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I've finally put down a dedicated military vessel design for the Crumpleverse, albeit a highly specific one. I was avoiding it so much I made the infographics on 4D translation to avoid doing it. Not pictured- most surface detail and most of the ship's weapons, it creates something busier than the relatively minimalist style I've been using for the other infographics in this series.


Logo of the Providence Data Management Corporation®, a perfectly ethical and not at all immoral conglomerate which does/does not have deals with the nations/states shown in

the Idea of a Government Subsidiary is that the government is forced to bend its knee to the will of the Providence Corporation. Any and all times where this is necessary is in no way for the benefit for the company, but rather for the sake of the well being of the inhabitants of the controlled governments, for what is the job of government if not to protect its own?
The brief infographic style I've been using didn't quite work for the Siege Perilous. Military ships, particularly unusual ones, call for a bit more explanation. So I've done a different expanded infographic for the Siege Perilous, which in universe probably comes from a different museum/textbook/presentation.

And right on time for Christmas Eve, we have the Heping Shizhe, one of the very earliest interstellar spacecraft of the Crumpleverse. The large ring at the front is for the purposes of generating a radiation shield around the ship; even by the 2090s this wasn't necessary for radiation shielding anymore, but I almost regret that because it's a really distinctive look. I also got better at showing external fuel pods than before.

And we're back with another ship from the Crumpleverse. This one is especially important as the very first true spaceship with 4D capability, and one which revealed to the general public just how potent 4D translation technology was.

-- Warring State of Libya --
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Libya is the biggest challenge I have in recent years, hope it'll end in a positive note
- Edward Zhou, Lt. Colonel of the U.S Army.

Dubbed by many foreign experts and analysts as the Warring State of Libya, the 3rd Libyan Civil has spanned over six years and counting. From famine and poverty, the country is rife with factional skirmishes that engulfed to this day. Here, the infographic details the important events that occurred since its ignition, ranging from the sudden death of the enigmatic but short-lived dictator - Khalifa Haftar to the recent endeavor where a tribed entered to a confederation of another.
-- A Follow-up --
If you want to know more about the series as a whole, check out the thread linked [here]. I'll probably be going to ramble about the themes and direction of the series soon (probably tomorrow), something I rarely see in this forum. I thought it might be interesting to talk about since I have it in mind since the inception of the series.

Modified USS 10 Rubles bill 1961 series

The 1991 confiscation monetary reform was an important part of Soviet premier-minister Pavlov's package of measures for the transition to a market economy. The removal and sterilization of surplus money supply in the form of long-term bonds made it possible to reduce inflation after price liberalization. When preparing the reform, it turned out that Goznak could not ensure the printing of money in the required period. It was decided to use the banknotes of the 1961 series that were in circulation to issue new money. In order to distinguish a valid banknote from an out of circulation, they modified by applying adhesive the State Bank of the USS stamps, which was glued to the place of the coat of arms of the USSR. This operation was carried out in the branches of the USSR Savings Bank. Modified banknotes of the 1961 series were in circulation until the mid-1990s, until they were replaced by money of a new type.
PoD: Gorbachev assassinated Nov. 7 1990 and Boris Yeltsin elected to Soviet president

Union People's Maritime Force(連盟人民海洋部隊), or UNIMARFOR is maritime force of People's Republics Union which can carry air, maritime amd amphibious operations, but Union People's Marine Corps(連盟人民海兵隊) is another seperate organisation inside Union military system. UNIMARFOR contains an Combined Fleet(連合艦隊) and Coast Guards which belong to its union republics until 1942. Another name of UNIMARFOR fleet is "International Fleet"(国際艦隊) or "1st Flotilla of Interntional Fleet"(国際艦隊第一隊群). This emblem is modelled after European Maritime Force, with motto "People's Navy Forwards"(人民海軍向前進), three yellow stars representing the initial union republics.
This is a solely American-designed military ship. A few things not mentioned in the graphic. The main thrusters on the Ithaca-class are gimballed to help the Ithaca keep facing its opponent at all times, and the large white panels are radiators which can extend outwards. The latter is still necessary for all but the smallest early 22nd century military ships. The class was subject to periodic refits to keep pace with developments in shielding and reactor technology, and at the time of decomissioning the Ithaca had eight anti-projectile laser projectors instead of the original four.