Graphic Request Thread

I’m going to be writing an alternate history on the wiki on the survival of the Titanic. I saw an image on Instagram the other day that showed the Thompson Graving Drydock where Titanic was fitted compared between 1911 and today. Basically, I’m wood wiring if someone could colourize a stern-end view of Titanic and photoshop it into the Drydock with a view of the Titanic Museum? I realize this is pretty daunting, it was difficult looking for the images myself, and for the images that I found on nstagram that would’ve been very helpful here.
Could someone put a WWII battleship in space?
Already done

Not my image, from Space Battleship Yamato

Edit: it is weirdly hard to find an image of it/her just in space. When you look at google images the most of the results are models, in atmosphere, has a bunch of writing on it or has images of characters.
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