Graphic Request Thread

Could someone change the swastikas into the double Xs of the Nami Party from The Great Dictator.
Spess Christian Persia emblem.png

I need some help with prettying up this pic please, just no white lines inside in other words and make it look good. For those who're curious, this pic is the emblem of the Christian Persian Empire in space of the Far Future settings of the project I'm working on.
Can someone replace the background of this image:

(Wall of the Vanished, San Francisco [Avengers: Endgame])

With that of this?

(Skyline of Binhai, Tianjin)

It's for an infobox.
I have four pictures that I need photoshopped.





1. The first one is the most important for me. Can someone please photoshop the Iwo Jima image to replace the US flag with the below flag and can someone also photoshop the US soldiers so that they look like Chinese soldiers, or at the very least, German?

2. The second one is just like the above. I need the ROC flag replaced with the below flag

3. With the third one, can you place a tiny version of the below flag's Dharma wheel on the helmet of the soldier instead of the ROC sun?

4. Can you replace the American flag with the below flag?

I was wondering if some one could draw/photo shop The old House of Burgesses s that it is larger I'm using it as the Capital building for my Commonwealth of American States and I'd like to show it expanded to fit a larger body of Delegates? I don't know if its possible but nothing ventured nothing gained.