Graphic Request Thread

I have four pictures that I need photoshopped.





1. The first one is the most important for me. Can someone please photoshop the Iwo Jima image to replace the US flag with the below flag and can someone also photoshop the US soldiers so that they look like Chinese soldiers, or at the very least, German?

2. The second one is just like the above. I need the ROC flag replaced with the below flag

3. With the third one, can you place a tiny version of the below flag's Dharma wheel on the helmet of the soldier instead of the ROC sun?

4. Can you replace the American flag with the below flag?

Can anyone change some of the flags in this poster? (OTL -> TTL)
Great Britain -> Canada (Red Ensign)
Soviet Russia -> Germany (Imperial Flag)
Belgium -> Italy (Royal Flag w/o crown)
Canada -> France (Tricolour)
Czechoslovakia -> Austria (Black-Yellow flag)
Ethiopia -> Morocco
Greece -> Spain (civil flag)
India -> Denmark
Luxembourg -> Portugal (Royal flag)
Mexico -> Ukraine
Norway -> Finland
Poland -> Ireland
Yugoslavia -> Flanders-Wallonia (the Austrian Netherlands without the eagle)
Nicaragua -> Bulgaria
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