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What should the premise be?

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  • So I've recently come across several worlds/pixel maps that have a lot of different elements. I think there isn't a specific classification for them but here are the examples:

    These two are from Mr. Imperator Roma over on deviant art.

    And this one is from @rvbomally

    I really like these sorts of map compilations and I think they add an immense level of structure and clarity to oneshot scenarios, especially those set in the future. I don't know how many people would be interested in this, but I'd like to make a pixel/worlda map collection that is as large as possible. Multiple worlds, asteroids, moons, planets, terraforming, sea rise, micro worldas for religion, culture, alliance systems etc.

    The first step would be to compile all the requisite basemaps, from the micro-worlda to the planetary body maps. From there, we can move to brainstorming a good setting and splitting up components for people to work on. More than likely it will be asb considering the future setting but it should still be entertaining.

    I'd like to gauge how many people are interested in this project, so reply below and we can sort out some communication stuff.
    Technology Equalization
  • So we do need a theme and considering the necessities for using a solar system base-map, Sci-Fi seems to be the name of the game.

    Here's just a mass of thoughts. Not sure if any of it is good, and please post any suggestions, improvements, or other ideas entirely!

    How about we do an equal technology world? Let's say technological growth occurred at the same pace everywhere, so you have a smattering of one or two great powers across the world. Maybe several native american leagues, Aztec, Inca, aboriginal, Maori states, Chinese, Indian and middle eastern powers are able to hold their own and grow into great powers at the same rate as, the traditional European Powers.

    Maybe by this point, the world is largely peaceful and controlled by multinational organizations coming together in a world congress. This leads to high standards of living across most of the world and very little impetus to actually leave the planet. Climate change is controlled, resources are managed properly and the high cost of space development would be an extreme investment for most governments.

    But smaller, private groups would still be interested in making homes for themselves that are not managed by what they see as a complacent and ineffective global government. This causes an outward boom, with the moon, venus, mars, and several planetoids terraformed and colonized by private groups (lot of room to add backstory and a whole bunch of factions). This is especially concerning to the world congress and the nations of Earth who fast track their own space programs and snatch up luna.

    Despite their infrastructure and superior technology, further expansion is blocked by the already established space powers, and this leads to infighting amongst the multinational organizations within the world congress. "Border" Disputes also occure beteween world congress forces and the hastily allied powers of the outer and inner system.Tensions are on the rise as humanity enters a new age in their development, made all the more surprising by the discovery of wormholes to strange planets...

    Part of this is to provide a compelling narrative and part of it is to fit as many maps as possible into this project. The wormhole to other worlds is definitlely a vector to add in worlds that wouldn't fit in otherwise, for example:

    or the strangerreal map

    We should have a good set of concrete notes and a basic storyline before we split up those maps for people to work on.

    We also need to acquire permission if possible and make a credit page for the base-maps we take.

    I'll start work on converting some of those maps to terra-formed formats and make some sort of template.


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    Native Wank
  • I like the idea of a native wank. Somehow most of Eurasian civilization is weakened and the centers of power are the Americas, Subsaharan Africa, Australia, and Siberia. Places like China, India, the Arab World, and continental Europe are screwed.
    Post Apocalypse
  • CannedTech

    @Bicentius I'm definitely down for the equalized technology development route - however I have a counter-offer to the peaceful colonization/civilization route which is Earth being the site of an apocalyptic global war, with human civilization being focused on Earth, Mars, orbital bases, Venus, Titan, etc., and Earth being a wartorn backwater - this mainly being inspired by the backstory of a Russian collaborative game that featured a variety of pretty interesting post-realignment states.
    Mars + Venus Basemap
  • Mars Terraformed.png
    Venus Basemap.png

    Here are the mars and venus base maps. I've recolored them from the big map list and added in rvbomally's longitude and latitude lines by copying them.
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    Rough History
  • Right, I think I'll call the poll there. So tech equalization seems to be the winner, and I think we can proceed with that.

    So in terms of POD suggestions, we would be leaning into ASB, here's my rough proposal of the history of the world.

    A highly efficient crop is discovered in all parts of the world. Able to grow in nearly any climate, easily cultivated, and providing a great, regular yield, the crop kickstarts the agricultural revolution. Producing regular surpluses, the crop allows society to advance at a rapid pace, with populations growing and established settlements quickly displacing the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

    This worldwide civilization growth is steady and consistent with native empires rising and falling, mirroring the advancement of OTL Europe. By the 500's By the early 1000's, Australia is fully explored and integrated with the wider Afro-Eurasian trade networks.

    By the 1200's Afro-Eurasia and the Americas make first contact, on the island nation of Hawaii. This is quickly followed by meetings on Greenland, Iceland and Punta Delgada. The limited nature of these first contacts and the fortuitous exchange of less-lethal forms of disease leads to the wider populations of both continental systems becoming largely immune fairly quickly. Mass deaths for occur but they are limited and manageable.

    The two continental systems are evenly matched in terms of technology, with the Americans slightly more advanced in life sciences due to their variety of ecosystems of their continental axis. The Afro-Eurasians are more advanced in physical sciences, mostly due to the larger population bases and constant warfare. The technological exchange is mutually beneficial, and regular transportation lanes across the Atlantic and pacific speed up technological growths to greater heights. By the 1500's the industrial revolution is in full swing and by the 1700's this world has reached the same level of technology as us OTL.

    By the year 1800, the world congress is formed, with the participation of the multinational orgs, and establishes the first human presence in the stars.

    By the turn of the millenium in the year 2000, humanity has spread to the stars, terraformed multiple planets, discovered wormholes, and stands at the edge of the most destructive conflict the human world has ever seen.

    As always, please speak up about any changes or suggestions.

    So next up, we need to flesh out the factions. If @Fred Guo @Fox-Fire @Pax Americana @CannedTech @Baconheimer and @Christory would each pick a continent and roughly sketch it out with the various states and their position in the multinational "federations" that govern each continent, we can proceed. (I'm assuming if you replied without being pinged, you are interested in participating)

    I'll post the master earth worlda as soon as I get home so we aren't working on versions with minor variances.