Give me a POD

I'm going to try something new, I want people to give me a POD they'd like me to make a timeline around and the POD that the most people suggest or support is the one I'll do. If there's a tie then I'll choose between them.

If you support someone's idea, quote them so I can count how many people support that POD. Anywhere in the world, any period up to 1900 but preferably one that I can actually work a timeline from and we have enough information about.
The United States adopts a parliamentary system during the Constitutional Convention, making a strong parliament and a separate executive with an unlimited number of five year terms that are picked by a vote by the state legislatures of each state in the union.

With most of the power being centered around a single representative house, I'm sure the history of the United States would get very different very quickly.
Maybe the barbaric tribes (Germanic/Central Asian) overrun Eastern Rome/Byzanz instead of the Western Roman Empire so that it survived another Millenia before finally collapsing like OTL Byzanz?
One of the Volga Finnic tribes followed the Goths in their migration into Central Europe, eventually settled in OTL Austrian territory.
James Garfield isn't shot.
The Federalists win in 1800.
William the Conquer is defeated and dies at the Battle of Hastings.
The Spanish Armada succeeds.
The Gunpowder Plot succeeds.
Benedict Arnold is given his due and does not betray the Revolution.
Abraham Lincoln survives.
Alexander the Great avoids death.
Lincoln loses the election of 1864.
The American Revolution never uses a declaration of independence or goes to war, but engages in regular civil disobedience/outright looting until demands for a local parliament that is equal to Westminster, with domain over foreign policy in the New World are met.

The more the timeline denigrates Washington the better :p
Vaišvilkas (Vaišelga) remains as King of Lithuania instead of retiring to a monastery soon after his ascension, leading to an Orthodox Lithuania from the very beginning in the 1200s.
  • Anne Boleyn gives birth to a healthy son in 1534, securing her place as Queen of England.
  • Elizabeth of York is born a boy in 1466.
  • Richard III wins the Battle of Bosworth in August 1485.
Vaišvilkas (Vaišelga) remains as King of Lithuania instead of retiring to a monastery soon after his ascension, leading to an Orthodox Lithuania from the very beginning in the 1200s.

I love this POD. This is exactly the kind of POD I was looking for, something unique that hasnt been done a dozen times before and covers a region I don't know that much about. But as I said, I will go with whatever the majority decides.
Oh, I have another - An African civilisation builds their own version of the Marib Dam to capture rainwater and ensure higher agricultural yields and year-round farming.

It could be Egypt damming up the various Wadi in Egypt, Zimbabwe building one, a Matabele precursor, whoever.


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William III outlaws slavery in his colonies in favor of greatly increasing indentured servitude so as to transport more "undesirables"
I'm going to give this until Friday and then come to my conclusion. Can I emphasise, I would prefer to do a TL that's a bit more unique rather than just another 'Alexander Lives' TL for example although I will do whatever comes out on top.


Tie between:

James Garfield isn't shot
Federalists win the 1800 election


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Louis XVI has the foresight to send a messenger to inform the Estates-General that their chamber is being painted, as opposed to the miscommunication of OTL?