Graphic Request Thread

I'm sorry, can someone please Photoshop a beard to this portrait of Alexi Kosygin? Only have it look natural

Best that I can do, maybe someone else can do better.
@Marc Pasquin

Hey if you don't mind I have a graphic request for you. Is meant to be displayed on a white background so keep that in mind.

Do you think you could fix the pixilation and design of this emblem and improve the symmetry, make it upright and look of it? Am also looking for some sort of Magnolia flower on the hilt or crest of the sword, I was never able to get it right, maybe you have more of an eye for these things.

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Please could someone edit this picture,
Change Doctor Who; and the Daleks to 'The Destroyers; and The Dalek Invasion '
Replace William Hartnell with a generic spaceship
Change David Whitaker to Gerry Anderson

Does anyone have the TOASTER mapping color chart?

It should be in somewhere in this subforum


It's here.