Galicia-Volhynia TL(Ukrainian TL)

A death avoided
Galicia-Volhynia TL

Frederick, the young son of Frederick the Fair would survive and his wife Isabella of Aragon would bear another daughter named Bianka (1322), who will be the peace offering for Henry XV of Bavaria.

On 1322-1323, the Dukes of Galicia, Andrew and Leo would manage to survive the battles against the mongols despite their loss, he would marry Aldona of Lithuania who would guarantee peace between the Lithuanians and Galicia-Volhynians and alliance, this would end the planned Polish-Lithuanian marriage plans as Aldona was once betrothed to Prince Casimir and an alliance between the Galicians and Lithuanians which would guarantee the survival of the Galician state in the long term.

Casimir III would marry Elizabeth of Austria and Bolko II of Swidnica-Jawor was married to Anna of Austria in order to guarantee the Habsburg-Polish alliance, Andrew of Galicia would continue to be allied with the Poles due to him being nephew of Casimir the Elbowhigh, the two ladies were married after the marriage plans was discussed in 1326, another marriage was arranged between Eric Christoffersen and Princess Jadwiga of Poland[1], a marriage that would create an alliance between Poland and Denmark in both Blood and diplomacy.

1. The namesake Princess of Queen Consort, Jadwiga.
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