Garfield survives in 1880

Just read in a book on assassinations on the wkend how, after Pres James Garfield was shot, the doctor who stitched him up as too inexperienced, which resulted in the bullet not being removed and causing infection which proved deadly. However, there was actually a new X-Ray machine nearby which could well have saved the pres' life had some more experienced doctor had the presence of mind to use this new technology. Now supposing this happened- what next ? How would Garfield's survival have affected the course of US hist ?
The bullet that hit Garfield was lodged in a non critical area. He could have survived a full life if the surgeons had left it alone. The wound had in fact healed before Alexander Graham Bell proposed to use his newly-invented metal detector to locate the bullet. They tried, but the detector picked up metal springs under the bed, so the surgeons eventually gave up, but not after leaving incisions that would grow into lethal infections.

Now, Chester Arthur is among the most least recalled of US presidents. He is remembered for taking away the patronage/political favor factor from federal jobs. So, history does get changed, at a time the US is coming out of a recession.
Garfield would have worked for civil rights for blacks but he probably would have failed. If Garfield had gotten reelected in 1884 (not too hard) one thing that may happen is an earlier annexation of Hawaii.