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Graphic Request Thread

Can someone change the color of the logo that I've posted below to the shade of yellow as depicted in the 1993 UTV logo? Thanks!
Yes :)

Logo-Border_TV_ylo-for_ramones1986-FG.png (click the thumbnail for the full-size image)
Could someone add the DC, Nintendo, Pan-AM and Capcom logos to the clouds behind the castle (two on each side). and also add the text the greatest showman: what if everything went right for Disney? in front of the castle. Pleese



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A photo with Huey Long, Oswald Mosley (not in BUF uniform if possible), Mussolini (without the famous hat if possible), Tojo and Jacques Doriot (without a Nazi uniform) in a photo.
Context : Germany won (barely) the first but not the second world war.