Gabingston's Maps and Graphics TL (Title Pending)

Small Siberian-Russian states is genuinely a very novel idea. This TL might be a bit interesting.
I'm also gonna revise Southern Ukraine/Crimea a bit. I have a Turkic Muslim state right there as of now (based off of the Crimean Khanate), but that was there largely off of being a protectorate of the Ottoman Empire, which never exists ITTL. As a result, I'm gonna move the Turkic Muslim state to the area between the Don/Volga rivers and the Caucasus Mountains, with Southern Ukraine being part of the Kiev-based Ukrainian/Ruthenian state and Crimea being part of the Byzantine Empire.
Here is my progress as of now. I've altered Crimea and added Russian states like Muscovy and Novgorod. The thing is, I'm wondering if the area around Kazan should've been conquered by the Russians (most likely the Muscovites), or whether it should be under something like the Kazan Khanate. After I'm done with European Russia, I'll move onto Arabia and India.

I have now completed Europe. Now, should I have a united Arabia or several smaller Arabian states?

I opted to split Arabia into a few different states, one based in Mesopotamia, another in Syria/Jordan, one on the Red Sea, one on the Indian Ocean and one on the Persian Gulf (expect them to be rolling in the dough). Any suggestions for India?

Expanded Egypt, added Ethiopia and did some space-filling imperialism in Central Asia and Pakistan. Now, I know that this TL doesn't garner attention, but I would still like some suggestions for India, as well as for Sub-Saharan Africa.