Graphic Request Thread

I'd like to have a map like the one below but more aesthetically pleasing and the lighted are should be yellow not blue. This is for my TL The Lands of Green and Cattails about essentally Balto Slavic wank
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Is it convenient for you?
might need to be a bit more specific.
For my Lands of Green and Cattails

Warriors in this TL wear a three part armor made of
1. Gambeson and trousers made of cattail fluff
2. A breastplate made of hardened cattail fluff, similar to linothorax (cattail fluff is mixed with glue and pressed/pounded into a plate)
3. A breastplate made of woven cattail leaves + woven knee and shoulder pads

I did not expect that folks would do such artworks for free
can someone make a logo similar to this

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but replace the Canadian map in the logo with a map of Ukraine

Map ukraine in blue colour Royalty Free Vector Image

for the French Version , Radio-Lushansk in top , LBC in Bottom

for the English version LBC in top Radio-Lushansk in bottom

Here is the link for inspiration

it is for an alt history nation called Lushansk (basically what if Canada was in Eastern Europe and colonized by both the French and British )
Still waiting for this
A bit of an unusual request:
Could someone with either Photoshop skills or access to one of these face aging apps age this photo of Song Jiaoren by about 10 to 20 years?