Graphic Request Thread

Can someone get rid of the Mystery part of this cover?
the image isn't showing up for me
I often find that maps with the centre on the equator are not sufficient to display the poles, while they can display the rest of the world even in the higher latitudes well.

Has anyone seen an EBAM like this or can they make one? Even a blank equirectangular worlda would be good, but perhaps a 2k map would be ideal, maybe one with rivers/watersheds/topography.

I often change the meridian so equirectangular is important as well as being easy to convert with every mapping software






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Can someone replace the number "3" with "1" in this logo, and the font used for the said number is Peignot Light Bold? And the "tail" at the end of the same logo is "ascending"/"upward". Otherwise, the said design remained the same.
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