Genghis Khan: The Father of the Modern Civilization [ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ ᠤᠨ ᠲᠡᠦᠬᠡ]


1208- Joci Khan, the son of Genghis Khan converted to Orthodox Christianity.

1290- Mongol Army during the rulership of Kubilai Khan had discovered a new land by passing through the Kamchatka. This created a wave of shock on the empire and the whole world. Quickly, Kubilai Khan appointed his son Toghon as the commander of the Army Group that's been located on the new colony.
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1315- After the death of Prince Toghon, his son took his position. Mongol Army explored and annexed the territory. Buyantu Khan, permitted Prince Zhennan to established the state that had been planned in the palace by the governing body of the Empire. Commander Zhennan crowned as "Zhennan I of Chingiska" Khanate of Chingiska (It was also the continent's name) was in fact a puppet of the Mongol Empire. This new geographical discovery empowered the Mongol Empire quiet much. Some historians agree upon it was the reason why Mongol Empire was able to extend his duration of rule.
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1340s- Abu Sa'id Bahadur Khan, which is the longest ruled Khan of the Ilkhanate restored the authority and maintained the power of the Ilkhanate Dynasty on Iran. They've adopted the Persian culture and assimilated within it. Ilkhanate lost Anatolia and it's territories on Syria but with their authocracy, their rule on Iran had been protected for a long time.

1473- Golden Horde (Ulug Ulus) emerged with the Grand Duchy Of Moscow. Therefore the Golden Horde was lying from Northern Europe to Caucasia. During the first years of 16th century, Golden Horde started the colonization of Siberia. Which will trigger a list of wars with Chagatai Khanate.

1526- Mughal Empire had been establish under the rulership of Babur.

1529- Beroean War started between the Byzantine Empire and Mamlukes. The wars between Byzantine (The Rome) and the Mamlukes continued for 2 centuries with paces. In the and Roman Army re-colonized the Mesopotamia and Palestine, de-islamized the annexed territories.

(1624 - 1632) First Yuan-Chingiskan War took place. As a result of this, Khanate of Chingiska published a declaration which they've demanded independency from the Yuan Empire.

1667- Sultanate of Mamlukes couldn't endure the several rebellions that had been occured from it's major cities and the villages. The Sultanate seperated to 12 kingdoms.

1764- Mughal Army harshly defeated the East Indian Company that have tried to establish a British Colony on the land of Mughal. As a result of this, the Mughal's power on the region empowered and they've rapidly extended their lands.
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1793- British Revolution happened, revolutionary court executed George III. This made the wave of republicanism and nationalism spread over Europe.

1867- Chingiskan Revolution. Ghingiskan Army joined the rebels and ousted the dynasty. They've formed the Confederation of Chingiska. Temur IV had been imprisoned in Agnur Castle.

(1904 - 1905) Kipcho-Japanese War occured. The armies of the Golden Horde faced a severe defeat against the Japanese.

1911- Royal house had been ousted during Xinhai Revolution. Emperor Toghon V escaped to Chingiska with his family. Republic of Yuan had been established.

(1914 - 1917) World War I. Central Powers defeated England and France. Roman Empire gained more territories over Balkans as the ally of Germany. Socialist revolutions happened on France, Spain and Portugal.

(1926 - 1938) Mughal Civil War. Mughal Empire fell and Gurkanian Federation formed.

1936- Union of Socialist States established (France-Portugal-Spain).

(1940 - 1945) World War II. German Army reached to Ural Mountains, the dictator of Golden Horde, General Shiramun Nekhi commited to suicide. USS Army invaded the Western Europe that will create the "Iron Curtain" in the future. British Isles invaded by the Central Powers and Colonel Milan Harrison publicly executed in London.

1947- Cold War between the German Empire and United Socialist States had begun.

1961- Ilkhanate Dynasty, the last dynasty remained from the Mongol Empire ousted by a group of colonels. Republic of Iran established after 3 years of the revolution.


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