German P1500 Built

Ward said:
Why ????
What good would this monster be used for .

Exactlly. Useless for maneuvre warfare and if you need to take out fortified positions (forts...) you could use ther existing lage calibre stuff.
And Now For Something Completely Different

Steffen said:
hundreds of allied soldiers die from excessive laughing?

I guess that would make up for the poor attempt at the worlds funniest joke then?

(Sorry obscure Monty python reference there)
Hmm..let's see...yes, I think this could have worked!

First, instead of using four diesel sub engines, use a central nuclear power generator. Then, add self-adapting, self-repairing treads for traversing any terrain easily and quickly, and make other vital parts self-repairing. This would be similar to the setup on a Mammoth tank. Finally, construct the entire tank out of a carbon nanotube alloy.

What do you guys think?