Good source of medieval maps

I'll pass them on as I find them. Trouble with the maps is they are so big it's hard to get them downsized enough to fit the requirements of this site.
Abdul Hadi Pasha said:
Yes, that is my favorite as well. My only compaint is that I wish they had chosen better dates rather than the arbitrary century points. For instance, 1204 instead of 1200, 1025 instead of 1000, etc.

I agree, I wish they had based it on important historical events.
Norman said:
Here is a teach yourself gothic site,I plan on using it for the thread we are working on.

Norman, I'm impressed. I'm relying on my hazy knowledge of Anglo-Saxon culture and Old English as I come across it in my uni modules. Thats all very well for composing verse for our thread but teaching yourself Gothic? I take my hat off!