) and the rusa deer again a very small herd of only a few does with lesser bucks. This takes place maybe 5,000 years ago. And there is earlier contact with Indonesians and trepanging. North Australia also has some tubers that can be used.
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Alright,two teasers for the Americas. The Aztecs and Incas get nerfed big time. There were plenty of civilizations both in the Andes and Mesoamerica before these two empires,the vast majority far more likable as well.
Also, for the Americas and this regarding the Pacific Northwest. They already have a maritime tradition with large dugout canoes,a complex society and are fairly aggressive/militant with an eager willingness to innovate and adopt new tech. They get new boosts and alliance/rivalry with RapaNui,plus trade with Siberia.
OK,here's the deal on the Americas. I'm willing to allow for animals who've only been extinct for a few centuries because it's obvious that their extinction was due to human activity. Hence why the moa,elephant bird,dodo and passenger pigeon get spared. I know that there were mammoths in North America complete with a camel of some sorts and N.A versions of the cheetah,lion and red panda. Cheetah and lion are probably not going to happen due to their size. Granted,the ancient Egyptians tamed the cheetah,but breeding them was nigh impossible due to the large amount of space needed for breeding. North American lion is huge and would be too dangerous. The mammoth is very closely related to modern elephants and thus probably could not be domesticated but rather tamed. If anyone has any thoughts on extinct North/South American animals,from about Ice Age on,let me know.