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My take on an alternate NATO alliance that expands to the Western Hemisphere
Part 2 showing more details coming up soon.
This was original posted on Map Thread XIX (post here).
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The logo of the Flanders soccer team (in aTL where Flanders became independent in 1831):
Flemish soccer.png

Any thougts for an idea for a better design?
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A very amateurish map with"graphics" of a Canada who tanks to Leo Amery got all of the British West Indies in the late 1920s.

Senza nome (3).png

Meanwhile this is a newspaper (even more amateurish than the first above) about the handover.

Senza nome (2).jpg


Dopo mesi di revisioni , discussioni e accordi, il Segretario delle Colonie Leo Amery, con il consenso del Governo britannico e canadese , ha ufficialmente trasferito la gestione delle Indie Occidentali Britanniche e Terranova-Labrador al governo canadese, escludendo però la Guiana dal Concordato Oltramarino di Londra-Ottawa.
In questo modo, entrambi i governi affermano, ci sarà una maggiore efficenza e un minor peso della gestione coloniale , essendo il Canada vicino ai territori caraibici.

GUERRA IN MESSICO! (Cristeros War)

Anyone can do a better job than mine with these two here? I am asking because of limited time, resources and abilities. If you can help
  1. For the map all of the British West Indies belong to Canada.
  2. For the newspaper, it only has to look more...real.
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