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This is a cross post of some side content/a flash forward from my TL Commonwealth, Confederation and Concert. It is the emblem system of the TTL present-day supranation government that is the Concert.


Government unviels new visual identity for all departments and agencies - Whitehall Weekly, 23rd July 2020

Following on from May's election and the accompanying machinery of government changes by the new ministry, the Government has introduced a revision to the official visual identity used by all departments and executive agencies.

Per the accompanying internal guidance, the visual identity, like the system it replaces, is based around the Concert crest, with departmental colours being the only thing to differentiate between an otherwise uniform approach between all organisations. The main difference is the crest itself, which is simplified and stylisied compared to the outgoing version. The Department for the Cabinet and Premier says this is to allow the same version to be scaled to any size, giving more continuity between everything from large billboards to the government's social media accounts, and to give a more modernised and approachable look than the prior exact replication of the coat of arms.

Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 19.32.59.png

Also changing is the main font, to the specially commissioned Downing, so named because it is inspired by the Downing Street signage that has since become entwined with the office of the Premier and by extension the Concert Government as a whole. The new 'principal' logo also gives more prominence to the confederal motto "E pluribus unum", which has been removed from the crest itself as part of the facelift.

Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 19.31.16.png

For the wider visual identity, the biggest change is that "Concert Government" is now included in all organisation logos. DCP says this is to emphasise a "one government approach" and better reflects how people see the Concert government. A spokesperson told us "We know it is of course important to be able to identify the work of individual departments. We also know that for most Concert citizens their biggest concern is that the government is improving their lives and prospects rather than how precisely it's organised, which is why we now identify ourself as the 'Concert Government' first and foremost before mentioning specific organisations within it." This explicitly excludes non-departmental public bodies which are outside day to day ministerial directed policy, like regulators, which therefore have a need for a more distinct identity.

Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 22.13.38.png

There are more visual configurations than the old logo, said to make it more versatile for the various channels and ways the government communicates with people. Black and white banners, abd bannerless versions, are there for visually backgrounds like campaign media where the logo will be in front of a picture rather than a plain monochrome background. Different configurations also account for the proportions of the space the logo needs to appear in.

Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 00.11.45.png

Finally, Departmental colours remain largely the same. Instead of the colour filling the whole of the banner, they gradiate in from the governmental "nightshade blue", reflecting the whole government first approach. The only exception to this is profile images for social media accounts which don't allow for a full length banner, so there only the departmental colour is used. The colours remain the same, apart from the new Department of Ecology which has finally received one, and Home Affairs and Economy, which a civil servant privately confessed to me was because "there was just too many departments trying to use a shade of blue and we wanted there to be a bit more distinction". As before, agencies use the same colour as their sponsoring department.

Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 22.39.42.png
Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 22.43.12.png

The colours for all 12 departments can be seen below.

Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 22.48.38.png
From left to right these are:
  1. Department of the Cabinet and Premier (also the whole Concert Government)
  2. Department of the Treasury
  3. Department for Economy
  4. Department for Foreign Affairs
  5. Department for Home Affairs
  6. Department for the Armed Services
  7. Department for the Constitution
  8. Department for Society and Security
  9. Department for the Environment
  10. Department for Ecology
  11. Department for Global Development
  12. Department for Space
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